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Name : Zosia West Age :     26 Hometown :  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Personal contact Info :  Band Contact Info : 

Lead Vocalist for ECHOES NEVER LIE

  The Metal Pit : Greetings Zoisa,so cool to finally have you on the Metal Pit,thanks for agreeing to chat with us today. You are the vocalist for the band "Echoes Never Lie" who are based out of my hometown of Pittsburgh,Pa. ( U.S.A. ) How did you and the band get together? Zosia West:  Craigslist!!!! Lol truly I was posting adds for weeks and through a lot of add surfing and auditions and adding people then deciding it wasn't the right fit we finally became one dysfunctional family!!

  The Metal Pit : Can you tell us a bit about your band mates and what each of you brings to the table? Zosia West: Oh boy ok I will do my best: Beaver: He's one of the most dedicated people I know.He's very talented (I swear I'm not biased!) I feel he would sleep in a dirty van with the band if that meant we could do what we want to do. He was with me in the beginning and stuck by me because he believed and I very much appreciate loyalty. Braden: He's so fun I always joke and say he's my "band husband" (we're platonic not trying to start any rumors!!!) We chat almost everyday he's very good at diffusing my paranoia's and my moods...he's truly very committed and a very good PR person also very talented he's one of the first members to get endorsed! Jason: Band Dad! Jason is so talented its a little sickening!!! He's always pumping out new music and works diligently on our reverb site and music production. He's kind of a grump (hence the name band dad) he's the voice of reason and we need someone like that!

  The Metal Pit : To describe you as just a vocalist would be like trying to say that "Primanti's" was just a sandwich,right? (Sorry,everyone but Primanti's is a local place where they make these killer monster sandwiches with all kinds of stuff piled on them.....but I digress )......Not only are your vocals very unique but your stage presence is just as unique. I would describe you more of a performance artist,would you agree with that statement? Zosia West: 100%! I want to give people a show!!! When they come I want them to experience the journey of the stuff that has been written and an escape or maybe a wake up call but regardless to be entertained.

  The Metal Pit :Do you have any training as an actress because you are very visual.From your stage makeup to your animation you definitley bring another dimension to your music,how does all of that unfold onstage for you? Zosia West: Too much lol!!! I started in utero (my mother will attest to this!) I was drumming in her belly and started singing at 4 in and out of musical companies Pittsburgh CLO, independent films, I had gone to the 3rd best musical theatre school in the country Point Park (I don't know the ranking now) It's the only thing I know.

  The Metal Pit : Your voice is also very unique and quite dynamic at times,have you had any professional training or are you mostly self taught? Zosia West: I've trained my whole life...I've had vocal coaches since I was 8. I'm currently with one now Mr.Robert Fire and he sings metal better than me. Not very many teachers wanted a metal student but he took me in and taught me everything I know and what I may learn in the future!

  The Metal Pit : The band is relatively new on the scene and your first demo has not been officially released as of yet but the songs seem to be doing very well at the local clubs and the fans seem to be really into this band,can you tell us about some of the tunes on the cd and if you can describe the sound of the band for us? Zosia West: Well we have the Intro-which was basically my debacle of 2012...that was the worst year of my life and that's how I choose to convey that with that snippet.  Fear and Loathing- is about being in a comfortable dysfunctional relationship where you don't want to stay or go there's fear but you want out.  Fade Away- Jason wrote most of it and I added some parts as he has a different interpretation than me but to me it's about losing someone I see it as a person changing or maybe dying its open ended.

  The Metal Pit : As the singer do you write all of the lyrics for the band? Zosia West:No..Jason is very instrumental in the writing and Braden is as well.     The Metal Pit : I have to say that some of your lyrics are very powerful and seem to come from kind of a darker place,where does the inspiration come from for what you write? Zosia West: LIFE!!! I've unfortunately have had alot of emotional, physical, and spiritual misfortune so basically anything you can think of has probably happened to me.

  The Metal Pit : Who are some musicians or bands that have given you inspiration over the years? Zosia West: Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Lacuna Coil

  The Metal Pit : This is not your fist band Zoisa as you used to sing for the band "River Runs Scarlet",can you tell us what happened with that band and why it broke up? Zosia West: Well I think we had our run...we were all in different places in our lives and heads...at the time it was one of the most crippling things in my life. I had to sit back and watch everything I worked for burn. I think it has worked out for the better though...for all of us..I wish them all well in whatever they do.

  The Metal Pit : You are a female obviously and you front a Metal band but am I the only one growing tired of the whole "Female Fronted" moniker that some bands get labeled with these days? Zosia West: I'm kind of unbiased when it comes to this I don't mind it at the other end of the spectrum I don't want people to like us because of that title I want it to be genuine.

  The Metal Pit : I mean,I guess any pub for a band is good pub to an extent but are we ever going to see the day when people just say.........."Man,that band Echoes Never Lie is really cool and they are all excellent musicians" instead of ...."Yeah,man....that Zoisa chick in that band is really hot and sings ok for a girl",haha.Ok,it is funny but at times I am sure it can get a bit old as well,what do you think? Zosia West: I feel hey if you think I'm attractive GREAT!!! I was never that girl growing up (not searching for compliments true story) I was a freak, nerd, weirdo deemed unattractive so if that's what brings you great, but I'd like it to be for the music and the environment we create..

    The Metal Pit : Personally I think women in the scene have been an amazing shot in the arm to a genre that I have always loved but at times can get a little stale with all the neanderthal posturing and sexism,it's all good for the music no matter what the gender is of the musician playing it,right? Zosia West: Absolutely we all belong!!! Men have things they need to express and get across as do we. I believe we can all coexist with our stories.

    The Metal Pit : Ok,let me get off of my soapbox and continue,sorry.........what lies ahead for you and the band as far as the immediate future as far as the release of the cd and touring? Zosia West: CD we're working on diligently...touring right now it's weekends until we can get steady income!

  The Metal Pit : I have seen a few live vids of the band,any plans on making a studio video sometime soon because lets face it,you would be a natural behind the camera? Zosia West: We're working on pre-production for a single right now and that's all I'll say 🙂

  The Metal Pit : We touched briefly on the band's live show earlier but what can fans expect to see when they come see the band play live? Zosia West: A SHOW!!! Costume, make up (me) obviously and journey through life

  The Metal Pit : Do you notice more female fans at your shows because you are the singer? Zosia West: No it's split 50/50 and I like that

  The Metal Pit : If given the chance to offer advice to any of your younger fans,male and female alike.....what would you tell them? Zosia West: Prevail!!!! No matter what keep going and do whatever you have to do (within reason and your moral compass) don't take no for an answer, don't listen to anyone!!! I never did and won't

  The Metal Pit : Even though the band is fairly new you have been around the music scene for a few years now,can you tell us what you like about it and some of the things you hate about the music business? Zosia West: I love our supporters (not because they support me) because they're genuine people who I can interact with and the local bands are so cool!! Downside is that the music business had become all about money if you're scraping by its going to be awhile before you get noticed it takes money to make money...

  The Metal Pit : If you had the power or the cash,what is the one thing you would change about the industry if you could? Zosia West: Sign all my friends bands!!! Give people a shot and teach them how to be successful (if I made it of course!)

  The Metal Pit : If I were to borrow your I-Pod what bands would you be into right now? Zosia West: Picture me broken, straight line stitch, Marilyn Manson, and Britney Spears!!! I said it!!!

  The Metal Pit : Besides being this very cool "Metal Chick" in a killer band,do you also have a day job? Zosia West: Yes I have two!!! I work a retail job and I'm a fitness instructor.

  The Metal Pit : What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in your down time.......that is if you ever have any? Zosia West: Writing, watching good television, reading, working out!

  The Metal Pit : How does it feel to be chosen as the Metal Pit's Maiden of the month? Zosia West: I'm honored..thanks for thinking I was interesting!

  The Metal Pit : Zoisa,I really enjoyed chatting with you today and on behalf of myself and the Metal Pit we want to thank you for being with us today. I love the band and you are such and amazing and accomplished young lady,we wish you and the band all of the best in the new year and beyond and as one of my beloved Burg sisters I would like to say............"Yinz guys have lots a luck playin in them clubs dawntawn and try and stay away from all them Jagoffs,k?" Zosia West: Thanks Nick you're one of a kind!!!

Horns way up brothers and sisters..................... Nick Rohm