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greatkat1   THE METAL PIT features this month as Metal Maiden of the Month the legendary guitar virtuoso THE GREAT KAT!!! Combining classical music and guitar shredding she has inspired many females and males to pick up a guitar. THE METAL PIT: Hi Kat and thanks for taking the time for this interview. THE GREAT KAT: BOW, SLAVES to your GODDESS GREAT KAT http://www.greatkat.com ! The Great Kat IS: -HONORED WITH A STAR IN THE "GUITAR HERO GALAXY" - Spin Magazine -"20 OF THE FASTEST GUITARISTS IN THE WORLD TODAY" - MusicRadar.com -"Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time" - Guitar One Magazine -"The 100 Wildest Guitar Heroes" Classic Rock Magazine -"Top-10 Fastest Guitarists Of All Time" - Guitar World Magazine's Readers' Poll -"50 Fastest Guitarists Of All Time" -Guitar World Magazine -Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso/Carnegie Recital Hall Violin Soloist THE METAL PIT: What is currently happening in the world of THE GREAT KAT?greatkat2 THE GREAT KAT: ITUNES is NOW Premiering THE GREAT KAT'S NEW VIVALDI'S "THE FOUR SEASONS" MUSIC VIDEO! Starring Antonio Vivaldi ("The Red Priest") and The Great Kat's Guitar Shredding & Violin Virtuosity! Preview & Download at https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/vivaldis-the-four-seasons/id573040803 PLOT SUMMARY: Antonio Vivaldi (known as "The Red Priest" because of his red hair), the famous Baroque composer, sees a vision of the 21st century future while composing and teaching "The Four Seasons" in Italy 1723. The Great Kat Guitar Shredder ("Top 10 Fastest Shredders Of All Time") appears SHREDDING "THE FOUR SEASONS" at Hyperspeed on Guitar AND Violin! The new "BEETHOVEN SHREDS" CD is out now, with The Great Kat shredding Beethoven, Bach, Paganini, Rimsky-Korsakov and revolutionizing BOTH Classical and Metal on this multi-layered, contrapuntal Shred/Classical groundbreaking CD. NOW Check out music clips from "BEETHOVEN SHREDS" at http://www.greatkat.com/beethovenshreds/beethovenshreds.html "Beethoven Shreds" CD Features: · "The Flight of The Bumble-Bee" (Great Kat's Mind-Blowing Guitar/Violin Shredding at 300 BPM!) http://www.greatkat.com/bumblebee1NEW.mp3 · Beethoven's "5th Symphony" for Symphony Orchestra & Band http://www.greatkat.com/beethovens5thsymphony.mp3 · Paganini's "Caprice #24" (virtuoso showpiece features Great Kat's technical guitar/violin mastery) http://www.greatkat.com/paganinicaprice24NEW.mp3 · Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto #3" (Great Kat Shreds on 6 Guitars and 3 Violins!) http://www.greatkat.com/bachsbrandenburgconcerto3.mp3 · Much More Shred Guitar Virtuosity!   THE METAL PIT: You started out listening to and playing classical violin. What made you decide to make the switch to the guitar and why Metal music? THE GREAT KAT: The Great Kat, Juilliard grad violin virtuoso, is single-handedly RESURRECTING Classical with Metal by bringing the COMPLEXITY, GENIUS VIRTUOSITY and TECHNICAL BRILLIANCE of BEETHOVEN to the WORLD with SHRED GUITAR, CLASSICAL VIOLIN, Metal Band and Symphonic Orchestra!! ALL Edited, Re-Orchestrated and brilliantly FUSED into one genius CREATION by The Great Kat -- the ONLY DOUBLE VIRTUOSO-Guitar AND Violin- in HISTORY Since Niccolo Paganini!! THE METAL PIT: Why do you feel that classical music and metal are a good mix? THE GREAT KAT: The POWER of Metal and the VIRTUOSITY and TECHNICALITY of Classical go brilliantly together and The High Priestess of Guitar Shred, The Great Kat, is the ONLY Guitar virtuoso with the Classical CHOPS to handle BOTH!!!!!!!!!   greatkat3THE METAL PIT: Your debut demo was released in 1986 and you have been shredding ever since. Are you more intense now then you were when you started or has the Great Kat mellowed out over time? THE GREAT KAT: WAKE UP, PEONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Great Kat is a VICIOUS, MANIACAL, EVIL, DEMONIC, BLOOD-DRIPPING METAL MANIAC/CLASSICAL VIRTUOSO!!! Check out The Great Kat's INSANE Music Videos on YOUTUBE at http://www.youtube.com/user/KthomasPR and The Great Kat Web Site at http://www.greatkat.com/metalvideos/metalvideos.html WATCH these INSANE Great Kat music video clips from "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD: "BLOOD" http://youtu.be/DkY04eRthaw "TORTURE TECHNIQUES" http://youtu.be/I7DPVk9MWG8 "ISLAMOFASCISTS" http://youtu.be/5e0ODfVbVeI And these INSANE Great Kat music video clips from "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD: "DOMINATRIX" http://youtu.be/EVa-3ydylXU "TORTURE CHAMBER: http://youtu.be/uQj1RKvJBS4 "WAR" http://youtu.be/K_T3eaxt97E   THE METAL PIT: When you started there wasn't many females in metal bands except for Girlschool and a few other bands like that. What made you not want to just be in a regular band but do what you do? THE GREAT KAT: DON'T YOU GET IT??? THE GREAT KAT IS A GODDESS who is here on a SINGLE MISSION: TO RESURRECT CLASSICAL MUSIC and bring it SOARING into the FUTURE with virtuoso SHRED GUITAR and POWERFUL METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO go and GENIUSIZE with The Great Kat's Beethoven's "5th Symphony" music video at http://youtu.be/KtRuZeQWXyM THE METAL PIT: Any tips for anyone on how to play fast like yourself?greatkat4 THE GREAT KAT: The Great Kat uses the "PAGANINI" VIOLIN TECHNIQUE, a special left-hand technique I learned at Juilliard and transposed it on the guitar. You MUST COMPULSIVELY practice scales, etudes and studies. Use a METRONOME to keep PRECISE TEMPO. BUILD up SPEED SLOWLY until you are a GUITAR SHREDDER! IF POSSIBLE, LEARN TO READ MUSIC! BE PERSISTENT!!!!!!!!! THAT'S What makes a VIRTUOSO!!!!!!! Check out The Great Kat's GUITAR TABLATURE and MUSIC NOTATION for PAGANINI, BEETHOVEN, SARASATE, BACH and more on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/KthomasPR   THE METAL PIT: There is lots of females in metal now but most are singers. Why do you think there is not more guitar hero types like you in metal? THE GREAT KAT: Because THE GREAT KAT is a unique and ONE OF A KIND SHRED GODDESS WHO will NEVER be duplicated!!!! There is ONLY ONE BEETHOVEN! ONLY ONE MOZART!!! AND NOW ONLY ONE GREAT KAT!!!!!!! Now watch the SHRED GUITAR BRILLIANCE of The Great Kat on "THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE-BEE" at http://youtu.be/sGUQyKBMklA   THE METAL PIT: Any advice for females that would like to be more like you? THE GREAT KAT: BECOME a VICIOUS, AGGRESSIVE, COMPETITIVE, BRILLIANT, UNTOUCHABLE VIRTUOSO-like THE GREAT KAT!   THE METAL PIT: If someone has never heard The Great Kat before what would you suggest they listen to first to really be initiated into the world of The Great Kat? greatkat5THE GREAT KAT: 1-FIRST LISTEN TO The Great Kat SHREDDING "THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE-BEE" at http://youtu.be/sGUQyKBMklA! 2-Then, go to The Great Kat Web Site http://www.greatkat.com and listen to SHRED/CLASSICAL GENIUS MUSIC of The Great Kat: "Beethoven Shreds" CD "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD "Extreme Guitar Shred" DVD "Wagner's War" CD "Rossini's Rape" CD "Bloody Vivaldi" CD "Guitar Goddess" CD "Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed" Multimedia CD/CD-ROM "Beethoven On Speed" CD "Worship Me Or Die!" CD http://www.greatkat.com/music/music.html 3-THEN, go to iTunes to download The Great Kat's Shred/Classical CDs, "Beethoven Shreds", "Wagner's War", "Rossini's Rape", "Bloody Vivaldi" & "Guitar Goddess" at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/great-kat/id384709526 and The Great Kat's NEW Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" Music Video and "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD Music Videos at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-great-kat/id368743108 4-THEN, BOW at the ALTAR of The Great Kat Guitar Dominatrix and WORSHIP THE GODLY HOT KAT PHOTOS at http://www.greatkat.com/02/index02.html 5-GO ONLINE to the KAT STORE and STOCK up on KOOL KAT MERCH to GENIUSIZE yourselves and your friends http://www.greatkat.com/07/index07.html ! Check out the NEW "BEETHOVEN!" Shred/Classical GUITAR PICK and get GENIUSIZED by the CLASSICAL MASTER BEETHOVEN! THE METAL PIT: Do you listen to the metal music of today and if yes any bands you would say that stand out from the rest? THE GREAT KAT: WHO CARES!!!!! The Great Kat is THE METAL MESSIAH REVOLUTIONIZING and UPDATING BOTH METAL AND CLASSICAL MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE METAL PIT: And what about classical music. Do you listen to any new classical musicians or still just inspired by the great like Beethoven?greatkat6 THE GREAT KAT: THE GREAT BEETHOVEN is the ONLY Classical composer who BLENDS POWER, TECHNIQUE, ENERGY, INTENSITY, SPEED, PRECISION, VIRTUOSITY and COMPLEXITY into one PERFECT CLASSICAL MASTERPIECE! 1- The Great Kat in WQXR's "How Beethoven Became an American Icon": http://www.wqxr.org/#/articles/wqxr-features/2011/nov/09/how-beethoven-became-american-icon/ 2-"AMERICA'S BEETHOVEN EXHIBIT" at THE IRA F. BRILLIANT CENTER FOR BEETHOVEN STUDIES FEATURES THE GREAT KAT'S "BEETHOVEN SHREDS" CD! "No one has exploited Beethoven to the extent that Katherine Thomas, known as The Great Kat, has. She does not just play Beethoven: she considers herself Beethoven reincarnated." - Michael Broyles, Co-Curator, "America's Beethoven Exhibit" at The Ira F. Brilliant Center For Beethoven Studies, San Jose State University http://www.sjsu.edu/beethoven/exhibitions/americasbeethoven/popularmusic.html 3-iTUNES CHOOSES THE GREAT KAT'S "BEETHOVEN SHREDS" CD AS "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" METAL! DOWNLOAD "BEETHOVEN SHREDS" CD on iTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beethoven-shreds/id453271734 4-TOTAL GUITAR MAGAZINE FEATURES THE GREAT KAT IN "BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY NO 5 (1ST MOVEMENT)"! "The Great Kat (Beethoven Shreds) includes a short arrangement of the tune [Beethoven Symphony No 5] at a breakneck tempo, infused with shred heroics and speed-metal accompaniment. The Great Kat's shred histrionics take Beethoven's Fifth to a whole new level." - Total Guitar Magazine http://www.greatkat.com/59/articles/totalguitarmagazine.html 5-BEETHOVEN IN AMERICA", BOOK BY MICHAEL BROYLES, FEATURES THE GREAT KAT! Chapter entitled: "Beethoven in Popular Music"! "Loud, blistering fast guitar riffs accompanied by screams, and an aggressive hyper-dominatrix persona. Her act is not subtle. She is direct and flamboyant about her intentions. Her virtuosity is for real. Over-the-top stage persona. This is a frontal assault." - By Michael Broyles, "Beethoven in America" Book (Indiana University Press) http://www.greatkat.com/59/articles/beethoveninamericabook.html THE METAL PIT: What attracted you to classical music back in the beginning? THE GREAT KAT: The Great Kat has been listening to BEETHOVEN and CLASSICAL MUSIC since BIRTH! THE GREAT KAT IS the REINCARNATION of BEETHOVEN and ALREADY STANDS ALONG side with the GENIUSES in HISTORY -Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart, Socrates, Da Vinci, Poe, Van Gogh, Paganini and more! Go read about the BIOGRAPHIES of these GENIUSES on the Kat Web Site at http://www.greatkat.com/03/geniuses.html   greatkat7THE METAL PIT: Any touring plans? THE GREAT KAT: Stay tuned to The Great Kat Web Site http://www.greatkat.com for ALL News on The Great Kat Shred Show Live! THE METAL PIT: You have been recognized in many many magazines as fastest guitarists or a top shredder and etc. When you started doing this were you invisioning being recognized like you are? THE GREAT KAT: The Great Kat is a Juilliard Graduate Violin Virtuoso, Concertmaster of the Juilliard Pre-College Orchestra, Winner of the Artists International Competition on Violin, Carnegie Recital Hall Debut on Solo Violin, Winner of the "Robert Hufstader Scholarship" in Composition and Theory at Juilliard and COMPETITIVE, AGGRESSIVE, AWARD-WINNING VIOLIN VIRTUOSO-TURNED GUITAR VIRTUOSO who TEARS UP THE COMPETITION EVERYWHERE I GO!!!!!   THE METAL PIT: Listening to your cds you can hear how fast you are but I think to truly appreciate it you must be viewed to get the rest taste of how fast you can play. Do you feel you need to be seen to be truly appreciated for how you can play? THE GREAT KAT: YOU need to WITNESS THE GREAT KAT GUITAR GODDESS SHRED the Guitar AND Violin to FULLY UNDERSTAND the brilliant SPEED and TECHNICALITY of YOUR MISTRESS OF SPEED!! Go to YOUTUBE and WATCH the SHRED INSANITY at http://www.youtube.com/user/KthomasPR -- with OVER 1 MILLION YOUTUBE VIEWS!   THE METAL PIT: What does the future hold for The Great Kat?greatkat8 THE GREAT KAT: The Great Kat's NEXT MASTERPIECE CD/DVD will feature -MOZART'S "MARRIAGE OF FIGARO OVERTURE" -BEETHOVEN'S "LEONORE OVERTURE #3" from the Opera "FIDELIO" -The WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT TECHNICAL VIOLIN PIECE - PAGANINI'S "MOTO PERPETUO" SHREDDED on guitar AND violin! THE METAL PIT: What does it mean to be chosen as Metal Maiden of the Month in THE METAL PIT? THE GREAT KAT: Thanks for naming The Great Kat as "METAL MAIDEN OF THE MONTH" in THE METAL PIT!!! HOW BRILLIANT of you to COMPREHEND that the MUSIC OF THE FUTURE is The Great Kat's SHRED/CLASSICAL MUSIC and that THE GREAT KAT IS GOD!!! KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE METAL PIT: Thanks for doing this interview and The Metal Pit wishes continued success for you. THE GREAT KAT: SHRED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GREAT KAT WEB SITE at http://www.greatkat.com GREAT KAT on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/greatkatguitarshredder GREAT KAT on TWITTER at http://twitter.com/greatkatguitar GREAT KAT on YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/user/KthomasPR GREAT KAT on iTUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/great-kat/id384709526 GREAT KAT RSS FEED at http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheGreatKatShredGuitarVirtuosoBlog "Beethoven Shreds" CD on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Beethoven-Shreds-Great-Kat/dp/B0055V0G9E/ref=sr_1_7?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1320110243&sr=1-7 KAT STORE: http://www.greatkat.com/07/index07.html greatkat9 ***Photos used by permission of THE GREAT KAT