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Lead Vocalist for SAVAGE MASTER




Hi Stacey, Thank you for doing this interview for THE METAL PIT.  Your band SAVAGE MASTER will be releasing your 2nd cd in April. Its titled WITH WHIPS AND CHAINS. What can you tell us about this album? "With Whips and Chains" will be released on CD with Skol Records, Vinyl with High Roller Records and as a digital dowload on Itunes. It will be released in the U.S. and Canada on Friday May 13th. (Friday 13th, that should be easy to remember.) And it will be released April 22nd everywhere else. You should be able to find it in any store that sells High Roller Records. This album was a blast to write and even more fun to play live. We improved upon, more fully realized our style and took it to the next level. Everything is better; drums, guitars and vocals. I think old and new fans alike will enjoy this release.

  SAVAGE-MASTER-With-Whips-and-Chains-LPHow does With Whips and Chains differ from your debut release Mask of the Devil? We have a lot more up-tempo, memorable tracks on "With Whips and Chains". We have a new drummer who adds a hell of a lot to our sound. Guitar licks are meaner than ever. I have been improving and expanding vocally.

        Where did the band get it's name from? Adam and I were wracking our brains trying to come up with a name that would sum us up perfectly and we ended up hearing some lyrics in the Nuns song "Savage" that turned out to be the perfect fit.

          For people who don't know describe the sound of Savage Master? We play occult heavy metal in a traditional style, staying away from modernized sounds. Searing guitar riffs. Heavy and hard, yet tasteful drums. Commanding vocals.

    Who would be your music influences? Our musical influences include bands such as Warlock, W.A.S.P. , Rainbow, Acid, Witchfinder General, Holocaust, and many more. savagemaster_promo1   What album or band got you into Heavy Metal?  Definitely the first heavy metal band I heard that really captured me was Black Sabbath. That was when I was a kid just hearing the radio and going through my parents cds. My full exposure and addiction to heavy metal didn't really start to get going until I was a teenager. My friend let me borrow her "Ride the Lightning" cd. After that, I started to explore various types of heavy metal and extreme metal using the internet to find out about bands. Eventually, I found the holy grail that is N.W.O.B.H.M. It's perfect because it is hard, heavy and evil but still retains loads of musicality.

    savagemaster5When did you know you wanted to sing in a Metal Band? I always heard my dad singing along to the classic rock radio as a kid so that kind of just naturally imprinted on me and made me want to sing. Back then I think I wanted to be like Robert Plant or Ann and Nancy Wilson most of all. My tastes have grown over time and I have kept with singing my whole life. I decided to seek out a band a few years ago and after searching for months I thought maybe I would never find the right band here in Kentucky but I didn't really know many people here because I had just moved up. Eventually, I ended up meeting Adam through a mutual friend. The first conversation we had was about starting a band. He had been looking for a female vocalist for quite some time. We like a lot of the same bands and a lot of the same qualities in music so it worked out perfectly.

      Did you take vocal lessons at a young age? I took choir all through highschool.

        For the majority of female vocalists in metal bands its either singing the extreme growling like the Angela Gossow style or the ones singing in the Symphonic or Progressive bands. But your the old school screamer. Did you ever think about going the other ways? My heart belongs to Rock N' Roll and Heavy Metal. While I have nothing against extreme metal I'm not interested in singing for an extreme metal band or for a symphonic or progressive metal band. That is just not where my heart is.

    Tell us about the rest of the band? Adam is a guitarist and the main songwriter of the band, coming up with all the main riffs and getting everything going. Larry is also our guitarist who writes all of his awesome solos. Brandon is our energetic bassist. Zach is our newest member and a killer drummer.

  The band wears cloaks/hoods on stage. What is the reason for this?  The band wears the hoods because our persona is based off of the movie "Black Sunday" by Mario Bava. In the movie a witch played by Barbara Steele controls hooded executioners.

savagemaster3   You have a few live shows coming up before the release of your album. Will you be showcasing new songs in those shows? We have played our second show with new material and we will keep playing a blend of new and old from now on.

    Your playing with Steve Grimmett's GRIM REAPER in April. What will that show be like opening for them? We all can't wait to open for Grim Reaper! That's something I don't think we ever thought we would be able to say.

    After the release of your new cd will you be doing any touring in support of the album? We will be playing at Europe for Keep It True Festival in Germany, after which we have more shows scheduled in Germany, Holland, Austria, and Switzerland. Then we will be doing a U.S. tour.

savagemaster1   What can someone expect from a live Savage Master show? Expect to be enthralled, to have a good time and be ready to sin! Expect neck pain and bleeding eardrums.

    savagemaster4Is there any plans for a video for your first single off your new album? We do have plans to make a music video but we have not decided which song to use yet.

    Outside of music what are some of your interests? This is a difficult question because music is the most important thing to me. I like to watch movies. I like to learn. I like to constantly try to make things better.

  savagemaster1 How do you get ready for a live show? I get ready for shows physically by warming my voice up and making sure I have plenty of water and mentally by focusing on my vision and goals, our vision collectively as a band and the way that I want fans to be affected by our performance.

      Is your on stage persona different from your real life personality? My personality is the same. I'm just louder on stage.

          What is the best thing about Metal music to you?  The best thing about Heavy Metal music to me is how it makes me feel. It shows me a world that is much better and bigger than the world that most people participate in. The most important part of life is to have fun and be yourself. Heavy Metal embraces this idea.

    Thank you for taking the time out with me. I wish you and the band the best of luck with your new album. Thank you for the interview!

    ***All photos by Hayley Fawn Hall*** ***Photos used by permission of Stacey Savage***