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elie   THE METAL PIT: Hello Elie! Thank you for doing this interview with me for The Metal Pit. Congratulations on the release of UniverSeasons. It really is a terrific album. It is also your first album with Solisia. How did you come to replace previous vocalist MarilenaStigliano in the band? Elie Syrelia: Hello Matt thank you for taking the time to speak with me!! In 2010 I met Andrea Arcangeli at PPM fest in Belgium. There was immediately a great musical understanding and a great friendship was born. In 2011, Andrea told me about the project with Solisia and that they needed a new singer for the second album. He asked me if I was interested in working with them so he sent me some instrumental tracks to give it a try. When I heard it I fell in love with their moods and I felt good vibes from these musicians. With this inspiration in a few days I recorded some vocal melodies and I sent it to Andrea and to the rest of the band. So they said: “Hell!! we're a team now!!!” I think we were stuck like pieces of a puzzle ... and this was wonderful! THE METAL PIT: Your voice is quite lovely and also unique. You don’t sound like the traditional female soprano vocalists like Tarja or Simone Simons. What is your musical background before you joined Solisia? Were you in any bands prior to Solisia? Elie: Thank you Matt!!This is the best thing you can say to a singer!! Really!!  I’ve loved all kinds of music since I was a child.. Before becoming a singer I have studied classical piano for years. This has certainly left a strong impression on me.... ‘cause great romantic musicians and composers like Chopin have “opened” my ears and my heart to the amazing world of melody and composition. Then when I was about 14 I started to listen 70’s and 80’s rock and hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and others. I was fascinated by this strong world too and, in some way, I felt part of it! In few words I love heartbreaking melodies in Hell!! Eheheheheh!!! \m/ I was in many bands for 15 years...singing all the songs I like!! I think that every music style can give you a different shade so you can evolve as a painter!! THE METAL PIT: When did you start singing and who are your influences as an artist growing up? Do you have any classical training? Elie: I was 15 when I started studying modern singing. I had a fantastic teacher, Lorena Scaccia, who gave me the importance of singing as a powerful means of communication. I will always be grateful to her for that and I know she is listening to me among the stars. Then I studied a little bit of lyrical singing that is very good to get more control and power of the voice. I love, as well as the bands that I’ve told you before, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson.  THE METAL PIT: Let’s talk a little about the new album. According to the album notes, “UniverSeasons” is a concept album. Can you talk a little bit about the concept and how it came about? Elie: The songs deal with experiences where you can put yourself because our lives, that seem apparently so different, are actually very similar. Just like the lonely stars who write their own story in an immense sky we find ourselves to be sharing the same feelings because feelings are universal! We talk about love that conquers all (Dirty Feeling), love that wears you down (Mind Killer), the delusion of any kind of faith (Betrayed by faith) but also about redemption of this (From dusk ‘till dawn). Nowadays we must face people who want to steal your time and convince you that happiness is have the urge for acquisitiveness at the expense of other person (the guns fall silent). It leads to confusion but fortunately we always reborn stronger (I lose Myself). Then there is the concept of time too. “Symbiosis” is the PAST that reminds us to look at the world through the child’s eyes. “Universeasons” represents the PRESENT and “Kiss The Sky” is the FUTURE. Last but not least we have chosen the concept of the season because it seemed like an interesting metaphor in a musical context especially in an era where we are realizing how climate and environmental changes affect our lives. Maybe this can help us to reflect what is important to relate responsibly each others for a best future! From this inspiration UniverSeasons was born! We are children of our time and we have tried to share with people our feelings and thoughts through our music. Stay in sync with us!    THE METAL PIT: What was the writing process for “UniverSeasons”? Were you involved in the songwriting as far as the vocal melodies and lyrical content? Elie: Solisia gave me free reign in both of fields and it’s a thing that I have very appreciated. Every singer knows better of any other his/her own limits and he/she can create vocal melodies that are good for his/her range. As I said first, because of we all in the band have the same points of musical view, I’ve found the fortunate feeling to do this and it’s been exciting and very stimulating for me. The lyrics are the messages that we want to send to the people and if those words come from the heart of whom sings is possible to give a more impressive interpretation. I think that a song is like an “ear painting” so in my mind I’ve seen every song in this way. This has helped me to melt together notes and words using a different tone colour (timbre) according to the context. THE METAL PIT: What are your plans to promote “UniverSeasons”? are there plans to film a video?  Elie: We will film a video very soon, even also two! Surely one will be “Kiss the sky”. THE METAL PIT: I see Solisia is scheduled to perform at the Power Prog and Metal Fest on April 12-14, 2013 in Belgium. That must be very exciting playing with so many amazing bands. Will that be the biggest show you have ever played before? Are there any other festival appearances planned? Elie: This is the first time, apart from Andrea, that we play in such a big festival!! It’s an immense honor and a great chance for us to play with the great bands that have written the history of metal and this is really electrifying!! We have to thanks Tony, the chief of PPM for this. We wish to play in other so important festivals in the next future. THE METAL PIT: Now that the album is released do you have any plans to tour on your own or as support on a larger tour? What else is on the horizon for Solisia? Elie: The idea is to arrange something in Italy and try to play some gigs in Europe and in the meantime we are already working on new material. THE METAL PIT: Thank you again for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview Elie! For our readers who are interested in finding out more about Solisia, where can they find you and the band on the internet? Elie: You’re very welcome Matt!! It was nice talking to you! I know that you are a singer too so I have listened some of your song!! You have a very cool voice guy!! Our official website is: http://www.solisia.eu/ Solisia fan page on facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/solisia My personal page on facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/SYRELIA I want to sing for you the chorus of “Dirty Feeling” …“This Matt Vicente will bring us together forever, follow him anyway!!”