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IMG_2824 Skeleris always manages to destroy the stage and the venue with their music. Crazy extreme metal, that’s what they’re all about. After three lineup changes, the show finally happened. They played very well, except for some problems with the drumming, but if they hadn't told me I wouldn't have noticed it. The sound was great, clear and powerful except for some difficulties in hearing part of the solos. They found the way to be innovative within their genre, which is something I have much respect for. They played their new song Scourge, a track definitely worth checking out! IMG_2815   Damian Dürion screams like a demon and has an amazing stage presence. Jon "Gorethias" Watkins and Alex Prefontaine on the guitar sure know how to shred and destroy it, they bring great solos, riffs and breakdowns. Djeizus Yal links the harmony with the rhythm of Simon Gelinas. This band knows how to represent themselves and I believe that if they keep going in this direction they will go far! IMG_2818 Oh and I have to say, Damian was one sexy frontman that night 😉 Go check them out on facebook!!! https://www.facebook.com/Skelerisofficial