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Hometown: Berlin and Mayence, Germany Personal Contact Info: Personal Facebook Page: Sina Facebook Band Contact Info: www.orphanhate.com Band Email:   LINK to video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP36vaIjUqU

Vocalist for ORPHAN HATE


The Metal Pit : Greetings to you Sina,we welcome you to the Metal Pit and wish you and the band Happy New Year.

Sina Niklas: Thank you so much for this opportunity, again! A very late but still meant from the heart Happy New Year to you as well, Nick!   The Metal Pit : You are the singer for the band Orphan Hate,can you tell us a little about the rest of your band? Sina Niklas: Well, we've got a new member, since we talked last time. Rooky left, and Ramin joined in as the new guitarist. Now he's the youngest! 🙂 Matze (Lola Angst), Jan (Sadlermusic) and Alex (ORWOhaus) are still a part of OH.   sina6The Metal Pit : You sing both clean and extreme vocals,which technique is harder on your throat? Sina Niklas: To be honest: Changing between them, and using them combined in order to have a sore throat sounding but not so clean singing voice are the most challenging styles.   The Metal Pit : Do you take any special precautions with your voice before and after a live performance?
Sina Niklas: Sure, I do warm up. And the most important thing, especially on tour, is a lot of good sleep, less alcohol, better none....and I try not to talk too much 🙂  
The Metal Pit : How did you all first hook up and decide to form this band? Sina Niklas: The band had been formed in 1996, but in 2004 the band ask Rooky and me to join OH. And I guess since then you can call the band OH for what it's known today, if so. 🙂   The Metal Pit : I have always loved the name "Orphan Hate",who came up with it and what inspired that name?
Sina Niklas: The former singer Steven (http://www.facebook.com/RedGodDawn) came up with this name. I'm sorry I simply cannot give you the story behind, or what had been on his mind.
The Metal Pit : How did you first get into Heavy Metal and what bands or musicians inspired you to do so? Sina Niklas: I guess it must have been 1999. My best friend and I started the Band Dead Alive. She'd been playing the drums, me the guitar and because we've lacked of everything else, I'd started to scream and shout as well.We've been into the regular bands to name here, I guess...Metallica, Pantera, Nirvana...And the Singer of For No One (a Berlin based alternative band) is considered guilty. He made me wanna start this! 🙂   The Metal Pit : Who are some of your favorite bands in the scene today?sina2 Sina Niklas: I'm into special voices and well written music, which means catching songs. I really like Stone Sour and Alter Bridge, Filter, Porcupine Tree, Prime Circle and less known but nonetheless the very good music of these german bands In Legend and Drone (you really have to check them out)   The Metal Pit : The band has been working on a new cd,can you tell us when it will be finished?
Sina Niklas: It's title will be Attitude & Consequences. We're very sorry but we had to postpone the date of release to fall this year.   The Metal Pit : How will the cd be distributed,will it be available outside of Germany through the band or on I-tunes?
Sina Niklas: If nothing changes from here and now it will be distributed worldwide, physically as well as digital. Yeaha! 🙂   The Metal Pit : Your previous cd "Blinded by Illusions was received very well by fans and I for one thought it was just a killer metal cd,was there any pressure on you and the guys to try and top it? Sina Niklas:Yes, actually we've pressured ourselves. We just wanted to write better songs. But after rewriting this album for years, starting all over again with Ramin and so forth, we just figured it might be best to let happen whatever may come and see from there. And for the first time in my life and I think to speak for the guys as well I can say we're pretty fucking content!     The Metal Pit : Describe for us what we will hear on this disc? Sina Niklas: You'll hear OH. There are songs which will lead you from BbI to A&C, but there are different songs as well you might not have anticipated. All in all there's more dynamic, more honesty...it is rough and from the heart, it is catching but still strong and heavy.   The Metal Pit : What distinct differences do you think Orphan Hate fans will notice from the last cd to this one?
Sina Niklas: I'm using my voice a bit differently, the guitars are still pretty strong, but more supporting the structure of the songs. We've changed our description into Alternative Metal. I guess this is how to summarize the new sound the best. You'll find the right song to drive your car, to walk on deserted streets at night, and to bang your head!  

Photo by Kai Bergmann

The Metal Pit : Any of the new songs that have a special meaning to you? Sina Niklas: Definitely. I've been through weird times, we all have. There's for example All that I Am, the requested Ballade 🙂 It's been the last song we wrote for A&C. It's the most honest and private song concerning the lyrics. I've met someone who somehow managed to put this damn mirror right in front of my face and it made me think a lot...Then there's Bring Me Down, the pop song 🙂 ...well that is an easy one...you'll figure it out yourself! The good thing about this album is that I always think I can name my favorites just like this and then I listen to another song and I like this one too because it reminds me of something or touches me musically.   The Metal Pit : As the singer do you write all of the lyrics and if so where do you draw your inspiration from?
Sina Niklas: Yes I do write the lyrics. From people mostly. It is all about the human's attitude and it's consequences. 🙂   The Metal Pit : You have put out some cool videos in the past for the songs "Circus" and "24/7",are videos something you enjoy doing and are there any plans for any from the new cd?
Sina Niklas: Yeah, we already shot a new video to Bring Me Down...this is gonna be amazing, promise! Unfortunately you will have to wait until fall. To make it easier on you, you might wanna check out the ones taken live from woodstock 2010. And we'll feed you with studio reports, making of material and so forth...just a little more patience, please! 🙂     The Metal Pit :  I have seen live clips of the band several times and you are a totally intense individual up on that stage Sina,what can fans expect from an Orphan Hate live show? Sina Niklas: I guess I thank you for that one 🙂 We've put a new stage set together, pictures and lights and so forth...but it will always depend on the size of the stages how much me can realize...but through it all we'll always present us through the music and what each and everyone of us is associating with our music at this very special moment.   The Metal Pit : As far as touring,where will the band be traveling to support the new cd and when is the tour expected to start?
Sina Niklas: Since plans just changed...we're planing on fall for club gigs mostly in Germany and we're counting on the next festival season in 2013. Before that you'll see us for example at the Metalmorphosis Festival in Cyprus this year.   The Metal Pit : When your not making music what kinds of things do you enjoy doing? Sina Niklas: Reading, drinking coffee, catching up with people, listening to music and I like to take a walk every now and then....   The Metal Pit : I see your a big "Sons of Anarchy" fan as am I,what do you think will happen to Clay next season? Sina Niklas: haha...well a big fan, so big words...I just like watching it and I'm counting on getting suprised.And as long as there's the back of Mr Hunnam everything's just fine for me 🙂   The Metal Pit : Sina,as a strong and talented woman in Metal yourself,what is your opinion of women in the scene today? Sina Niklas: Thanx! Well I think it is not considered special anymore for a band to have a female singer. And about the women: It's the same with men, you're like them or not! There are good and interesting ones as well as the opposite. And I guess this is so subjective that you have to decide on your own whether you like her and what she might stand for or not. I just saw the singer of Tristania. And she's been beautiful and interesting. She made the evening (one of five female fronted bands) for me as a spectator, not being into the music as much as the fans, worthwhile. She just stood out and it was fun watching her perform.  

Photo by Lisa Hubener

The Metal Pit : Do you consider yourself a role model and if so what would you tell young women out there today who may want to follow in your footsteps? Sina Niklas: I wouldn't call me a role model. But I always recommend if you wanna do something and you really believe in it, overcome your fears, all the what-ifs and go with your guts and try to make it happen, work on it! And we all know it's most of the times easier said then done. 🙂   The Metal Pit : What does it mean to you to be named the Metal Maiden of the month? Sina Niklas: It's an honor to be named MM next to all the other beautiful talented women!   The Metal Pit : Sina,on behalf of myself and the Metal Pit we want to thank you for making time for us today.I have been a fan of the band for several years now and absolutely loved "Blinded" but cannot wait for your new music to come out.We wish you all the best with all that you do and also the best of luck in the new year and beyond. Sina Niklas: Nick, thank you so much for your kind words and this opportunity. I enjoyed talking to you as always. And I wanna take the chance and wanna say thank you to all our fans and friends who have been so supportive over the years, even though it took us so long to come up with Attitude & Consequences, even though we simply couldn't manage to visit you all, you're still there! Thank you so much!   THE METAL PIT:  Horns up brothers and sisters.............. Nick Rohm   ***Photos used by permission of Sina Niklas