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***Photos used by permission of Sara*** Metal Maiden of the Month for January 2015 is SARA SEUBERT. Sara is lead vocalist/piano for Melodic Death/Gothic Metal Band DAWN OF ETERNITY. saraeternity7   THE METAL PIT:  Hello Sara. Welcome to THE METAL PIT:   How did your band Dawn Of Eternity form? SARA SEUBERT:  That's not easy to tell. Johannes (guitar) and me did play together in an band before but as we both moved to Nuermberg for studying we had to take a break off until we did get home there. End of 2011 we started to take it serious again, surched for new musicians and so Dawn of Eternity got born. The project as it exists now is about two years old by now.     Where did the name of the band come from? Well we simply throw in some words until this name came up and everyone liked it's meaning since you can interpretate it on several ways.... 😉


    Describe the music of the band? Deep angry growls with a clear female voice and some melodic death/gothic/I-don't-know riffs?     What attracted you to this type of Heavy Metal? It's honesty and power.     Why did you decide to become a singer? My mother forced me to go to a choir as a was seven years old and somehow I stayed there. Some day I expirienced the freedom and straight singing can bring to you and I never what to give this up. saraeternity5   What other vocalists influenced you? Mostly Amy Lee (Evanescence) because I did really like them at that time. Others are Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes), Tarja Turunen (former Nightwish) or Kate T. (Willy Tanner).     You have released the bands first music video. What was that experience like for you and the band of the making of the video? The final scene xD The black water was horribly cold and the room was very ugly. Well the guys had fun xD Also it was simply cool to make a firth music video since it's a step forward.


  The band released its 1st full length cd on November 1st called GUILTY. How has the reaction been from fans and media so far? Good 😉 Some critiziced the low production since we're broke but we had no other options for the less money we had/have.     What are your favorite songs from the cd? Ähm.... Oceans, Goodbye, Amorticure and all the others! saraeternity4     What is the song writing process with the band? Mostly Johannes comes up with a riff and if everyone likes it everyone tries to find something to play on it and throws in ideas how to go on.     Is there any plans in place for live shows for the band to support your cd? We did play about 20 shows with the latest album and now include some of the new songs in the coming up once until it's finished. With the tour for the next album, we'll see 😉     How long have you been singing and did you take any special vocal lessons or training? I'm singing now for 16 years but my firth efficient vocal lesson is just 6 month old xD More to come. saraeternity1   There is a lot of bands these days in Metal with the female vocalist and a lot in your genre of Metal. How do you try to stand out from the rest of the bands? We are not the typical female fronted gothic or symphonic band you know. We don't like overloud keys. We simply do what we like and you hear the heart we put in it.     What Metal bands out there right now are you a fan of? Too many 😉 For example Slipknot, In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Allegation, Eisbrecher, Evanescence, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, Saint Astray, …..     If your band could tour with any band who would you choose? Nightwish, Evanescence, Lord of the Lost, Eisbrecher, anything like that. Acctually I don't care as long as we can play live 😉     Thank you for doing this interview. Good luck to you and the band. You're welcome and thank you as well for supporting 🙂 - Sara www.dawnofeternity.de www.facebook.com/officialdawnofeternity