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Unleash The Archers — APEX Unleash The Archers

  1. Awakening
  2. Shadow Guide
  3. The Matriarch
  4. Cleanse The Blood
  5. The Coward's Way
  6. False Walls
  7. Ten Thousand Against One
  8. Earth and Ashes
  9. Call Me Immortal
  10. Apex

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Date : June 2, 2017


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Let the excitement begin! Unleash The Archers is back with their brand of power metal, but this time with a full concept album. If you are already a fan, then you already know to expect the amazing vocals of Brittney Slayes. She can do almost anything, including her trademark soaring vocals along with the guys adding a few growl moments to make her point when needed.

Their last album, Time Stands Still, their first with Napalm records was a breakthrough album for them, for sure. They are following that success with a far ranging concept album that gives us just a little bit more of everything in their attempt to top their last one.

The guys are also their usual solid selves on this album, as before. Both Grant and Andrew trade guitar licks, and have come up with great headbanging cords. Scott on drums is always solid, and the band has gelled really well after extensive touring over the last few years with Napalm.

I would say they’ve moved a step closer to pure power metal over more standard metal fare, their first two self released albums, for example. This feels like the right move on their part, because power metal fans, particularly fans of Sabaton, DragonForce, etc….will really love this new power concept of theirs.

And here’s an unusual comment from me, because usually I am ok with buying mp3’s from bandcamp or Amazon, but this release is worth buying as a hard copy for the lyrics and artwork/photos included. You can’t go wrong with this release from Unleash The Archers.


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