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"Seduce and Destroy World Tour"........... Otep, One Eyed Doll, Picture Me Broken, Solarburn and Long Time Divided at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania (U.S.) Otep Shamaya as some of you may know has been one of my favorite Metal artists for years and this was the first and ( unfortunately ) last chance for me to see her full live show so there was no way in Hell I was going to miss this one. The show was at the famous Altar Bar, an old converted church in Pittsburgh's Strip District and there could not have been a more perfect night or venue for Otep's Shadow Soldiers ( What she calls her fans ) to bear witness to the brilliant and moving sermon of this warrior poet. However before I get to our esteemed headliner I must also give props to the other bands that played, who in their own unique way brought something different to the Metal table. oteplive1 First up were two local Pittsburgh bands Solarburn and Long Time Divided that got the crowd's Metal juices flowing and put on quite a show for the packed house that night. I hope to be hearing much more from these bands in the near future. Next up was the band Picture Me Broken from Los Angeles California ( U.S.), a Hard Rock / Metal band fronted by Brittany Allman whose new haircut definitely gave the band a tougher and harder look than her previous long flowing( L.A. cookie cutter )blonde locks. Brittany had a good stage presence and she and the band did a great job winning over the tough pre-Otep crowd. Following that performance was the completely Mental and wonderful Kimberly Freeman and the band One Eyed Doll. If you have never heard of this band they are great in the studio but no way in your wildest dreams could a studio cd mutate into what this band is live.........NO WAY. They are however a very hard band to categorize and you know what,who cares,why would you even try. I would say One Eyed Doll is a Metal / Hard Rock / Punk fusion band with very entertaining and funny stories entwined within the music.....WHEW,that was a challenge. Kimberly in somewhat the same vein as Otep is more than a musician,she is also a performance artist and it was so cool to see the audience and her become one during the band's performance. From her tiny little voice to her bombastic guitar playing to her crowd surfing encore this is most definitely a band I would see play live again and again. So,with that brothers and sisters I bring you Miss Otep Shamaya........ In recent months Otep has publicly stated that for a variety of reasons "Hydra" will be the band's final cd and this will be their farewell tour.This was very disheartening news to me but after thinking about it a while,I do believe she is right. This lady was destined for greatness and as incredible as the band is,I believe it is only a stepping stone to greater things for her.   This woman is so unique she literally stands alone as there is no one even on the same planet as her when it comes to performing live. With her unique blend of pulverizing and brutal Metal music along with absolutely brilliant and heart wrenching lyrics,she is nothing short of pure magic on stage and for a few brief moments Otep and her audience actually are one in the same,kindred spirits who share a common goal of healing through music.I know it sounds cliche but I guess you have to see it to believe it. From the first second she stepped onto the stage until the very last note of the evening was played,the lady owned every one of us and it was something I will never forget. I have never seen a performer who runs the gamut of emotions in her live show like Otep does.From whipping the crowd into a frenzied riot with songs like "Blood Pigs" and "Battle Ready",to crowd favorites "Breed" and "Ghost Flowers" to the industrial sounds of "Apex Predator" from the new cd Hydra this show was a roller coaster ride of emotions that makes you think,makes you angry,makes you wanna fight back and most of all makes us all appreciate what this artist has created for us and the legacy she will leave behind for her thousands of adoring fans. There were times during this show when I was physically and mentally drained and more than once I could feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and arms as Otep recited her poetic genius,both beautiful and horrific at the same time. As with an Otep cd you don't just listen to the music at a live show,you become the music and injest all of it,both the good and the bad,it is that kind of unique experience that makes you understand why this woman has touched so many lives and given young people all over the globe a reason to fight,to love themselves and to seek help to fight some of their own demons.oteplive2 By the end of the night the crowd was drenched in sweat and completely at peace with themselves. Once again Otep unselfishly saved all of us with her own pain and sacrifice and if this is indeed the last tour for Otep,as sad as that will be it will be one that all those in attendance will always remember. I am sure whatever this lady decides to do in her life it will be Amazing and her spirit will never dwindle and the impact she has had on my life will never diminish. If any of you get the chance to see Otep's live show,do yourselves a favor and don't pass it up as it is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. To quote the lady herself "Art Saves,always has and always will".