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             Name : Nina Osegueda Age :             28 Hometown :  Washington, DC, USA


Vocalist for  A SOUND OF THUNDER

Personal Facebook Page: Nina Osegueda Facebook Band Facebook Page: A Sound of Thunder

THE METAL PIT: Hi Nina! Congratulations on being chosen as Metal Maiden of the Month! NINA: Thanks so much! It's an honor!

  THE METAL PIT:For our readers who may not be familiar with you or the band, can you give everyone a brief history on how A Sound of Thunder was formed and how would you describe your sound? NINA: Well, we're a classic metal band. I sing in the classic Dio, Halford, Dickinson style with a few growls sprinkled throughout. I joined in late 2009 and we became a real band in 2010, when Jesse joined.

  ninaos2THE METAL PIT: So, Nightmare Records recently released A Sound of Thunder’s album ‘Out of The Darkness”. It’s a great album and a lot of fun to listen to. How did your signing with Nightmare come about? NINA: I sent Lance a few e-mails and Facebook messages long ago about Nightmare. I think when Out of the Darkness was recorded, he saw the album for what it was and decided to give us a chance to join the Nightmare family.

      THE METAL PIT:After listening to and reviewing “Out of the Darkness”, it’s apparent that you are not the typical prototype of the female metal vocalist, but a amalgamation of several different styles including, hard rock, power metal, and classical. Who were your vocal influences when you were growing up? NINA: Growing up, I sang a lot of gospel and rhythm and blues. That's just because of the area I grew up in, really. In high school, I auditioned and sang with the Washington Opera. I never really had any classical training until after I performed with them, and by then I was just learning some more audition pieces. After that, I took a long break (for college) and decided, after graduating, to do metal. I pretty much combined all of my experiences and styles and that's how I came up with what I do.

     THE METAL PIT: I’ve watched the video for “Murderous Horde’ several times. It really came out great! You are a natural in front of the camera. How was your experience shooting the video and working with that huge boa constrictor? Are there any plans in the works for another video? NINA: There are plans, yes! We've already filmed a second video, but we plan on doing another one for the NEXT album. I loved the snake, Chubby. He was awesome! I was actually a theatre major at a performing arts high school, and I did some acting during that time both on stage and on camera. Being in front of a camera and performing are second nature to me, and I just love being a ham.

  THE METAL PIT: You’ve done some short touring already for the new album and as of this writing you were chosen to open for Rhapsody of Fire and Voyager at Baltimore Soundstage on May 26th. Do you have any other touring plans either as support or as a headliner? NINA: Not yet, but we're hoping the opportunity arises! I love traveling, and touring has always been a big dream of mine.

  THE METAL PIT: The song “Out of the Darkness’ features a guest performance from John Gallagher from Raven. That must have been very exciting. How did that collaboration come about?ninaos3 NINA: Kevin 131, our producer, is a good friend of John. He suggested we ask John because of how his classic metal voice might compliment mine. Plus, John's a local, so it was easy to speak with him. When we found out what an awesome guy he was, the whole thing just sort of came together!

  THE METAL PIT: If you could choose one vocalist that you could perform a duet with, who would it be and why? NINA: I have so many I'd like to sing with, but right now I'm looking at Mark Tornillo (ACCEPT). That guy impresses the hell out of me.

    THE METAL PIT: You are a classically trained vocalist and you performed with the Washington Opera for several seasons. How would you differentiate the training and vocal warm ups between opera and being a heavy metal singer? Did singing opera help you with your vocal power and stamina? NINA: It did, but in a different way. I find that while singing opera, you've got these techniques you use to keep your voice warm, and those are helpful. You're also working hard to project, something you absolutely need in metal. The difference is that I'm working different areas of my throat when I sing metal, something I was more used to doing when I sang gospel and rhythm and blues. So in terms of preparation, the opera training was helpful, but I find that my old choir techniques and experience help me a lot more when I'm doing those harsh gritty vocals or keeping in my "throat voice" rather than my "head voice". 

    THE METAL PIT: I view you as one of the new breed of female metal vocalists like Veronica Freeman of Benedictum and Jill Janus of Huntress, women that sing with raw power and aggression as well as being gifted with an impressive vocal range. What are your impressions of the current state of women vocalists in metal? NINA: My view on women in metal is that we're the same as men. We're just trying to make the music that we love! It's just easier for women to look like they're trying to take a shortcut through their boobs.

ninaos4   THE METAL PIT: Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to do this interview! In closing, how can fans purchase “Out of the Darkness” and how can they find A Sound of Thunder on the internet? NINA: You can find us at asoundofthunderband.com! There's a link right on the front page to Amazon, where you can buy our album. You can also buy our album from iTunes, and nightmarerecords.com. Thanks for having me!

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***Photos used by permission of Nina Osegueda