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The March Metal Maiden of the Month is Rachel Aspe who hails from France. She was discovered by most people on YOU TUBE as she appeared on a tv show in France which for us North Americans is like American Idol. She went on this show and did her best Metal performance to the surprise of most people in the audience and the judges. The you tube video has been viewed 1.7 Million times as of right now. You can check out the video at the bottom of this page if you haven't seen it already. Rachel sat down and answered some questions for THE METAL PIT about her experience on that show and what it is hopefully going to lead her into.
Name: Rachel Aspe Age: 24 Home: Grasse, 06, France Email: Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rachelaspemetal Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/rachelaspemetal
rachel2 THE METAL PIT:  Hi Rachel and Thanks for doing a interview for THE METAL PIT. RACHEL ASPE:  Hi! Thank you! This is a pleasure for me.   THE METAL PIT: A lot of people have discovered you from your appearance on a French Television show along the same lines of American Idol here in North America. From the short video that appears on you tube you seem to shock the audience and judges. What was that experience like for you?rachel4 RACHEL: I was under pressure, and I knew that the spectators and the judges mainly listened to other types of music. When I sang face to them, I was focused on my vocals. The volume of the music was too low I couldn't hear it. I didn't notice that one judge "X" me, I didn't see anybody laugh as we can see on the video. I just saw them applause and scream at the end. It was so intense and great!   THE METAL PIT: What made you want to go on that type of tv show? RACHEL: To bring metal to french tv was a challenge for me. I also wanted to have fun and live an incredible experience. Another reason is I never found a serious band so I thought that could help me and get myself some exposure.   THE METAL PIT: After appearing on that show how have things changed for you? RACHEL: I received tons of positive messages. Some metal celebrities encouraged me. I was very surprised by the success of the video. It helped me a lot. I'm preparing some guest vocals for some metal bands at the moment.       rachel1THE METAL PIT: What metal vocalists influenced you to want to sing Heavy Metal? RACHEL: I didn't know many bands when I started to scream, I used to listen to punk rock, then a bit of Neo metal and I started to scream on it.   THE METAL PIT: What singer or bands did you hear that got you into listening to Heavy Metal? RACHEL: The first singers that I listened to  were Max Cavalera and Corey Talor. They permitted me to identify the type of singing I really wanted to do.     THE METAL PIT: Your still in search of joining a Metal band. Are you looking to join a band or start own of your own? RACHEL: I don't compose music, so I'm looking for a band or I would like to start a new one with someone composing.         THE METAL PIT: Your  appearing in French Band's Zuul FX new video that's coming out soon. How did it come about that they asked you to be in the video with them and how was that experience for you? RACHEL:  Zuul FX will release in a few weeks a new music video which I'm singing in.  They discovered me thanks to the tv show and they contacted me. I went to Paris for the shooting. I learnt a lot of things and it was a very  enriching experience. I met cool zombies and I'll show them to you soon in the video when it is released!      rachel3THE METAL PIT: Have you taken any vocal/singing lessons? RACHEL: No, I taught myself. For the anecdote: my grandmother thinks I sing metal because when I was a baby she liked to do strange noises. But I don't think it's Hereditary! ^^ I worked 6 years to have this voice and I continue learning.     THE METAL PIT: There is more and more females leading Metal Bands these days. What are some female led bands that you admire? RACHEL:  There are several females singers I like but the only one I admire is Angela Gossow. She's not my influence at all, she has a different type of screaming. I just find her awesome at what she's doing.             THE METAL PIT: What are your interests or hobbies outside of Metal Music?rachel5 RACHEL: For the moment I can say that Metal Music is my hobby because I'm working in a Day nursery. It's a passion for me too to work with children. I'll quit this job soon to dedicate my time to singing. I'm also crazy about my leopard geckos.     THE METAL PIT: What does your family and friends think of your choice to sing heavy metal? RACHEL: They didn't know Metal very well before the tv show. Even if I have sang for 6 years, they didn't hear me before. Some of them were shocked. It has open their eyes on it and now they respect it and some of them like it.  My 10 year old cousin is able to recognize my voice from thousands of metal singers, this is cute!       THE METAL PIT:  5 years from now where do you see yourself or what do you hope to see yourself doing? RACHEL: I wish to be part of a band, and travel to play in many countries.   THE METAL PIT: Thanks for being this month's Metal Maiden of the Month and hope to see you leading a metal band soon? Good luck to you Rachel. RACHEL:   Thank you for this interview! Maybe we'll have some good news soon! I'm glad to be the Metal Maiden of the month! Keep up the good work on this great website