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Last month at THE METAL PIT was our 10th anniversary of the website and for our 10 year anniversary of the Metal Maiden of the Month we had the long overdue appearance of Priya Panda of Diemonds. So start off our 11th year we have decided I will break a previous rule and now will consider having a Metal Maiden that has previously been a Metal Maiden. And with the news of a very promising Melodic Metal Band DECADENCE out of Sweden returning to the Metal scene after taking a few years off we thought what could be better then Long Haired screamer METALLIC KITTY. DECADENCE have 4 full length albums released from 2005-2009. Later this month (January 2017) they will release their 5th full length release titled UNDERGROUNDER.

Hi Kitty, Thank you for doing this interview for THE METAL PIT. Hi Blake and readers of THE METAL PIT, thank you for having me!

Your band DECADENCE ended in 2013 but is now back again with a new release coming out early this year. Why did the band stop playing? I started DECADENCE when I was 15 years old and have been managing and playing with the band for 10 years. It was simply time to rest a bit.


And what made you decide to start up the band again? The time I was convinced for half a year, forced back to the studio and even dragged up on stage by another band that ended up with me hearing the crowd loudly cheer DECADENCE’ name to me. After spending a whole night after that with fans I called Kenneth Lantz the morning after and we decided it was time to return.


Will this new release be the same style as previous DECADENCE releases? You will definitely hear something very familiar, and also some nice refreshing bits and pieces that will make this album something special for all of you who like DECADENCE.


For anyone that doesn't know your band describe the sound of Decadence? The base is Thrash Metal in the style of TESTAMENT and KREATOR while there is another level of melody and viciousness over it that could reminiscence of DEATH. The vocals follow that same combination.


The band has 4 full studio albums already released. Last one in 2009. Is there a lot of pressure to make the new album that much more better since it has been 8 years? For me, it’s not about over-making and over-analyzing what was in the past. What I want to do is to give you and album that will give you shivers because it reminds you of something, or lifts thoughts about things, or inspires you or simply makes you want to start a mosh pit!


Tell us about the rest of the band? This time around, DECADENCE is powered by Kenneth Lantz and I. We were joined on our upcoming album ‘UNDERGROUNDER’ by drummer Lawrence Dinamarca (from NIGHTRAGE /LOCH VOSTOK /CARNAL FORGE) who laid down the drum tracks for us. Kenneth and I have always been behind all DECADENCE songwriting so in that sense our music will grow on its solid base. When it comes to possible future live shows, we’ll deal with it then and form a full line-up. 


Do you feel much has changed in the Metal scene since your last album? I’m just getting back to Metal scene so I have yet to dig into what has happened since and I look forward to that!


You’re an extreme singer. What do you do to warm up for a show? What I did then is not what I’d do now due to a stronger physique than what I used to have. But basically it’s about to literally get warmed up to soften the body before starting a one hour workout session with all that cardio going on on stage! Also, to pump up the abs for better vocal control and to listen to some boosting tunes and scream along some. 


In the last 3 years on your hiatus what were you doing? I mentioned it a little bit in the previous question actually. I started a career in the fitness business. Hit the iron, re-educated myself to become a Nutritionist and found a new job in the Training and Sports Nutrition industry.


Is the band planning any music videos as of yet for this new release? There will be some clips up on YouTube soon on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/themetallickitty They won’t be music videos but just something to hopefully familiarize more with the songs off the album ‘UNDERGROUNDER’.


Any touring plans yet? Not yet, first things first and that’s the album!

Your new album is called UNDERGROUNDER. Why did you choose this name for this reunion album? ‘UNDERGROUNDER’ is a name, or description if you like, of who we consider DECADENCE to be after all this time. And who we consider our fans to be. It’s a statement. DECADENCE has always been a promoter of the Underground music scene. Pushing for the DIY, licensed our top selling release to three different labels simultaneously while running it through our own label HTI Records (now re-named Heavy Dose after DECADENCE first single), pushed for other bands to do the same, and had all promotion pushed by fans for fans through street teams, fan clubs and just Metalheads from all over the world.


As a music fan. What are some of your favourite current Metal bands?

Thrash Metal, particularly the Bay Area era, lies closest to my heart in general and I still listen to bands like TESTAMENT, METALLICA, KREATOR and MEGADETH every day. Crossing over the subgenre, I consider DEATH to be the greatest band of all time. So yes, I guess all this makes me an old schooler then, no new bands as favorites anyway! A newer band that has caught my eye though is VEKTOR, really good stuff.


Do you have a few select fav songs from the new release that your most looking forward to playing live?

We have kept in mind the live aspect while making the album and made the songs pretty well adapted for that so there are quite a few I’d love to bring to life on a concert.


Going back to before you started. What artists made you realize you wanted to listen to and play Metal Music?

METALLICA and DEATH, I keep returning to those bands in this interview it seems!


Since you had a few years off how exciting will it to be get your new music out there for the fans and to perform live again? Honestly, it’s probably going to be the most epic feeling in my life so far.

Thank you for taking the time out with me. I wish you and the band the best of luck with your new album. Thank you and THE METAL PIT readers for supporting DECADENCE for all these years. I look forward to continue doing what I should do – bring you more music!

***Photos used by permission of Metallic Kitty***