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Metal Maiden of the Month for April 2015 is MARGARITA MONET. Lead vocalist for California Metal band EDGE OF PARADISE.

Margarita   THE METAL PIT:  Hi Margarita. Thanks for being Metal Maiden of the Month for April.   Margartia Monet:  Hello! It is a honor. Thank you!     First of all describe your band Edge of Paradise to anyone that is not familiar?  We are a heavy metal, our sound is aggressive but very melodic, with driving rhythms and heavy guitars, you will hear some symphonic and classical elements, our songs are dynamic and sometimes theatrical and will take you on a roller coaster ride 🙂 We've been together for 3 years and have a new album 'IMMORTAL WALTZ' coming out in May, on Pure Steel Records.   margaritacdOn May 22nd your band releases its newest cd. What can fans expect with your cd IMMORTAL WALTZ? We are very excited, this is our second full length release, the first one was our first CD MASK, we put that out a few months after formation, and the songs were previously written with Dave (our guitarist) and Robin McCauley. So in many ways this CD, IMMORTAL WALTZ is our debut CD, I feel like we really found the sound that will define the band. Im very excited for people to hear the music, we've been getting a tremendous response from the previews of the songs that's out there! I think it's something different that people haven't heard yet, but still accessible, because the songs are rooted in traditional hard rock and heavy metal, we just put our spin on them.           How did the band come together? Three years ago, Dave and I were hired to work with a producer in Los Angeles on a project. Dave had a band called Bleed that was fronted by Robin McAuely (MSG, Survivor). Robin went on tour with Survivor and Dave was looking for a singer and asked me to check out his music, a few weeks later we formed Edge Of Paradise and never looked back 🙂 We went through a few lineup changes and met some cool musicians along the way, and finally solidified our lineup with John Chominsky on drums and Nick Ericson on bass. We've survived quiet a few road trips together, one of them being a tour cross country to the East Coast and we haven't killed each other yet, so it's looking good 🙂 But on a serious note, we're very lucky that this lineup has such a great dynamic! margarita8 How is it working with legendary producer Michael Wagener? Beyond expectations, Michael Wagener is a huge part of this band, he is a genius at what he does and just a really awesome person. We've had 12 hour days at the studio and it was so exciting and fun working with him. His studio is awesome, anything you can think of he has, i got to play on a real leslie organ, you will hear that on "Immortal Waltz" and "Goodbye", and every instrumental he has, has some cool story, it's very inspiring to work there with him. We can't wait to go back to Nashville and record some more!   What does he bring to your band that might of been lacking otherwise? The epic sound, our songs not your usual 4 instrumental rock n' roll song. They are very dynamic and layered, every song has it's own life and Michael got that and mixed them the way so that life wouldn't get lost, every interment breathes in the mix and everything has it's own space, I don't know how he does that, I guess he's got a magic touch 🙂   You are originally from Europe. Why did you move to the USA?margarita4 My dad is a scientist and when I was ten we moved to Houston, TX because he was asked to do research there, he's reached many heights is his field so it made sense to stay here.       As it seems to come with lots of female vocalists you were trained classically. How does that help in singing this kind of music? I was trained classical piano and that was a big part of my life, I was never trained classical singing, I never thought I'd be a singer, and I really discovered my voice when we recorded the first CD Mask, and eventually found my style, it's a never ending journey to grow as a singer and with every song I want to keep pushing the boundaries 🙂         What vocalists influenced you into wanting to sing yourself? So many, one of my biggest influences is Ronnie James Dio, he was amazing, every word he sang had so much emotion and soul! I also love Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Freddie Mercury…   Why did you change from Classical music to Metal? Life is an evolution, I started as a classical pianist, but I also did a bunch of other stuff, I did musical theater, I loved listening to symphonies performing rock songs, and then by chance I met Dave and we formed a metal band. Classical music is a big influence and I think you will hear that in the songs, I play keyboards on the songs and I give credit to my background for being able to come up with melodies that we have in the songs. It's all music at the end, just a different way of expressing it!   margarita3     Your band is covering a Black Sabbath classic "Children of the Sea" on your coming cd. Why did the band pick this song? It's one of my favorite songs and we've been including that song in our set for a while now, we love playing it and the crowd loves it. We've been wanting to cover it for a while now and it was the right time, so I'm very excited that we got to do that!               Does the band have tour plans in place yet after the release of your new cd? That's what we're working on right now, we have some CA, and NV dates lined up, and now we're working on AZ, Midwest and East Coast, so keep posted on our website or Facebook page, we're going to be playing a lot! http://edgeofparadiseband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EdgeOfParadiseBand/ margarita7   How do you or your band try to stand out from other metal bands in the same genre? The key is not to try, but to follow your own creativity, you can't chase trends or try to fabricate what you think is different, it won't be authentic and won't work at the end, in my opinion. I think our music different because we all bring something different to the group, our different backgrounds and influences, we don't force the songs. But we are skilled musicians and I think it's important because it gives you more room to experiment. And our biggest goal is to put life into a song, it's all about the emotion, attitude and the story. And then to be able to tell it on stage. We put big emphases on the stage show, we what the visuals to match the music so people can have the full experience. So i don't want to compare us to other bands, we're just doing our own thing and are excited to be sharing our music with people!   margarita5 Outside of singing and music what do you do for fun or to relax? I play with swords 🙂 Not even joking, we got this opportunity to write a song for an upcoming film Evelyn Rising, it's written by Phil Aslaksen who's been a professional stunt guy for many years, so he's been teaching me a few things, it's very fun! We don't really relax, there is always something to get done to keep moving forward, touring and playing shows is our idea of fun, we live on the edge you know 😉   If you could tour with any other Metal band out there right now what band would be the perfect fit for you? Iron Maiden, that would be awesome!       Is there any vocalists you have watched performing live that has influenced your stage presence and not just your vocals?   I never thought of that, I danced my whole life, so i've always been pretty good with movement, haha i don't do pirouettes on stage but I think being able to move helps me with performing the songs, I just let the music kind of guide me, I don't like standing on one spot, I tried doing yoga once and that drove me crazy cause you had stand on one spot for a while 🙂 But i'm sure watching other people had some sort of influence, the main thing i've found is that all the great singers, they're totally invested in the music and spill their heart and soul on stage and that's what people are drawn to the most, at least in my opinion!  


What can new fans expect from a live Edge of Paradise show? 

Epicness 🙂   Thank you for doing this interview. I wish the best of luck to you and the band with your upcoming cd.  Thank you so much for having me, and all my best wishes to you as well! And thank you to all the readers out there!

***Photos used by permission of Margarita***