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Instead of a Metal Maiden for January we are going to go back through some previous Metal Maidens to update what they are up to. Most of these interviews are not currently showing on the website because of the new web update done last year.   angelaANGELA GOSSOW---November 2008 on the 2nd Anniversary of THE METAL PIT and the Metal Maiden of the Month we featured what could be easily stated as the Queen of Heavy Metal in Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow. Here is a question from that interview. THE Metal Pit:    You are by far the QUEEN of METAL!! But because of you there is more and more females in Metal bands and even singing in extreme metal bands like yourself. How does that make you feel when you see that? Angela:         Excited! I look at my little niece Winnie and I know she will be fighting a fair battle one day – She will be judged by her knowledge and qualities and not by her gender. Seeing women rushing into metal is clearly an indication for equality being on the rise. There will be a day where they will be musicians first and females 2nd. I am not the queen of metal. I am Angela Gossow, singer in Arch Enemy! And Arch Enemy kicks ass! Arch Enemy's website stated they will announce soon their plans for 2014. There is a few tour dates posted for 2014 on the website.

  KOBRA PAIGE--Lead vocalist for Western Canadian Metal band KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. 2 full length albums under their belts and kobraheavy touring especially in Europe. Their facebook page has some tour dates for March and April for 2014. Kobra was the Metal Maiden at THE METAL PIT back in June of 2010. Here is a question from that interview.

THE METAL PIT: You were a classical trained singer. Why the switch to metal?

KOBRA PAIGE: When I was in grade 9, a very traumatic event happened at the beginning of the year and I quit all singing and musical training with no intention of ever singing again. During high school I really started to embrace alot of the 80’s heavy metal riffage. I was snowboarding a lot, and I found it made my blood pump when I would rip down the hill. I decided it would be awesome to have some buddies to jam with so that is exactly what I did. I found Chris and Matt in an ad on the internet and worked my way into their jam space. It was a fantastic thing to be able to use my previous experience in music and transfer it over to something heavy but very melodic. I believe metal has a lot of classical roots, it can be very beautiful and have a lot of depth. It is a very natural transition.

jill7JILL JANUS--Lead Vocalist for American Metal band HUNTRESS. In January they will continue their tour along with Lamb of God as they take the tour to Europe in support of their 2nd full length release. Jill was interview by Matt Vicente for our May 2012 Metal Maiden of the Month. The following question was asked before the release of the 2nd album.


THE METAL PIT: After listening to Eight of Swords a thousand times, I feel that there is a very strong sense of melody with the roots of your music firmly in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal of the early 80′s. How would you describe the Huntress sound?

JILL JANUS: Staying authentic is most important to us. We love heavy metal and will always embrace the NWOBHM sound. We’ve been called melodic/death/thrash and that’s cool, we can relate to that.



JULIE WESTLAKE--In April of 2009 Lead Vocalist for American Hard Rock/Metal Band Hydrogyn was our Metal Maiden of the Month. January 28th HYDROGYN will release their new cd called BREAK THE CHAINS. A new single/video has been released from this album for the song ROCK ME. The video can be viewed at the bottom of this website currently. Nick Rohm interviewed Julie back in 2009 and here is a excerpt from that interview.

The Metal Pit:    What I love most about this band is your diversity.You can bring it with the best of them when it comes to classic Metal songs but are not afraid to show your softer side by doing acoustic versions as well, do you agree this is a very unique aspect of Hydrogyn?

Julie:      I do. I think its cool to be able to go see a band in concert and then later be able to see them in a more intimate setting accoustic. We really enjoy being able to do accoustic shows. They are a lot of fun and a change of pace for the band.


phoebePHOEBE PINNOCK--Lead singer for Australia's HEAVEN THE AXE. Phoebe was a Metal Maiden back in November 2011. Since then there is a more recent interview with Phoebe that can be found here. http://www.themetalpit.net/heaventheaxe/ Heaven the Axe is working on their 2nd full length release. In 2013 they released a new killer single called GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO HATE which was one my fav Metal songs of 2013. Nick Rohm interviewed Phoebe back in 2011.

The Metal Pit : What can fans expect from a Heaven the Axe live show?

Phoebe Pinnock: You can expect brutal hard rock on a stage where I let myself go – we all do. We really feel the music! Its fun and high energy and in your face! It’s a place where I can be the hard rock chick that’s been through the warzones and here is a place where I fight my demons with my army and hope to shine a light on the beauty of that with our heavy sound.


VERONICA FREEMAN--Lead singer for BENEDICTUM. In November of 2013 Benedictum released their 4th studio album OBEY. Veronica was Metal Maiden back in June of 2009. Nick Rohm interviewed Veronica and here is a question from that interview.

The Metal Pit:    Your voice is very powerful and distinct,did you start singing at an early age and when did you think you mightwant to do this professionally?

Veronica:  No I didn’t start singing till later on at least I didn’t take it seriously. It was actually Craig Goldy that got me to take another look at what I could do with my voice and for that I am so grateful.



ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ---In June of 2011 our Metal Maiden of the Month was Alissa from Montreal Metal band THE AGONIST. They are currently working a new album to follow up their impressive 2012 release PRISONERS. Nick Rohm interviewed Alissa back in 2011.

The Metal Pit : What advice would you offer to young women who may want to follow in your footsteps and are you comfortable with being a role model for them?
Alissa White-Gluz:  Honestly, I am flattered and proud to inspire young women. I would much rather them have me as a role model than a lot of the other women they see (if I can say that without coming across as totally ridiculous). Seeing a young girl gain the confidence to start a band is one of thegreatest rewards I get in this business.

Come back to THE METAL PIT in February for a brand new Metal Maiden of the Month. If you think YOU should be a Metal Maiden of the Month send a email to Blake at with Metal Maiden in the subject line and describe why you should be the Metal Maiden of the Month. Prefer females in Metal bands or have a major connection to a Metal Band and a lot better if you have something to promote. There is a waiting list so mostly likely you won't be a Metal Maiden for a few months after a email is received and your selected to be a Metal Maidnen.