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Metal Maiden September 2013
Tristessa Astarte
Vocalist/Guitars/Bass for ASTARTE
THE METAL PIT: Hi Tristessa! Thank you for taking the time to talk to THE METAL PIT.
TRISTESSA:  I thank you for your invitation. It is a real pleasure.
tristessa6THE METAL PIT: For people that aren’t familiar with ASTARTE introduce the band and give a quick description of the band?
The band started back in 1996.We were the first all Female Black Metal band with official album worldwide back then. The band stated under the name LLOTH and after our demo-lp  release at 1997  “Dancing In The Dark Lakes of Evil” –  we changed our band name to Astarte and in 1998 we made our debut album “Doomed Dark Years”. After this we made 4 more albums:

Rise from Within
Quod Superius Sicut Inferius
THE METAL PIT: Your last cd was in 2007. Your working on a new cd now. Why such a long time between releases?
During this period I did create some personal things for my future and that was the most important of my life ,my son and my family, now I am ready and I have gather so much energy. Soon I hope to share it through our music. Now our  music is upon everything and we are now concentrated into this .

THE METAL PIT: Your band is the first all female Black Metal band. Back when you tristessa8formed your band did you set out to be that or did it just come about that way?
It came normally for us and the beginning was really difficult. There was much of energy and lot of ideas that leads us to every further step. We started from zero point. And the conditions was not so easy  because  we were females into “Males music territory” there were lot of reactions. In the past I was playing to several bands and I always  they  kicked me  out!  because I was a female and  they want  more  ‘’brutal’’   image and line  up  for the bands but things now have  changed.

THE METAL PIT: Who or what bands were your influences back then?
My inspirations were from bands like Iron Maiden,Satyricon,Summoning Eloy,Slayer,Darkthrone  and most of times some difficult situations of my life was the most inspired moments of  my music creation. Sadness makes me think very deeply, I get into several parts of my mind that I do not use to do in my everyday life. By making music it is like heeling my wounds and cures my mind.

THE METAL PIT: What are some Black metal bands out today that you admire?
Rotting Christ,Dimmu Borgir, Limbonic Art, Burzum, Dark Throne, Summoning… and many others to be mentioned …

THE METAL PIT: The band started out known as LLOTH. Why the change to ASTARTE?
Astarte is the most representative goddess to our  music. She is the goddess of war , love fertility and universe. She holds all aspects of the female power.

tristessa3THE METAL PIT: Your band is working on a new cd. Can you tell us anything about that album yet?
We are working in some new ideas and material but nothing is ready yet.

THE METAL PIT: You have used a number of guests on previous albums including Angela Gossow who was a guest on your last cd in 2007. Will you have any guests on your newest cd?
Angela in Black at Heart song was for sure a very   cool song and the fact that we sing as duet in the song  was a real honour, the same goes to Attila (Mayhem) who sings in the song Lycon ,Sakis from Rotting Christ,to Oceanus Procellarum    , Henri Sattler (TSK) from God Dethroned who is a great musician and good friend and Nicolas Sic Maiis from LLOTH and Insected .
In the new album I manage to make something that I had in mind for some years ago. It means a lot to me. I can not say more  , I need to be sure about some things that need to be completed.

THE METAL PIT: Your first 3 releases are being released on vinyl. What does that mean to you to see your music being put on vinyl?
The vinyls will be out from  SMC  in few  months. It means  a lot to me because they have never been released and it was a dream to me  . I manage to make them very special editions cause I am a vinyl collector and this would be very precious to me. I will try to make the best possible and most representative edition to every album.

THE METAL PIT: What is the Metal scene like in Greece?tristessa4
The sure is that there are so many bands, newer and old ones, that really worth to have a better future and to be known abroad. Although there are difficult times right now for many of those bands to move on and this is unfair. Metal music is something that exist in Greece and hopefully many bands will find a better way in the coming future. This is what I wish to all of them.

THE METAL PIT: You are the only original member from the start of the band. Do you do most of the song and music writing now?
I am the founder member of Astarte and in all albums I make most song writings and compositions. Right now  we are  making  our  music  together with   my man in life Nicolas Sic Maiis.

THE METAL PIT: Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics?
I get inspiration from movies for instance “Lord of the Ring” from that movie I wrote the song Bitterness of Mortality which is about the Elves who will see humans grow old and to die. From the movie “The ring, I wrote the song Ring of Sorrow which is about the cursed child hatred from relatives and doomed to live like ghost.
 I also get inspired from Greek history, Ancient Greece, the twelve Olympian Gods, our mythology and the so rich sources of history we have. I read books , I speak of humanity, wars,destructions and I need to pass my messages of how the human kind can be self destructive. I like to speak the truth and I need to see things as it is through music and lyrics.

tristessa5THE METAL PIT: Do you think you and your band played a part in the rise of females in extreme Metal music?
I can say that we broke this fragment of prejudice that fans of music really had at the first years of our existence. We were facing much of negative reactions and there were times people tried to stop our music only for the fact that were were females into males “world’. So,  there are other times that  we had to prove that we have the guts to exist among males. During the years we were accepted and more and more female bands came up. Females are  now part of BM and generally of extreme metal scene and I am proud if our band have done something to this direction.

THE METAL PIT: Back when the band started out did you feel you had to prove yourselves more being a Black Metal band as opposed if you were playing more of the more mainstream metal?
No, we wanted to play Black Metal, that was our aim and we like to be expressed into Black Metal and to the extreme paths of music. We were so young and as a start we feel that way as years passes there are no such a big differences to the way that we like to be expressed. The extremes and the sadness into music is our way.

THE METAL PIT: Thank you for being our Metal Maiden of the Month. I wish you good luck with your band and your next cd.

From my side I would like to thank you too for this conversation. I need to thank all readers and all those who have support us so far.
      Hails from Astarte.