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Photo by Raphael Bobillot


THE METAL PIT: Hi Melody and thanks for taking the time to do a interview with me for THE METAL PIT.

NILOOFAR:  Thanx to you guys! Such a big pleasure for me!



THE METAL PIT: Most Metal  singers story is way different from yours. You are originally from Iran where playing Metal Music is considered a illegeal act or against the values of Iran,  so it was all done in the underground. What was that experience like performing or even going to watch other metal bands in a country that considered it forbidden?

This is kind of A weird experience to explain actually. This kind of music is considered as a satanic act so actually the fact that you choose to do an underground metal show or even going to watch a metal band performing underground is really crazy cause you know any moment you could be arrested or whatever. 



THE METAL PIT: While in Iran you performed with other styles of music and sang other styles so you could learn the differences. How did that help you as a singer?

All my musician friends, just brought their different instruments.  We had some Iranian traditional instruments  like Daff or Tarr and some other instruments like piano or electric guitars , ect...and we were jamming and jamming for hours. And improvising and matching our feelings and it was incredible. Thishelped me a lot to know how to sing. Sometimes we just detached and we get connected with pure feeling of what music we could create. And also, in 2008 I had a band which we were covering so many heavy metal songs and we've just made a little dead room in the garage of my guitarist's home that nobody could hear us. And that's where I started to learn how to scream and growl or whatever. Actually covering vocal lines of great singers taught me how to sing. My vocal coaches were great singers all around the world.




Photo by Mathias Remy

THE METAL PIT: Back then what did make you choose that you wanted to sing Heavy Metal?

I started to listen to Heavy metal and classic rock when I was a kid like 12 , 13 years old. I had a friend who gave me a tape from Metallica and I just got crazy with riffs and vocal lines and the energy and the power. In Iran, we didn't have the opportunity to buy cassettes or VHS, ect of our favorite heavy metal bands  but you could always find everything in the underground . Little by little I just started to listen to Iron Maiden, Motorhead, guns & roses ..and I just started to try to sing like them...I was acting like them in front of the mirror! It was ridiculous :)) And by the time, I got into Slayer, Pantera, Death ...this kind of music was just something  that calmed me down. And made disappear all the shit happening around me.



THE METAL PIT: You joined a Metal band and left Iran to perform in Dubai and in Turkey but then you realized you couldn’t go back to Iran for the fear of being arrested. What was that time of your life like knowing you can’t see family and friends?

That was exactly 9/10/2011 when I got the call...even the date is weird!! This day.. I called it my REBORN!...I can not explain how was that moment that I lost everything in just one call! I was in hotel in Turkey...and in a minute everything became just black! I couldn't even breathe! I couldn't feel the reality of what's happening.  I lost my family, my university, my house, all my friends, and every piece of my country  that I had memories there. And the future was absolutely unknown! This is such a long story that I can not put details and my feelings in words!




THE METAL PIT: What advice would you give Metal fans in Iran that might read this?

This is not advice but just an experience which maybe going to  be interesting in someone's life. I just imagined my dream each day in front of my eyes and i just decided to have it. And now I'm living my dream!! The more your dreams are bigger, the more you have to lose big things. That'sthe rule. So if you have big dreams, prepare yourself to not lose yourself in big shitty things that going to  happen on your road, be patient and beleieve in yourself!



Photo by Lion Dnf

THE METAL PIT: That is great advice!  After you realized you couldn’t return to Iran you moved to France and joined the Metal band UNSCARRED. How did you come about joining that band?

I just found my actual band UNSCARRED on the internet. We just met each other. I wanted to sing in a Thrash Metal band, and I really liked their songs. They liked my vocals. And we just started to rock 🙂


THE METAL PIT: What Metal singer s or bands influenced you the most?nelly12

Oh...so many!!!Chuck Schuldiner, Lemmy Kilmister, Philip Anselmo, James Hetfield, Trent Reznor, Colin H van Eeckhout, Travis Ryan and Maynard James Kennan



THE METAL PIT: On September 21st you have the chance to open for Metal legends KREATOR. What was that experience like for you? 

That was just an incredible experience! My heart was beating so so hard. When we just went to the stage with my band, I just called people to be a part of this big dream coming through! And when we started to play, people were banging their head and screaming and moshing and some parts of our songs I was asking people to sing and their voice was just loud and amazing!! I was almost crying on stage! It was just such a big connection, pure feeling! When I was looking in people's eyes, it was like they were talking to me!! We had so much great feed back! I couldn't believe the fact that I am singing on the same stage that Kreator was  gonna play! It was such a precious moment in time!


THE METAL PIT:Since you didn’t go back to Iran you not only are you able to play Metal music but also attend Metal concerts that you wouldn’t be able to do in Iran since the bands wouldn’t be allowed into the country. What is it like as a metal fan to witness bands you never could before?

Oh! it's just crazy as hell!! Bands that I was watching a thousand times their shows on VHS, or DVDs or you tube, now I could see them in the real world. I mean, in Iran, you looked at all these shows and everything and it's like you are in another planet and this is just like something that you could never feel or see! And suddenly your just in front of them, banging your head, or even talking to legends face to face! This is just crazy!! Most of the time, when I'm watching them, I have tears and smile ...weird face...:) I remember I was talking to Mr Phil Anselmo from Pantera, and first thing that i told him was : Man are you real?? 🙂





Photo by Raphael Bobillot

THE METAL PIT: For anyone that doesn’t know of your band UNSCARRED describe them to us?

My band UNSCARRED...a crazy Thrash Metal band 🙂  We just released our first auto produced video called ”Fake Democracy” and we are going to release our first album at the end of 2013.  For now we have some of our songs on our Facebook page, or myspace, or reverbnation that people could check out.



THE METAL PIT: Five or ten years from now where do you hope to see yourself? 

I just hope everything is going to  be ok in 5 or 10 years. I really live in present. After what happened to me, thinking about future is just something that I could never do! 🙂



THE METAL PIT: Outside of playing and listening to Metal music what are some of your other interests or hobbies?

I love every kind of good music. It's not just about metal. I love drawing and I just love traveling, One of the reasons that I love to be on tour with my band. Traveling, and getting on stage in different countries and cities that's what I'm dreaming of.




THE METAL PIT: Your band has some impressive demo songs people can check out.  Are there any plans yet for a more official cd or demo cd?

Sure! We are just working on the art work of the CD and the process of recording the album. It's gonna be out at the end of 2013 or early 2014


THE METAL PIT: What does it mean for you to be named Metal Maiden of the Month?

First I love the name ...Metal Maiden 🙂 Iron Maiden  put so many big memories in my life and in this process of what I became. And  influenced me so so much. And on the other hand, I love to share what i feel and my experiences with people who are into this kind of music and understand deeply what i mean. 





THE METAL PIT: Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you great success as a Metal singer and in life.

Thank you! Stay Free and Rock Your life!


Photo by Elie Lahoud-Pinot