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  Name: Lisa Sinner Home: Calgary, AB, Canada
  lisasinner1 LISA SINNER
Vocalist for OUT OF THE RUINS  
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The Metal Pit : Greetings to you Lisa,thank you so much for taking time to chat with us today on the Metal Pit. Lisa Sinner: Hello guys, Happy to chat with ya!

  The Metal Pit : Well,first let me say a belated Happy holidays to you and the band. Thanks, and happy holidays to you and yours as well.   The Metal Pit : The band hails from Vancouver Canada, can you tell us what the Metal scene is like there?lisasinner6 The scene is strong, and we have a huge amount of very talented metal musicians in Vancouver, however this city hasn't really been friendly to the metal community. We were losing venues left and right, and it seemed like one was closing every month. There was barely anywhere to play anymore. (Vancouver is nicknamed No Fun City). I feel like a decent amount of people in the metal community banded together, and fought really hard to keep it alive. It is definitely growing, and getting stronger. The only way to keep it growing it to attend the gigs, so make sure you support your local scene.

  The Metal Pit : The editor and owner of the Metal Pit Blake Mossey is also a native Canadian and will be thrilled to have you represent Canada as our Metal Maiden of the month. Awesome, well I feel privileged to be representing this amazing country.

  The Metal Pit : And so we begin............................. The Metal Pit : You are the vocalist for the band "Out of the Ruins",how did the band first get together? Well in 2009, Angela (drums) and I played in a band together before, and wanted to form something heavier, so we began looking for musicians. It first started out as an excuse to party and make noise, but it actually started to become something... Over that period of time, we've played with a diverse group of people, that contributed greatly to where we are today. However, we really didn't start to find our sound until 2011. We began writing what turned out to be our EP "Curses", and recorded it in the fall of 2011. We recently had a couple of new guitarists join the family in late 2012, And Julian and Caleb have brought so much more to the table. So we have a bright future ahead of us, and I would say this is just the beginning.

  The Metal Pit : Can you tell us a bit about your band mates? Angela is my partner in crime, and she is a very talented, and strong woman. Angela is a very accomplished hair stylist when she isn't playing the drums. Caleb's just ridiculous and he makes me laugh my ass off. I also work with Caleb at our tattoo shop. Julian is a genuine dude, he's awesome, and really down to earth. When he isn't playing guitar, he installs gutters. Grigor came to Canada from Russia, to attend music school. I love his stories, and his personality. He's a great guy. Everyone in my band is super talented with everything they do, and I'm grateful to be able to play with them. Oh and we are all party animals.

  lisasinner7The Metal Pit : How would you describe the band's sound to someone who has not heard your music as of yet? I describe it as "melodic metalcore". We have really heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, and lots of melodies.

    The Metal Pit : The band has a five song EP out called "Curses " and it is just a Killer disc.The music is pure anger and adrenaline and really gets the old Metal blood boiling upon first listen. What was the inspiration for this cd and does everyone in the band have a say in the final product? First of all, thanks for the kind words. Everything we do is decided equally. Ultimately we want everyone to be happy with what we are releasing, so everyone has a final say. We write the songs, as a group, all together in a room. My inspiration is life. I basically base my lyrics around my life, and experiences, or sometimes I will write about someone I know.

The Metal Pit : The lyrics are pretty powerful as well,as the singer do you write all of the lyrics for the band? Yes I wrote all the lyrics.

    The Metal Pit : I love the lyric "I am a Ghost to everyone I know" from the song "When it Rains",can you tell us what that means? I was having one of the hardest years of my life when I wrote that song. Hahaha It's kind of about feeling alone, and feeling like no one cares. Basically like you don't exist anymore to the people you care about.

    The Metal Pit : The other songs on the disc are just as powerful,are there any ones in particular that mean something special to you? I wrote the song "Heavy Heart" for my friend Tim, who took his own life. It is kind of a letter to him, and to his friends and loved ones. It's pretty sad when you read the lyrics, but it got me through the loss.

    The Metal Pit : You sing extreme vocals for the band,is that something you have always done and have you ever done clean vocals?lisasinner10 No, I also am a bass player, and have played bass in a few bands in the past, such as The Smears and Ready Set Die. I was the vocalist in a street punk band before that, called Our Common Struggle that disbanded about 10 years ago. I've been in a bunch of different bands over the years. I am able to sing clean vocals, and I do sing a bit in our songs, but I've never fronted a band doing cleans. I don't think I ever would. But who knows what the future brings.

    The Metal Pit : Extreme vocals can really tear up your voice if not done properly,how did you learn the technique and do you take any special precautions with your voice or do any type of vocal exercises? I taught myself everything I know about vocals. If you don't know what you're doing, ask for help. You can cause permanent damage if you do it wrong. There is a great DVD out there called "The Zen of Screaming" any aspiring vocalist should check out. The key is to warm up. I do a 15-20 minute warm up, consisting of different scales and breathing techniques. I actually suck if I don't do them.

  The Metal Pit : What made you want to start singing in a Metal band and who are some of the artists or bands that have influenced you? I wanted to sing in a metal band cuz I like metal, and I do what I want! Haha I grew up listening to almost everything. But I'm currently inspired by bands like Misery Signals, Skyharbor, Architects, The Contortionist, Shokran, and Substructure.

    The Metal Pit : Lisa,you also have an amazing display of ink and are yourself a tattoo artist,how did you get into the art form? I am a tattoo artist, and I work at Capstone Tattoos! I have drawn my whole life, and eventually had the opportunity to start an apprenticeship from my friends who own Liquid Amber Tattoo. I'm grateful for this amazing gift. I love my job.

lisasinner5     The Metal Pit : I think tattoos have really come a long way within the last ten years or so and now a days most people really do recognize that it is an art form and the artists who create it should be regarded as such,do you agree? I do agree, it is an art form. I however wouldn't say all tattooers are artists. I work in a custom tattoo shop, so I design all my tattoos. There are many tattooers out there that are able to copy art, and tattoo well, but I wouldn't call them tattoo "artists". There are also many people who tattoo, that do not do it well at all, and are the opposite of what I would consider an artist.

  The Metal Pit : Switching gears a bit,a few weeks ago I stumbled on a video of you appearing in a "12 days of Christmas" video that was to say the least a little different,lol.......can you tell us how you got involved with that whole thing? My lovely friend Jen decided that she wanted to make a more realistic version of the 12 days of Christmas. I was asked to be a part of it, and With the help of 11 friends, we re-cap more realistic, lame and/or insulting Christmas gifts. Here's a link. http://youtu.be/9XKxPS1Gbog

    The Metal Pit : I will never think of that song in the same way again when it gets to the "5 Gold Rings' part,haha. Hahah I'm so miserable in my part. It's great.

    lisasinner9The Metal Pit : Ok,back to business...........as a strong woman in the Metal scene yourself,what is your opinion of women in the genre today? I think that there are more and more female metal musicians popping up all the time, and it's great. It's nice to see that the ladies are realizing that they can play heavy music. But there's not enough of them.

    The Metal Pit : Are there any female Metal musicians that you would like to work with or possibly tour with at some point in the future? Fuckin Courtney Love. Hahah Wait she's not metal. Hmmm... Well it would be fun to work with my home slice Courtney LaPlante, of Iwrestledabearonce (formally from Unicron out of Victoria, BC) she's really talented and a sweet heart.

    The Metal Pit : Speaking of touring,what kind of plans does the band have for playing live in the new year? We are playing at The Columbia Theatre in New Westminster on February 11, with Annex Theory, and 7 Horns 7 Eyes. As for touring, we've got some spring and summer tours being booked for 2013, and we are playing a couple festivals. The dates will be announced soon!

    The Metal Pit : What can fans expect to see from a live "Out of the Ruins" show? One word: Hair. Lots of energy. We are loud and aggressive, and will keep your attention.

    The Metal Pit : When your not doing band stuff or creating ink masterpieces,what kinds of things do you enjoy doing? That's all I ever do... And in what little spare time I have, I like to party.

    The Metal Pit : Where can potential fans hear your music or pick up any of your band's merch? We are streaming every song off curses on our facebook page, but if you would like to purchase our music, you can find it on:lisasinner3 iTunes: http://itun.es/ca/9XK-H

Band camp: http://outoftheruins.bandcamp.com/album/curses Cd baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/outoftheruins

    The Metal Pit : What does the immediate future hold for you and the band Lisa,any plans of recording a full length cd anytime soon? Right now we are working hard, writing our next release. At this point, we aren't sure if it will be a full length or another EP. A full length would be ideal though!

    The Metal Pit : How does it feel to be chosen as the Metal Maiden of the month for the "Metal Pit". I'm fuckin stoked!

    The Metal Pit : Lisa,on behalf of myself and the Metal Pit we want to thank you for chatting with us today and wish you and the band a very Happy New Year. If this debut cd from the band is a glimpse into your future,I think is it most def bright as Hell. We wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Thanks so much! Happy new year to you, & Thanks for having me!