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  July 2014 Metal Maiden of the Month is Finnish born vocalist Elina Siirala. She is the lead singer for English Rock/Metal band  Enkelination.  Later this month they will release their debut album Tears of Lust. enk2 THE METAL PIT: Hi Elina, Thanks for being Metal Maiden of the Month and doing this interview. ELINA: Thanks for asking, it’s my pleasure!

    enk10     Your band ENKELINATION is releasing it’s debut album later this month. What can you tell us about the album? First of all it’s called “Tears Of Lust” and it has 11 tracks on it. We spent the last year recording it and the whole writing process has been a bit of a journey for me. I hope people can hear all the different emotions through the songs and enjoy them. The album has a mix of fast and mid tempo tracks and two ballads as well.

                Describe the sound of EnkELination? This is always a bit tricky to do…but I would say that it’s melodic metal that has a strong emphasis on vocal melodies and I also love rhythm hooks, which you can hear in almost every song.

  enk9You are a former opera singer. Why did you decide to go the Hard Rock/Metal way instead of sticking with Opera? I didn’t exactly decide on it, it was something that just happened. When I moved to London to study contemporary styles I really loved performing rock but felt that my voice just didn’t fit. I didn’t want to do only classical singing but couldn’t really master the pop voice either so I felt very limited. Then after some struggling I just decided to write music for me and sing the way I feel most comfortable.  And bringing those rock/metal elements into the music felt natural since it was the music I loved to listen to and perform.

          Have you changed your singing style at all with this band or is it really just the background music is different from what you were doing before? It is different style since I don’t use my full on classical voice except for some of the very highest notes. And I don’t use ‘pop voice’ (chest voice) except for couple of the lowest notes. I think my voice is kind of between two styles…I just sing and try not to think about it too much J

      What artists/vocalists got you into wanting to be a vocalist? My whole family are classical musicians so I grew up listening to classical music. I remember that I really loved Placido Domingo since I was very young. Later on one other significant singer I used to love was Freddie Mercury. I used to always sing, all the time and everywhere so for me singing is just something I always wanted to do.

  You have a video released for your song Tears of Lust. Have you or are you working on another video from the album or will that come later? Yes we filmed the video In Finland at the end of January and it was COLD!! 😀 But we’re very happy about the way it’s been received and would love to do another video. We already thought of the songs as well but at the moment we’d need to create a successful crowd funding project to make it happen.

  Introduce the rest of the band?enk1 Shadow is our guitarist and he’s been very involved with the band since he joined two years ago. He’s a self taught musician and been playing in bands since he was 15 so he’s been basically managing the band and helps a lot with the writing of the guitars. Alasdair plays bass and he joined us about one and a half years ago. He’s a great player and fun to work with. Ben is our newest member as he joined us just a couple of months ago. He’s a drummer from Essex and studies a degree at the moment.

    Do you have any tour plans yet to support the album? We’re playing a couple of dates with Imperia, The Underworld London 28th of July and The Fibber’s York 29th. After that we have some great news coming out soon and we’re also planning on other dates possibly in September so hopefully it will all be organized soon.

    Your originally from Finland but now live in the UK. Did you move for your music career and if so why? I moved to London in 2008 and I was supposed to study for a year and then go back to Finland. As you can see, it didn’t quite turn out like that so for various reasons I stayed in London, one thing led to another and enkElination was born.

  You have a beautiful singing voice. When did you start singing and did you take vocal training? Thanks so much! Well, like I mentioned before, I used to sing all the time since I was a child..I have numerous cassettes that I recorded in my room. But I started taking lessons when I was 17 and went on to study a degree in Finland so I’m fully qualified singing teacher as well.

    enk5What advice would you give young people that might like to be a singer? I believe you have to do what you’re passionate about in life so if singing is that for you then go for it. It takes a lot of practicing and dedication but you can always go further and higher which is one of the greatest thing about music. Don’t try to imitate anyone else, always sing with your own voice, it’s a lot more interesting.

        Outside of music what hobbies or interests do you have? I’ve always liked sports and done everything from horse riding and athletics to salsa dancing and going to the gym, so I like to be physically active. I love food and sweet treats so much that this has to be included into my interests J

        How long has the band been together and why the name EnkElination? enkElination has been going since November 2011 and the name comes from a finnish word for angel (enkeli). It also has my name in the middle.

  What is the song/lyric writing process within the band? I write the songs with keys and usually include some ideas of the guitars, which Shadow then turns into something playable and better J He’s really good with riffs and also writes all the solos for himself. I’m not a drummer either so I make very basic ideas and let other people do the rest. I’m more about the melodies, structures, keys and overall sounds. I write the lyrics but I've had some help from a friend in some songs since English is not my first language and I sometimes struggle to express what I want to say.

  If you could tour with any other bands who would they be?enk7 It would make sense for us and for the audience to tour with slightly similar band so I would say Within Temptation, Nightwish or Kamelot.

        When your cd is released where can people buy it or get a preview of it? We already have a brief preview up on youtube. The album will be available in digital and physical form. All the info will be on our website http://enkelination.com once it’s out. We’re also planning on putting it on spotify.

          Thanks for doing this interview with me and I wish you and your band the best of luck with your debut album and your future. Thank you very much!