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Hi Lidia, Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for THE METAL PIT. Hi Blake! Thanks to you for this interview.   For anyone that is not aware of your band Suddenlash please tell us about the band and the sound of the band? Of course! Suddenlash is a soundtrack symphonic metal band from Barcelona. Our music distinguishes itself by its powerful orchestration and lyric melodies mixed with obstinate guitar riffs and drums. Our lyrics tell about epic stories and human conscience as well. All this directed to achieve our main goal: to evoke the listener’s emotion. Our music has an important cinematographic and theatrical influence too, so we added the word "soundtrack" to name our own style.Suddenlash's Debut 2 - RFH Photography

How did the band form? On 2010 I moved to Barcelona officially because of my job as engineer but unofficially lured by my own musical hopes as a metal singer. I do not know why but I firmly knew that I would find something or someone decisive in my life here. A few months later I met David, conductor and Suddenlash's composer and keyboardist. United by our mutual musical interests we began to work in a new symphonic metal project that some months later we would name Suddenlash.

Since then, David and I are fondly and fully compromised with Suddenlash's project. On 2013 we released our first album "Soul's Revenge" and on 2014 we completed the band's members which let us to film our first music video on 2015 and to present our live show on December the same year.

  Lidia 1 What does the name Suddenlash mean and why was that chosen as the band name? We mixed two words to create a new one the exact meaning of which is quite open. Obviously "Sudden" indicates something unexpected and "lash" could be a hard strike to your conscience, something you can't ignore. To me, it means something that shakes all my being emotionally, just a Suddenlash.

  The band is working on their 2nd full length cd. What can you tell us about this album? The second Suddenlash's album is entirely composed already! I can barely wait to reveal its name! Hopefully we will record it the fall of this year 2016.  In the meantime, we have just released "Queen of the Night" single as the advance of what will await you in Suddenlash’s next album.

    Will it be much different than your debut or just a progression from that one? Our second album will keep all the Suddenlash's essence that you can extract from our first work "Soul's Revenge".  For sure, the orchestrations will be even more elaborated and I would say that it will be a bit darker than our first one.

  You have a beautiful singing voice. You sing clean operatic type vocals. How was it that you joined a Metal band? In my University's days, when I was a million light years away from the musical world that I am immersed in now, one of my flat mates introduced to me the symphonic metal genre in a very passionate manner. And that would be one of the best favors that anyone could do for me because, eventually, I relented and fell in love with this kind of music. Afterwards I began to think that maybe I could sing and even to form a Metal band... That was the seed that brought me to finally create Suddenlash together with David.

  How did you get into singing? Suddenlash's Debut 3 - RFH Photography I've always loved to sing, but the truth is I only used to sing in my childhood. It always has been a very intimate aspect of me. Then in my adolescence I ended hiding my voice away because of my shyness. Years later, as I told you before, I discovered the symphonic metal genre through my flat mate. I felt deeply identified with this kind of singing and something inside me started to wake up again. And that was how I recovered my old singing habits until now.

    What are your musical influences? Opera, film’s music, classical music and composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner…       What is the song  writing process in the band? Both music and lyrics in Suddenlash are written by David Magrané. I would say that as conductor and professional musician he fulfills this task in a very efficient way. He makes all the composition tasks: from the very beginning, when the muses come to him, until the final musical direction, passing by all the arrangements and lyrics.

I see how he starts working with pencil and scores after an excess of inspiration (or a night of insomnia). Next, he feverishly moves onto his laptop where he commences to conduct its own virtual orchestra and to mix it with guitar riffs and drums until he makes everything sound! To me, he is a genius!

  Tell us about other Metal bands from Spain that people should be listening too? I can say that, even though the musical and artistic situation in this country is not easy at all, especially if we move on the metal genre, you can find a lot of good metal made in Spain.

Making off Music Video 3 - Claudia Marconell

Photo by Claudia Marconell

You have released one official video so far. What was your experience with making that video? Yes! On May 2015 we released our first music video "Shelter" and that was totally a new adventure for us!

Suddenlash's music portrays a lot of cinematographic, theatrical and dramatic elements, so we knew that we had to exploit it. Also Suddenlash's final goal is to deeply move our listeners through the music so we wanted the same for the viewers of our first music video. On that moment we had a real challenge in front of us! David and I worked very hard during almost an entire year, from June 2014 until the release date on May 2015. We carried all the production weight: contacting directors, hiring the actors, finding locations, outfits and props… Luckily, we meet and worked with a great team of professionals that make it possible.

    After all, we can say that we get our own modest piece of art: a story of passion, vengeance, remorse and, eventually, redemption: a miniature film using our music as soundtrack! I must say there was moments of stress and exhaustion but by all means it was completely worth it! Also I really enjoyed the two filming days!

  I know the band is working on a new album but are there any plans in place right now for any touring or live shows? Yes, of course! Although we released our first album "Soul's Revenge" on 2013 we had to wait until December 2015 to play it live, just about 2 months ago! Thus we have to make "Soul's Revenge" sound in a lot more venues and festivals. So far, we have a gig next April in UK and some shows in Spain and we are open to any new bookings. You can check our agenda in our official website to be aware of our upcoming gigs. http://suddenlash.eu/

  Is it hard for a Symphonic band like yourself to take your music from a studio to a live performance? Listening to Suddenlash's releases you can realize that our studio's sound is very natural, it is not manipulated in any additional or fancy way, there is no trick! We just try that our live shows sound in the same way.

I would add that, especially in our music, it is a decisive and delicate task to balance correctly the sound of the guitars, bass and drums together with the voice and the orchestra in order that all works fine.

Obviously, the energy and excitation that involves a live show and the contact with the audience make the musicians' performance special and different every time.

Making off Music Video 1 - Claudia Marconell

Photo by Claudia Marconell

When you are not singing or being a part of Suddenlash what do you for fun or to get away from music? Well, besides Suddenlash I work as a database programmer so by the time being I have not too much free time! So, when my mind is out of source code or Suddenlash's melodies/tasks, one of the things I really enjoy is watching cinema, especially old movies. I love the vintage way to make films: good screenplays with labored and realistic characters, they are extremely cared in artistic and stage direction and I also love all the glamour that surrounds old actors.

  Thank you for doing this interview. I wish the best of luck to you and your band and look forward to your new cd coming out later in 2016. Do you have anything to add to this interview? Thanks to you Blake and thanks to all the people that believe and support us in our Suddenlash's cause. We hope soon we can to perform in every possible country around the world to meet all of you! See you soon!

***Photos used by permission of Lidia Guglieri

***Interview by Blake Mossey