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IMG_2915 Last Call rocked it in Montreal once again on April 10 at Café Chaos. With their usual signature makeup resembling a mixture of Kiss, Behemoth and The Misfits, their crazy costumes and insane stage personas, the band took the stage with their intro song Fair Maiden. Everything was in to make this a great performance. The sound was great except for some difficulties in hearing some parts of the solos, lights were subtle but took the place they had to and the overall performance at a top notch level. IMG_2931 It’s always a party when I go to a Last Call concert, this was the first time I saw them knowing the lyrics and being ultra-excited to finally see them take the stage. The crowd moshed, headbanged and even took their lighters out on the song It Rains On Your Corpse. IMG_2934     With three new songs in the setlist (Can’t Feed You Past Midnight, Last Kiss, Breaking The Law), Last Call showed that their upcoming material will be as great as their first record “Songs About Love And Death”. The songs stay in the same mood, feeling and style, yet they are more evolved and perfected. I only have good words regarding their performance, this band sound on record exactly as they sound in concert: amazing.               You can listen to them here: http://songsaboutloveanddeath.bandcamp.com/ And become their friend (at your own risk!!) here: https://www.facebook.com/last.call.7   The setlist: Fair Maiden Be Mine For the Night Can’t Feed You Past Midnight Undead Love Machine May The Dead Rise Cocaine And Bubblegum Last Kiss I Love Her Worms It Rains on Your Corpse Hardcore Loving Sex Doll Hungry Breaking The Law