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This month marks the 7th year anniversary of THE METAL PIT's Metal Maiden of the Month feature and this month we feature something a little different. She could pass as a Heavy Metal Model but she is actually the Manager of a promising Metal band from Alberta, Canada.  EDGE OF ATTACK. She is not just the manager as she is also the Mom of 2 of the members of the band Jurekk Whipple and Denver Whipple. The interview definitely shows her dedication and support for her kids and for Metal music in general trying to get the word out on Edge of Attack.


HOME TOWN: Grand Prairie, AB, Canada

Email: management@edgeofattack.com

Jodi Facebook Page

Edge of Attack Facebook

THE METAL PIT:  Hi Jodi and thanks for being the Metal Maiden of the Month.

JODI WHIPPLE: Thank you so much for the opportunity!



You’re the manager of your son Jurekk and daughter Denver’s promising metal band EDGE OF ATTACK. How did it come about that you would be the manager of the band?

I think it was one of those things that just gradually happened over time.  Jurekk had started the band at the age of 15 and I set up their first show for them down to the last details.  Then it evolved in to the next show, photo shoots, recordings, and so on.  So not an intentional career choice but one that I don’t regret at all.


jodi4Going back to before your kids existed what metal bands got you into listening to Metal music?

I’ve always listened to metal.  My first band was Black Sabbath and I was hooked.  And of course  Iron Maiden, Danzig, Megadeth and so on.   I can’t say it came from my parents as they were more the country type, but I heard it, loved it, and still do.  My house is actually decorated with Zakk Wylde memorabilia everywhere (I love him) haha

How early in your kids lives did they catch on to Metal music?

Very  early.  We’ve been taking them to concerts since they were just over 10.  Jurekks first concert was Deep Purple and Denvers was Black Sabbath with Dio.  It’s just something we always have done and hopefully will continue to do.  They’ve been lucky to see some legendary bands and they themselves have grown to acquire their own individual tastes in metal.  When I was pregnant with Jurekk I actually would put headphones on my stomach and play him the Metallica Black album.  And he hates Metallica go figure…



Usually brothers and sisters fight so how is it that Jurekk and Denver can play in a band together?

They have always been best friends.  We’re not your typical run of the mill family with our lifestyle, but we are all very close.  The band was actually around for a few years before Denver joined and when Jurekk was in need of a bass player it was just natural that she fill the role. 


Your kids are talented musicians. Did you ever play an instrument or think about having a band of your own when you were their ages?

I actually played the violin when I was younger.  Haven’t in years but have thought of trying it again.  Both the kids are super talented, Denver with Bass , Piano, and vocals,  Jurekk with every instrument he has tried so far. 


What would be your advice to other parents of Metal musicians?

I am learning as I go with this as well, but my advice would be to let your kids follow their dreams.  You don’t know unless you try so to speak.  We’ve done great shows, bad shows, seedy shows, etc. and have managed to keep on.  It’s a tough industry so a thick skin is needed, but it’s also awesome to get out and meet so many different types of people.  I personally love it but it’s not for everyone.






Describe what you do as the Manager of EDGE OF ATTACK?

Pretty much everything.  Show bookings, video and photo shoots, merchandise ordering, tours, promo, handle interview requests, CD manufacturing.  Roxanne is actually my right hand man (or woman) in all of the band related stuff over the course of the last year and I couldn’t have done it without her.  Final say is always Jurekks of course when we need it.  There are so many details that go in to every aspect that it’s hard to break it down, but pretty much anything band related besides writing and recording the actual music falls into my lap. 



Do you have a deeper appreciation to what goes into being part of a band now that your involved in it directly even though in the background to fans?

I absolutely do.  There is always a never ending to do list for me, and many people don’t realize how much work goes in to even putting on a local show.  We have a great group of people involved with us that help out tremendously, from running the merch table to doing lights/sound etc. and couldn’t pull it off without them.  Touring is exhausting in and of itself, running off barely any sleep and constantly on the road living vehicle to venue pretty much but I love it.




How would you describe EDGE OF ATTACK to anyone that hasn’t heard them yet?

Amazing!   Haha, I guess in my opinion they are just plain Heavy Metal.  Some say Power Metal/Thrash, but to me it’s good old fashioned excellent song writing with old school solos.



What is the hardest part of being the manager of your kids band? jodi7

I love all aspects but I would have to say the negative reviews or the odd show with a bad turnout.  Its my job as Mom to make sure my kids are always happy, but in this industry that is just not a reality.



What is the funnest or most rewarding part of being the manager?

There is nothing quite like seeing your kids hit the stage and rocking out to fans.  And having the fans love it.  Every show I am overwhelmed with pride at how skilled and talented they are.  And I have seen every single show from the get go except one last year at their local CD release.  They blew the breaker and I had to literally stand backstage with my finger on the breaker box, I could hear it though and they rocked it!



What is happening now or happening soon with Edge of Attack?

Right now they are back in the studio and recording their new 5 song EP.  Jurekk is also recording a solo EP with guest singers and a few guest guitarists from around the world, so stay tuned for that.  He also has Edge of Attack studios fully up and running and besides recording, mixing and mastering EoA he is working with bands locally and across Canada so far.






When not dealing with things with the band what do you do for fun or relaxation?

I’m not actually sure as my life in the last year has been eat sleep band.  And when we are not doing EoA related things we are going to other concerts.  But I do enjoy working out, driving my new Little Red Corvette, and shopping shopping shopping. 



What does it mean to you to be Metal Maiden of the Month? Especially since your daughter was one with Edge of Attack vocalist Roxanne back in August of 2012.

I am truly honored and flattered that I was asked, thank you so much!



***Photos used by permission of Jodi Whipple***   Photo credits:
Alicia Beisel Photography
Suzanne Sagmeister Photography
Cleo Hope Photography