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The Metal Pit interviewed WINDS OF PLAGUE bass player Andrew Glover as they are set to release their new cd RESISTANCE as they soon venture on a North American tour.

  THE METAL PIT:  There is always a progression in a band from one album to the next. How would you describe your progression from your new album to your last release? ANDREW GLOVER:  I think Resistance is a natural progression, exactly like you said. I feel like Decimate was a strong record as far as a debut goes. Then we went for the more "progressive" sound on TGSW, we showed that we could play our instruments and wrote kind of nerdy songs. Then on Against the World we started experimenting more with deliberate hooks in songs while maintaining the riffage.        On Resistance, I feel like we've taken a little bit from each of the three previous releases and have a stronger grasp on what the fans want out of WOP and what we as a band want to be playing.     The first video from your RESISTANCE album for the lead song OPEN THE GATES looks very much horror movie like and with song titles like LEFT FOR DEAD, GOOD OL FASION BLOODBATH among others are you influenced by certain horror movies for lyrical ideas or is it just the horror genre in general? There are definitely some horror movie undertones in a lot of our songs. I think a lot of our songs are about the underdog striking back. We definitely identify ourselves as the underdogs (something everyone can relate to) and we write songs about overcoming the odds and coming back stronger and meaner than before. Our songs are definitely enhanced and manipulated versions of that theme and we use story telling to bring our ideas to a much darker place. Jon (vocals) is also very into Halloween and works as a monster at Knott's Scary Farm. I think it all ends up tying together.   What was the song writing process for your new album RESISTANCE? Very much a combined effort. wop2For anyone that has never witnessed WINDS OF PLAGUE live what would they be in store for at a WOP show? They would be in for a lot of fun. I think we do a good job at engaging our audience and have a very energetic live show.   What are your favorite tracks from the new cd? All of them. I really like Sewer Mouth featuring Vincent Bennet of the Acacia Strain. He did a good job at coming into the song and making it HIS part as opposed to just singing over a WOP idea. His part is rude and foul and mean as fuck. I don't think anyone else could've put a verse like that out on a WOP record.
The newest member of the band is drummer Brandon Galindo. How did he come about joining the band and how is he fitting in with the rest of the band? We've known Brandon for almost a decade. He was sort of like a little brother, so bringing him in was very natural. It feels like he's been there all along.
Your going on a North American tour with Bleeding Through, Oceano, Gideon and Sworn In. What do you expect this tour to be like for the fans and for your own band? For fans, they are in for one hell of a package. All of the bands on the tour are killer. We've toured with both Bleeding Through and Oceano in the past. Both of those bands are made up of awesome dudes (and dudette) and great musicians. I've never met Sworn In or Gideon, but I've heard nothing but good things about those bands. So I'd say for my band, I think we're in for a great time.

wop1 What bands were you most influenced by? Hatebreed, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth.
  The band started in 2002 and 11 years later your set to release your 4th studio album where some bands don't get past one. What do you feel is the key to your success so far and ever competitive world of Metal? We are all good friends and we've learned to tolerate each other very well.
We mentioned your new drummer earlier. The rest of the band has been together since 2009 when keyboardist Alana Potocnik replaced your former keyboard player. And longer serving members Bass guitar Andrew Glover, Rhythm guitar Nick Piunno and lead guitarist Nick Eash. Outside of their musical abilities what does each member bring to the band? I would say that Alana and Brandon both bring a lot of youth to the band. They are both excited about touring and have great attitudes on the road. The rest of us can be old and grumpy sometimes (haha) but I would say that we all provide a blend of comic relief and cynicism.

Since its so easy with the social media these days do you read reviews and do they effect you whether its a good or bad review? I get really excited when there is a good review. When there is a bad review, I think we usually laugh it off. It's not like it's a loved one say "this is shit." It's generally somebody that we'll never meet and if they didn't like the record, they wouldn't have come to a show anyway. I guess I'm pretty impartial either way. All that matters to me is that the fans are enjoying the music and the shows.   wop5   Is there plans set to tour Europe or beyond after your North American tour is complete? I hope so. We were forced to cancel two European tours in a row due to member issues as well as having to tend to personal situations at home. I went to the UK on vacation this past summer though, and it made me really miss touring both the UK and mainland Europe. Hopefully this record does well out there and we can get on a cool tour and come play for all the fans that we haven't seen in two years.

Thanks for doing this interview. Good luck with the new cd and your upcoming tour. My pleasure. -Andrew Glover (Bass)