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Photo by Chantal Levesque

Photo by Chantal Levesque

Photo by Chantal Levesque

Photo by Chantal Levesque

Interview with vocalist Vena Kava of the Montreal Black Metal band AVERSION. Vena is a past Metal Maiden of the Month here at THE METAL PIT. (That interview is not on the current site) Back then Vena was in a band called KILLING MOON but made the move to Montreal and has joined up with her new band AVERSION.



THE METAL PIT:  Hi Vena and thanks for talking to THE METAL PIT.

VENA KAVA: Thank you, I support The Metal Pit and it's great to be here again!


You were a past Metal Maiden of the Month at THE METAL PIT. Then you were in a band called KILLING MOON. Why did that band end?

When I lived in Boston I formed Killing Moon, it was mostly a studio project in which the members lived all over the New England area. I really wanted to go live but it was difficult for some members to make it regularly since we all lived quite a distance apart.  Then I moved to Montreal and we started Aversion.  I can't really say Killing Moon ended because a studio project can still live on,  but for now it certainly is not in active mode.


Now your the vocalist for Montreal black metal band AVERSION. How did you come about joining (or starting) that band?vena139

One of the reasons I moved to Montreal was for the metal scene, it felt more like my homeland of Europe to me.  I knew Montreal had great potential for creating  true black metal music that I have always hoped for.  I looked through ads on kijjiji and craigslist and I also posted ads looking for members.  My guitarist player found my ad, then we met and realized that we had the same ideals, we soon started writing music.


Describe the music of AVERSION?

We've been described as old school black metal with thrash and Scandinavian influences. People have been saying that we have an aggressive sound with primal energy, I think that sounds about right.  But our music has been evolving over the years, the new material we are writing now is different than where we started.


Do you have plans for a demo or cd anytime soon?

Yes, we actually had a limited amount of a demo album that we released at one of our shows this year.  We will be releasing that album with a few changes probably at the end of this year.


You are playing some live shows. How has the fan reaction so far been to AVERSION?

We've had really great reviews and feedback on our shows.  We are really looking forward to playing more and touring in the not so distant future.


You and the band wear some make up while on stage. Is there is a special meaning to it or just for the atmosphere of the live black metal show experience?

I find one of the most challenging things is to be able to visually portray the energy behind the music and lyrics.  Putting on some black face paint is still super subtle, I think to really express our music we would have to rip the skin off our faces for each show. But for now, the black makeup will do.


Does wearing the makeup put you in a different mindset before going on stage?

To me it does not make a difference, but I know for the people watching us it helps to better express our energy.



vena136There isn't a lot of females in black metal bands. So what made you want to be singing this style of Metal?

Black metal is what I always dreamed about and hoped I would end up playing.  It's what I like, how I feel, and how I need to expressive myself.  Of course it was small consecutive steps to get here. I started out in punk then industrial,  later progressive death metal and now I'm finally where I want to be.  I always hoped to go darker and more aggressive with each band I played in, but it was impossible to force something when the creative flow sometimes leads in other directions - especially when you are working with a group of people.  Projects and bands take on a life of their own. But the universe ultimately lined up for me and I am finally playing black metal now.


Did you always tend to have more extreme interests?

It sees that way to me,  growing up I would push my limits and often it would piss some people off due to my unconventional ways.  For example, during my high school years I was a member of the the men's wrestling team (there was no women's wrestling team).  I had a passionate interest in wrestling and would spend about four hours six days a week training and lifting weights.  It pissed a lot of people off.  But I did not care, I was there to fight, support my team and win.  I was pretty psyched to obtain a few championships with my team.


Photo by Chantal Levesque

Photo by Chantal Levesque


What are your vocal influences? 

The one and only Rammstein.  When I fist started singing about 10 years ago I took vocal lessons, my singing teacher told me to bring  him some songs from a singer that I wanted to sound like and of course I brought Rammstein.  He really did not get it because we still ended up doing  jazz standards.  I think he just was not equipped to teach me how to sing this way.


Any plans to take Aversion to other parts of Canada outside of Quebec or the world?

Certainly, I would especially enjoy playing in Europe in my home country of Poland.




You also have a passion for jewelry. Tell us about that?

 I could never find the kind of jewelry that I was looking for anywhere, so I took some metalwork classes  in San Francisco. I first started making jewelry for myself and then a bunch of people started asking me to make some for them.  I usually focus on satanic styles and only make a little bit once in a while, so they usually are one of a kind.  You can check out my shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MorbidObsession  I also sell my art prints there.


Metal has always been big in Montreal. What about the black metal scene in Montreal?

I feel most fortunate to have moved to Quebec where the black metal scene is the best one I have yet experienced.   I have met extremely talented and passionate musicians here and have seen many amazing black metal bands from Quebec.   I feel proud to be a member of this scene.


Thanks Vena for the interview. I wish the best of luck to you and AVERSION.

Thank you, it was a pleasure to do this interview for you.