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Dale/The Metal Pit: Hey Steve how's it going today? & thanks for doing this interview with me for The Metal Pit. Steve 'Lips' Kudrow: It's going good Dale,things are pretty busy right now with the new album hope in hell but that's a good thing eh,your my first interview for today.lol. Steve Lips Kudrow   Metal Pit: Well i hope that's a good thing then lol.Well i guess i'll dive right into it then since you have a few interviews to do today Lips lol. How did this album's writing process go? Lips: It went really good and smooth, we went back to our roots with this album and kept it simple like we did on the earlier albums from the 80's which was a nice change for us by getting back to those days and doing it with more modern technology but yet keeping it simple.     Metal Pit: What are some of your favorite venues to play, or a specific venue? Lips: Well i really liked the Maryland Death Fest we just played a few months ago that was really cool, and playing over in Europe at those big festivals is always a cool experience to all those thousands of fans. But i also like playing the smaller clubs also because it's more of an intimate type of feeling where i can look into the audience's eyes and connect with them.And playing in Canada of course is always a cool experience especially since the release of our movie where newer fans are coming out young and old, as well as the older original fans that are reconnecting with us.     Metal Pit: I see that you were on tour for nearly two years for your juggernaut of justice album,that must have been fun but long at the same time? Lips: Yes it didn't feel like two years because we were having so much fun going to different countries and playing to different fans everynight and different venues big and small. But it was nice to get back home to Canada to my family and to get some rest at home in my bed lol.     Metal Pit: How is new bassist Sal Italiano working out? Lips: Really good, Sal has fit in very well, he's a very good bassist and we didn't miss a beat with the addition of Sal. Sal came from an Iron Maiden tribute band so his bass playing and style fit us perfectly, and Sal's a really good guy, were real happy with him.     Metal Pit: Who's your musical influences, or style come from? Lips: Oh geez let's see here lol, well Motorhead for sure, Lemmy is like an older brother to me and he's not doing very well right now. We just did a show with Motorhead and Lemmy didn't look well to me,i could see it in his eyes that he wasn't doing good and that hurts me because he's like an older brother to me and is a huge influence. And then Michael Schenker of the Scorpians and UFO also was a huge influence to me as a guitarist who i idolized immensely.     Metal Pit: What is the story behind the artwork for the new album 'Hope in Hell'? Lips: If you see the album cover you can see a whole bunch of people trying to get on the ship like one last hope in hell as they all scatter to get upon this Anvil ship. And if you look at the art work it's quite amazing actually as every time i look at it i find something new every time.     Metal Pit: Do you have any favorite songs on this new album to play live? Lips: Well anytime you make a new record and play new songs live it's always fun to play them all and see the crowds response. But right now for me, 'Through with You' and 'Shut the fuck Up' are really fun for me right now to play live. But then you have your classics like 'Metal On Metal' & '666' & 'March Of The Crabs' & 'Juggernaut Of Justice' has become very popular as well.     The Metal Pit: Well Lips thanks a lot for doing this interview for The Metal Pit man, really appreciate it. Lips: No prob man, it's nice doing an interview for a Canadian website for a change, I've got about five more interviews to do today and you were my first, so take care bud anytime man.