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Karnyaband THE METAL PIT: You are prepared to release your new album “Coverin’ Thoughts” on February 26th through Bakerteam Records. Can you give our readers a little history of how the band was formed? Dario Di Pasquala: Karnya were born from the ashes of Zen. During the last years the band was twisted upside down and I remained the “sole survivor”. It seemed logical at a certain point, with a brand new line-up and image, to change the name. Chronologically speaking Enrico Sandri was the first to succeed followed by Riccardo Nardocci. The last change was last year when Luca Ciccotti has joined the family. THE METAL PIT: After listening to the music on “Coverin’ Thoughts” for my review, I would classify as melodic progressive metal with 70’s prog rock influences as well. Would you agree with being placed within that genre? How would you describe Karnya’s music for someone who is not familiar with your band? DARIO: Honestly, we did not expect to be so much compare to the 70’s prog rock. For us it is definitely an honor given that the music of that period is the one with which we are all grown up. Evidently the repeated listening of Yes, King Crimson, Genesis etc has given its benefits. Describe our music is not very easy. I think we might describe it as a meticulous mix of technique, emotion and melody expressed through the most varied sounds ranging from metal to electronic passing through classical and rock. THE METAL PIT: What are the band’s collective musical influences? DARIO: Influences.. the most various. Each of us listen to different genres often in contrast with what the other guys in the band listen. What is important is that it will inspire something and give us emotions. THE METAL PIT: Where did the album title “Coverin’ Thoughts” come from and what is the meaning behind the title? DARIO: The themes of the album cover almost all life experiences in particular difficult times. The “Coverin’ Thoughts” mentioned in the title are just referring to the thoughts, the emotions we feel in those particular occasions and that we try to hide, to cover with other thoughts to avoid suffering. THE METAL PIT: The songs and lyrics on the album are quite thought provoking and introspective. Is there a common lyrical theme of the songs on “Coverin’ Thoughts”? DARIO: As I said in the previous answer the common denominator of the lyrics is the human mind, its emotions and fears. Lyrics are very introspective, a transcript in music and words of specific events that have happened to us and that in one way or another we had to face. It 'a journey inside the mind, his fears and his darker side. However by reading the lyrics always comes an horizon of positivity, salvation and determination to overcome and defeat the adversity that are presented to us. Lyrics are very important to us because we want to communicate something with those words that can resonate and excite the listener. THE METAL PIT: How did you come to be signed to your record label Bakerteam Records? DARIO: We knocked on various doors and between the offers BT was the most transparent, accountable. Their offer gives us a very good visibility on the music market, which is essential to be able promote our music to the public. THE METAL PIT: Do you have any plans to film a video for the album and if so, which song do you think would be best represented on video? DARIO: Absolutely yes. We plan to shot at least one video. We believe that a song like Wait4more can represent well and concisely our musical proposal. It 'a short song (for the genre), which contains a little all the elements that characterize us. THE METAL PIT: What are your plans for performing live? Dou you have any tours or live shows scheduled? DARIO: For now we have no tour plans. We do a few gigs when we have the chance to play in places that may value our performance. However, we are more than willing to embark on a tour because we love to play live and promote our music to as many people as possible. THE METAL PIT: Where can our readers find out more information on Karnya on the internet and where can fans pre-order the new album? DARIO: The album is on presale in digital format on iTunes and Amazon. For news about the physical CD (something that I recommend to enjoy the sound quality of our music) and everything about Karnya follow us on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/karnyaband or on Twitter via @karnyaband THE METAL PIT: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers in closing? DARIO: First, thank you for this great interview. I invite your readers to listen to our music and let us know their impressions. We hope that our product will be appreciated for having the chance to continue to publish and share our music.