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Jenna interviews vocalist/guitarist Michael John of Australia's ARCANE SAINTS Arcane Saints - High Res Press Photo THE METAL PIT:  Rumour has it you were a bit of a wild child growing up. How much do you feel your early experiences influence the music you create? MICHAEL JOHN:  Nah not really the worst thing I ever did was getting expelled from school and some minor brushes with the law.  Feeling rebellious made me want to start a band that's about as much creative influence it had. I'm not such a negative person anymore, my songs at the time were pretty dark, typical teenage angsty stuff.   THE METAL PIT: As a relative of founding Iron Maiden member Steve Harris you certainly got the right metal god genes. Does Maiden influence your music at all, or do you consciously try to avoid sounding like them at all to avoid comparisons? MICHEAL JOHN:  Maiden are awesome but aren't a big influence on our band. Other than sometimes we use Halloween props onstage, but we buy ours from Dollarmart haha.
THE METAL PIT: You were invited up to do a couple of songs with your Uncle's band at Rod Laver once. Do you prefer smaller venues or the larger ones since you've had a taste?
MICHAEL JOHN: Just one song, it certainly was an adrenaline rush! Id take arenas any day but not many bands get to that level obviously. We have been playing the club circuit for years and years.
THE METAL PIT: Your  band was up in Toronto doing Indie Week. How do Canadian and Australia fans compare?
MICHAEL JOHN:  Canadians and Aussies really appreciate live music so they are very similar. Canadians don't yell out "play some acdc" between every song so that's a bonus!
IMG_9002__1__2_tonemappedTHE METAL PIT: Rumour has it we will hear Lynyrd Skynyrd great Peter Keys make a guest appearance on your next album. How was it working with Peter for you? Any plans to join forces with any other music legends in the future?
MICHAEL JOHN: Yeah Peter Keys played piano on the ballad on the album. He's an amazing musician. He happened to be in Nashville when we recording. If we record in Nashville again you never know who you will meet, there's so many big name musicians there it's a heavenly musical Mecca.
THE METAL PIT: Describe a day in the life of Arcane Saints? (this was asked while the band was in Toronto for Indie Week)
MICHAEL JOHN:  At the moment our bodies are still on Australia time so a typical day is spent sleeping then we come alive at night.
THE METAL PIT: What one song do you wish you were responsible for?
MICHAEL JOHN:  Schnappi the crocodile. It's a German song. Changed my life.

THE METAL PIT: "Turning the Tide" is still fresh but do have any plans for future projects?
MICHAEL JOHN:  Already writing the 2nd album but that stupid little thing called money means we won't get to record it for quite some time !
THE METAL PIT: Thanks for the interview. Any parting words to your fans?
MICHAEL JOHN:  Apologies, normally I'm much more witty in interviews but I'm jet lagged as hell! Oh and be good to your mum.