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adrenechromeband The Metal Pit: Hi guys how are things? You’re all from Orillia, so how did this all come together? Chris Friesen: We all played in various bands around town, cover and originals and after meeting Tim and Mike we scoured the scene for a drummer of high caliber until we found matt. The rest as they say is comic book history!   The Metal Pit: Who came up with the name Adrenenchrome? Chris Friesen: I did, and after hundreds of viewings of "FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS" became a staple in our lives and the inspiration for the band name came as a result of that.   The Metal Pit: Were you all thrash fans growing up? If so, can you give me some ideas as to what bands you all looked up to? Chris Friesen: Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Slayer, C.O.C., tons of classic rock and classic metal but we also love music outside the heavy realm. Jazz, punk, country and just about anything else that is made well and comes form the heart.     The Metal Pit: What was it like opening for Corrosion of Conformity in Barrie? Chris Friesen: Very cool, and they were the first band we've played with where I owned all their CD's as a young musician and looked up to them since I started playing. They were very cool guys and it was a great experience to play with and meet them.     The Metal Pit: Are you planning anymore shows in 2013? Chris Friesen: We're planning a small writing break until the end of Feb but then plan on hitting the ground running and hope to be playing more this year than we ever have before.     The Metal Pit:  What was your main inspiration when you started writing for Hideous Appetites? Chris Friesen: I wanted to write music that pleases me, and try to draw from a large pool of inspiration, and even though some influences shine through more than others, we hope that it allows us to create something maybe not entirely original but at the least interesting to us as music lovers.     The Metal Pit: How about the lyrics. Any thoughts about what inspired you? Chris Friesen: I love music, movies and every day life I guess. Fantasy and imagination can really take any turn of phrase or spin on words and turn it into something that people can enjoy and create their own meaning and bond with. I'm a guitar player first and lyrics are something I hope to learn and get better at on this next record.     The Metal Pit: My favorite song on Hideous Appetites is “Titan’s Fall.” Do you have a favorite track that stands out for you on the EP? Chris Friesen: My favorite track is usually the newest one we're working on, considering some of these songs are a few years old to us. But for this EP I will say “Hobbled” because it’s weird.     The Metal Pit: Tim did the album art and I really found the image striking. So does he have any formal training as an artist? Chris Friesen: Tim has no real former training, but he’s always been into art and loves to draw. He spent much of his time in high school drawing skulls, zombies and other horrific things.     The Metal Pit: Are there any plans to follow up with a full length release? Chris Friesen: We have a plan this year is to release a full length and tour, tour, TOUR!     The Metal Pit: Finally, the last question. The Mayan calendar suggests the world would come to an end in this past December, so if that’s the case then how would Adrenechrome spend those final hours? Chris Friesen: Seeing as we're late with these questions (laughing out loud), we spent it playing music and drinking beer and we're very glad the world is still here!     The Metal Pit: Thank guys! I am glad we are all still here too! You can check out more about Adrenechrome at http://adrenechrome.com/