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Metal Maiden of the Month for October is HEIDI SHEPHERD of the BUTCHER BABIES. The band just released a new EP of cover songs called UNCOVERED which was released on my September 30th. (coincidentally this writer's Birthday and it was my 16th birthday that I first started listening to Heavy Metal so it continues) Now for fans of the BUTCHER BABIES that might wonder why not CARLA HARVEY or why not both ladies at the same time. Well that was all just a matter of timing and being available for interviews. I can promise that Carla will be a Metal Maiden of the Month in the future. I talked to Heidi about 10 days before the release of their covers cd. We discussed that cd, their next album, their upcoming tours and why it was Heidi was crying after playing in Edmonton, Canada! 10593116_594362716965_5730024713721519427_n   THE METAL PIT: Why did the band decide to make a covers cd? HEIDI SHEPHERD: We wanted to do something special between albums. We are working on our next full length album and it should be ready for the summer but if we didn't make this cd it would be 2 years since GOLIATH so wanted to do something special for our fans.   How did the band decide on what songs to play on UNCOVERED? Each member chose their own song and we all had very different songs. But it all came out really cool.   babiesep   You definitely made these songs Butcher Babies songs? Absolutely! We wanted to take a song and tear it apart and put it back together as our own. I think every artist that does a cover song tries to put there own flavor on it. It's a challenging thing to do that's for sure, tearing these songs apart but you want to respect the original artist but you also want to make it your own.       Your doing a headlining tour in the US then heading for a North American tour with Hatebreed and Black Label Society and it hits Canada in the middle of Winter. We played in Canada in the winter of 2013 so it seems the only time we get to Canada is in the winter for some odd reason. (laughs)   How much progress have you done on your next cd? We are about half way finished. We just wanted to take our time with it as a lot of bands these days are just pumping out new material one album after the other year after year. But for us we wanted to take our time and make it honest. We had been touring relentlessly and we wanted to take the summer off and get back into it. We are definitely chipping away at it.   Will the next album be much different from GOLIATH or just a progression of it? It will definitely be a progression of what Goliath was but with different elements and more heavy and more thrashier. We definitely want to hone in on the heavier side.   1620976_589920249705_2112606273501183003_nA lot of bands go through many line up changes especially at the start of a band but your band has stayed solid since the inception. What do you account for that? Were all best friends. We just have fun making music together. It is not one person leading the band. Everyone has a say and everyone has a voice. That way everyone feels a part of the band. A lot of the time the guys in the band get overlooked cause of me and Carla being the singerss. The guys are just as important which is why we don't put fliers out with just me and Carla on them. It's always the whole band. 1959222_577639405615_288612862_n Back to the beginning. Why did the band chose to go with 2 female singers? It's funny cause Carla and me were in bands prior to this. A cover metal band that had a bunch of girls in it. So we were kinda used to it. When we started out the plan was to let Carla do the singing and I would do the screaming but we evolved to share the vocals.   10370414_585072394845_2347518803638797390_n   Wendy O Williams was a big influence on you but what are some other vocalists influenced you? I was a huge fan of SlipKnot. Still am. Corey Taylor is definitely one of my biggest influences. Another one would be Gwen Stefani. I remember as a kid watching asvideo on MTV. I loved her style, I loved her presence. I was just blown away by her personality on stage and I wanted to be just like her. She was one I really looked up to. Jonathan Davis of Korn. I remember watching him on stage and the passion in his voice and everything he put into a show and I remember standing there thinking, that's going to be me, that will be me, mark my words. (laughs) And I was in a band at that time, but a really crappy band. (laughs) That's kind of when I quit that band.           Your still a fan of course. Do you get to many live shows? Oh yeah. All the time. We just played Afterschock with Limp Bizkit and I seen them on a headlining show and I crowd surfed and the teenager in me was high fiving myself. I love to go to shows. I grew up like that. I would sneak out to go to shows. It was so rebellious with being in the PIT. I still do and still love it.   10426767_583891441485_6514161315106000645_n What are your thoughts on magazines or website that run features like Hottest females in Metal features? Well...I mean it's flattering as what girl doesn't like knowing she is pretty? By all means, its a flattering thing and their highlighting women in rock and there aren't very many of us. It has created a girls club but some turn it into a competition which is pretty dumb if you ask me. Honouring them is great but having people go online and vote is stupid. But at the same time it brings them buzz, it bring us buzz. I would prefer to be voted best screamer ever! Instead of hottest chicks ever. It's a compliment by all means but not important. I am not in this business to be a hot chick. (laughs)               For anyone that hasn't captured the Butcher Babies live before, what would one expect from a live Butcher Babies show? We are just a energetic raw Metal band. We bring back a lot of the shock rock elements like SlipKnot and Pantera elements. And we were influenced by Wendy O Williams. That punk shock rock attitude but when it comes down to our shows our show is a party. It's one big party and everyone is having fun. If the crowd isn't having fun then there is no point in being there. It's just one big party. Like I said I grew up in the mos pit. So still have that element of aggression. 10426810_585032200395_9092392667974983162_n   You have toured with Black Label Society before but in January you will be touring with them and Hatebreed. What are your thoughts on this upcoming tour? We loved touring with Black Label. The whole band and whole crew were amazing and Zakk is cool, He is the goofiest of goofs. (laughs) and he is awesome. And I am excited to tour with Hatebreed as they are awesome and are great guys and I love their music too. It's a huge dream come true for me. I used to and still do listen to them while working out. It's all like pumping Iron kind of music. I am really excited to go on tour with them and bring the Metal. Especially to Canada as that is going to be so much fun.   This tour is playing a good number of dates in Canada which some Metal tours don't do. Yes, One of my favorite places and one of my favorite memories is from our very first show in Edmonton. I got off stage and it was actually what I had invisioned when I was 11 years old and I balled my eyes out. Yeah I am a girl, I cried. (laughs) This is when I first realized my dream is coming true. It was at that very show and that very venue.   Playing with Black Label and Zakk Wylde who is a legend in the Metal world. What can you learn from him onstage and offstage? Every night he goes out there, he could tour for a year straight but he still goes out and puts on a killer show. He is a true rock star, he doesn't let the elements effect him and doesn't let anything effect him. He goes out with passion every night. Any artist could learn from a rock star like that and a legend like Zakk is. The on stage stuff is very important but something I learned from Zakk Wylde is his humility. He's a normal guy that lives his life. He is a nice person and even though he is a rock star he is the man first. He is just like You and Me. He knows and he is grateful for where he is. He makes sure we are all comfortable on the tour and he makes sure we know we are appreciated. He is a wonderful person. If I can be half the musician and person he is in remaining in this business I will have succeeded. He is a good man.   Thank you Heidi for taking the time to talk to me. I wish you good luck with your cd UNCOVERED and on your upcoming tours. Thank you and see everyone on tour.   ***Photos used with permission of Century Media Records***