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Australia's Heaven The Axe just recently released a new Single and Video for their song GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO HATE. Lead vocalist Phoebe Pinnock talks about the song and video and whats coming up next for the band. Steve Watts also comments on the song and how it came about. Watch the video here. Heaven the Axe Offical Video---Good Things Come To Those Who Hate phoebe20136 THE METAL PIT: Heaven the Axe has a brand new single out called Good Things Come to those who Hate. Tell us about the song. HEAVEN THE AXE: Steve wrote this song a while ago and Phoebe didn’t want to sing it. “I look at my life so far as it being in two stages. The first one, being the dressed rehearsal. There were things I needed to learn & probably my greatest & nearly most painful lesson was the night I wrote this song. The point of realization of the difference between friends & acquaintances. Fuck it hurt. This song for me is about being written off & fuck me it feels good to be releasing it now, years later surrounded by my tribe I’ve chosen to call my family. Good things have indeed come my way and my love for the “hate” is as strong as ever. I couldn’t believe it when Phoebe requested we do this song after years of wanting nothing to do with it. “Why?” I asked. “Coz I get it now. I understand why you don’t settle for shit, I feel it too & I want it out of me” So us boys went about putting it together. It didn’t take long as this style is what comes most naturally to us, but when Phoebz came in n sung it for the first time…………holy shit! It was insane. I’m so glad I witnessed her record it. Her working relationship with Reggie blew my mind & together they’ve created something I believe can’t be duplicated. This is my proudest musical moment. Surrounded by my mates playing the song I wrote about the shit ones sung by the love of my life. This is my unconditional love. Enjoy” – Steve “At first glance the lyrics were too angry for me to put my heart into…at my foundations, I sing to share love. I hadn’t yet experienced the ferocious anger and hurt that I needed to to actually be able to sing this from my being. This year I did tho, and through my hurt and inner rage one day this voice came out of me. It was natural and all of a sudden I didn’t need to give of myself in other ways anymore. The music of this song gave exactly what I had been trying to give all along. This song feels like our arrival and f*%k I love singing it. Even though Steve wrote the lyrics about being written off by friends, I was able to turn his hurt into my own meaning; what this song became about to me is allowing yourself to validate painful and uncomfortable emotions through honesty that are often too easily numbed. That is an art in itself. Feeling anger and taking action to cause change is a positive emotion. Apathy is too easy in Australia, outrage is the precursor for lasting evolution for humanity against the things we deem “the way things are”. When I listen to this song and watch the clip, that is what it is a photo of to me. Its a picture of our inner strength and maturity as a whole unit of extended band cousins. The energy of this song gave me the balls to choose to love deeper with clarity and brutal honesty where it was worth it, and to not to give a rats ass where it was not.” – Phoebe  

phoebe20131THE METAL PIT: The single made it to number 2 on Itunes in Australia. What does that mean to you and the band?

Phoebe Pinnock: It was really a great surprise! Its very uncommon for an independent Aussie metal band to crack the top 100 let alone get to number 2. It really made us realize the support we have on social media which has enabled us to tour the country relentlessly so far, and made us very grateful that the song really connected with so many people. It was never an outcome that had entered our minds but really encouraged us to believe in what we are doing even more. We had the best of the best in Australian metal media all over it, we are so grateful for the generous support of Heavy Music Magazine and Triple M Distortion.


THE METAL PIT: The video for the new single has a great back drop of Metal posters/banners. Tell us about where the video was recorded?

The clip was recorded spur of the moment at our very good mates in Frankenboks brand new rehearsal space! Its an amazing room, those boys live and breathe metal. We had no idea of the space before we went there to shoot it, we wanted to do a really humble, unpretentious true to the core clip. It was a bonus that our mates had a sick room for us to film it in and that’s how we found it when we rocked up with the camera.


THE METAL PIT: The song includes some guest vocalists or guest screamers. Tell us about the guests and why did you want them on your new single?

Sure – Dan McDougall is the singer from Frankenbok, Matt Young is the singer from King Parrot and Matt Skitz Sanders is one of our drummers, also in King Parrot. We had just completed a tour altogether called “Regional Roulette” where the audience randomly selects the line up. It was a real culmination of a super close vibe that was created through the tour and sharing close friendships together. Singing the lyrics of “Good Things Come To Those Who Hate”, its an irony really. The song also features a solo by Richie Poate from Dreadnaught tho you only see his fingers! Well all be sharing the stage again shortly at a special show were all doing at a huge festival called Street Machines Summernats. It’s the biggest hot rod festival in Australia in January.


THE METAL PIT: The video really captures the emotion and energy of the song well. Was there any thoughts of we have to do this or that in the video or did it just come out by playing the song?phoebe20132

Our producer Reggie Bowman filmed and edited it. Its real and unpretentious. Its WYSIWYG and we love it. Theres no photoshop. Its raw and fearless with no frills. We wanted to really strip the band back and create an honest clip. Its indicative of who we are live and that’s the energy we wanted to give. Its just us, being us.        

THE METAL PIT: You show some really mad screaming skills in this song. It really has a different feel then  your first album. Would you agree?

Yeah…it was a real stretch to finally get my head around this style of singing, and it came from tapping into some intense hurt. Im a pretty deep feeling person and I have created a lot of clarity this year. Singing really is an outlet for the rage and anger I feel, I love that its like a tap I can turn on to pour out the mixed up feelings I get in my gut rather than numbing them with drugs or alcohol. Once I tapped into the validated rage I allowed myself to feel, the style came out. I didn’t intend to create it this way, with a mix of brutal and clean vocals, but that’s where it went and Im so honoured that people dig it.


THE METAL PIT: This song will appear on your next album. Any ideas on when a new album will be ready?

Were in the studio this week working on a song for a TV show, and currently Steve is rehearsing every day with a range of co-writers working on the unfinished parts of the new songs and layering. Hes really the maestro of the whole project. We aim to have it completed in by mid 2014.


phoebe20133THE METAL PIT: I think this song has really raised the excitement for new music from Heaven The Axe. Since this song has such a good reaction do you feel more pressure now to make the rest of the album match up to this single?

Yes I do. But the new album will be more diverse. We have really felt a shift in who we are as artists and feel the need for a complete removal of ourselves from any established scenes. We don’t play by the rules and that’s our mission statement with the band, where being attached to any scene or guideline of expectation comes from. I don’t play music to be a sheep in a black t-shirt. We will focus more on ourselves as artists and what we really want to say rather than what everyone else expects us to create to fit into established scenes. I feel that’s where the true heart in our music will radiate from and theres a huge value in creating that kind of music for us.


THE METAL PIT: Why did you decide to just write a new song and release it instead of just waiting to do a whole album?

No plan. We aren’t a marketing company. Were a family. The internet allows for new ways of thinking when it comes to releasing music. Singles are great ways to keep your audience excited about whats going on in the rehearsal room. This song created more excitement than what we ever expected tho… so now the challenge will be on making more songs on the album that increase the engagement from our dedicated fans who love our music. We really want them to love it as much as we do.


 THE METAL PIT: Does the early success of this new song give you and the band hope for being able to tour outside of Australia and bring Heaven the Axe to the rest of the world?phoebe20135

Absolutely. Our main focus on releasing the second record will be on international touring rather than Australian and we are working hard to bang on the stage floors of the world stage.                        

THE METAL PIT: Thanks Phoebe for taking time to do this interview for THE METAL PIT. I am anxiously awaiting hearing even more new material from your band. Good luck to you and the band.