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***All photos used by permission of Elizabeth***

This Month's Metal Maiden of the Month is from very promising Sweden bases Metal Band FRANTIC AMBER. Frantic Amber is a 4 female one male Melodic Death Metal Band. Frantic Amber was created by guitarist Mary Säfstrand. The band started out and released a EP as a all female band but when they needed a drummer to fill in Erik Röjås filled in for some shows and then joined the band. Except for Eric anyone of the members of the band could of been Metal Maiden of the Month. Vocalist Elizabeth Andrews is this Month's Metal Maiden of the Month.


Hi Elizabeth and thanks for taking the time out for this interview as Metal Maiden of the Month for March.

Greetings! It’s my pleasure.


You and Frantic Amber are going to be releasing your first full length cd this year. Can you give us any details about the album?

Yes, it’s very exciting! We are currently in the mixing process and settling in on the sound for the album, so next up is mastering and the rest of the release planning.

The title will be “Burning Insight” as the title song and the artwork is in the making. So far we have seen a sketch of the cover and it’s going to be awesome!

We have yet to decide the details of the release but it will probably be in September in time for booking festivals next summer as well as tours for the album. If everything goes well we are hoping to sign with a label that has the means to help us further into our career.


Your debut EP “Wrath of Judgement” was released to favourable reviews. Will there be any big changes with your full length release or just a continuation of what you started?

Yes, we were very grateful that it was received with such a positive outcome! We have grown so much musically since the release of our first EP, so this full length album will show you all the fruits of our hard and dedicated work. It feels great to finally be able to put out our debut album with 10 songs on it.


The band is based out of Sweden but only Mary and Eric are originally from Sweden while your from Denmark, Sandra from Norway and Mio from Japan. Was it hard at all building good chemistry together as you were mostly strangers meeting to form a Metal band?

Well actually we all happened to be in the same country at the same time looking to start a band. Maybe a coincidence more than anything, so you may say it was timing that made it possible for us to meet.

It’s always a challenge for five very different people with each of their background, culture and personality to find a healthy chemistry but we do our best.


The band started out as an all-female band but then you had Eric fill in on drums at some live dates and then it was decided he was a good fit in the band. Was your plan in the beginning to be an all-female band?

In the beginning we were indeed all female and we planned to be an all-girl band, but when our drummer left the band it wasn’t the most important thing. What mattered wasn’t gender but rather the ability to play drums at the level that our music required.



eliz16 You originally moved to Sweden to go to a Ballet School and after you graduated you decided a Metal band was the way to go.  What made you make that decision?

Actually the choice kind of made itself. I decided to join Frantic Amber in the middle of my ballet education and I did both for a couple of years but the world of ballet doesn’t really have room for more than one passion. – There’s simply not enough time for being a fulltime dancer and going on tour with your band. So I pretty much just let things play themselves out and I realized that I couldn’t do both. Income is scares when being a freelance artist so for economic stability I chose to take on board a new education that would give me just that. Now I am almost done with becoming a .NET programmer. As you may have noticed I am a person of many interests!



What bands or vocalists influenced you to listen to Metal music and to play in one?

The first band I started listening to when getting into metal was Korn. Jonathan Davis had this raw honesty in his lyrics. Discovering powerful frontwomen like Candice Clot from Eths made my eyes open and my hunger for metal was consuming.  I since then got into harder and harder metal and have taken in influences into my vocals from old school death metal, melodic death metal and black metal alongside my own experimentation.

The reason why I wanted to join a metal band was the need to express myself and my overload of feelings, frustrations and anger which metal is perfect for. It has room for everyone and is pure. Music helps people every day as I know it has helped me. I wanted to share this with others hoping that my lyrics could mean something to someone the way that lyrics always have spoken to me.


You have played many live shows including opening up for Six Feet Under, playing in Sweden’s 2012 Wacken Metal Battle and playing on the Rock Bitch Boat. Do you have a favorite show of all the live shows you have done so far?

Yes, we have really gotten around! All of the shows have been fun and written a piece of Frantic Amber history. Some of my favorites are Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken, P3 Gold gala on national Swedish TV, Rock Bitch Boat, the tour with Six Feet Under, Rockstad Falun festival and the list goes on!


For anyone that has not seen Frantic Amber live what can one expect from a live Frantic Amber show?eliz3

Energy exploding from the stage, hair flying all over the place in frantic headbanging and our passion for music! What we love most about having a band is playing live so it’s always a show to remember us for.


Where did the name Frantic Amber come from?

Mary who started the band already had the name ready when I joined her. It just had a great sound to it and felt good when spoken. It has become a representation of frantic explosiveness with the feminine touch of amber.


What Metal singer would you say is the best front man or woman in Metal today?

That is such a hard question to answer since I think we have so many great frontmen and women! Some would be Candice Clot (Eths), Jonathan Davis (Korn), Satyr (Satyricon), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility), Angela Gossow  (Arch Enemy), Erik Danielsson (Watain), Rob Zombie, Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist) and of course Nergal (Behemoth)!


What is the best thing about being in Frantic Amber?

Playing live on stage! Also of course for me writing the lyrics, this process means a lot to me personally and I love turning thoughts, experiences, feelings, themes and stories into words. My mind is always occupied and it’s so nice to get some release by creating something I feel is meaningful.


What is the worst thing?

When we don’t get along.


eliz12Did you take vocal training or how did you learn to sing and growl like you do?

I started singing as a child and have been doing so since I can remember. I have taken some lessons and workshops to improve technique and researched a lot on my own but mostly I have learned through trial and error. I taught myself growling through dedicated work and practice. It’s in my nature to want to be great at what I do, so therefore I understand the importance of warming up, practising and constantly analysing how I can improve and this has made me evolve into what I am today!


If you could tour the world with one current Metal band which one would it be?

Behemoth! I saw them here in Stockholm and I was completely blown away by their stage presence, their honesty of their music and their ability to play so tightly together! It was very inspiring and an honour.


Did anything you learned in ballet school help you when you’re on stage with Frantic Amber?

Yeah the whole prospect of being on stage and the movement I have a lot of good habits from my dancing. I see myself as an athlete in whatever I do because I want to do it the best that I possibly can. I work hard and dedicated to accomplish my goals and I’m glad to have experienced so many different things. It’s great having a dancing background because I am really aware of my body and what it is doing.




10 years from now what do you hope is happening with Frantic Amber?

I hope that we have played at all the biggest festivals, toured around the world and released some more albums. It would be great to go down in history with the great bands of the world and share our passion for music with audiences everywhere!


Outside of Frantic Amber what do you do for fun and to get away from the music side of your life?

I really enjoy being in nature to find peace, mother earth is an amazing place to be! For exercise I do yoga, dancing and other physical activities. As I am also a total nerd I like to play video/computer games when I have spare time. But most importantly, I love spending time with my partner, friends and family.


Thank you Elizabeth for doing this interview. Good luck with the cd when it comes out and hope to see you in North America one day.

You are very welcome and thank you so much for your support. Take care!