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Hometown: Chisinau, Moldova

Band Facebook: www.facebook.com/infectedrain

Vocalist for INFECTED RAIN


The Metal Pit: Hello Lena and welcome to the Metal Pit. Lena: Hi! Nick.   The Metal Pit: You are the vocalist for the band Infected Rain,can you tell us a little about how the band came to be? Lena: Very simple, 2 members of our band, Dj Kapa and guitarist Vidick were about to form a band, I was the third member that joined the future Infected Rain. They encourage me a lot to sing becouse, I never sang before. And I am very thankfull for that. The most difficult part was to find other members, becouse we are living in a small country. But when we finaly found them we started to work very hard.     The Metal Pit: Please introduce us to your band mates if you don't mind?infectedrain1 Lena: Infected Rain is: Bass - Vova Drummer - Vadim Guitar - Vidick Guitar - Sergey Vocals - Lena  Lena: It's very beautiful country with good wine and beautiful women. 🙂   The Metal Pit :What is the music scene and the metal scene in general like there? Lena: We have a lot of bands but just one Rock pub in all Moldova. Music for most of people here is just a hobby, so no one support those bands. So that is why our bands don't even record their 1st album.   The Metal Pit :Infected Rain is a very unique type of band in that you are very hard to catagorize.You are definitely a Metal band but also use elements of scratch techniques, keyboards and effect boxes with your music, which really seems to work well for the band.Do all of you come from different musical backgrounds? Lena: Exactly, first we used to play with DJ Kapa who did all this electronic stuff, but he left the band and now we are doing it by ourself. And every member of Infected Rain likes different type of music, but this is very good for Infected Rain.   The Metal Pit : I must congratulate all of you on the release of your new cd "Asylum ",which just blew me away the first time I heard it and I really cannot stop listening to it. The band has recorded a previous demo and ep but this is your first full length cd,do you think all of your hard work and patience has finally payed off with this cd? Lena: Yes, it came out even better than we expected. It was a very hard work, but a very interesting experience. We really love "Asylum"   infectedrain2The Metal Pit :You decided to remix a few of your previous songs and include them on this cd which gives you 16 tunes total on this disc,why did the band want to include those particular songs? Lena: Because we wanted to include in this album all the best the we have done in all these 3 years, but unfortunately, we couldn't include all the songs. 🙂   The Metal Pit :The older tunes like "No Idols", "Judgemental Trap" and "Homeless" are real favs of mine but now I have new ones as well such as "The Life Game","Butterfly","Unwritten Letter" and "My Morphine".......are there any tunes on the disc that have a really special meaning to you? Lena: All of the songs are special. I can't underline any, because each song is part of me. And each song provoke me a goose skin. Lena: Yes, I write all the lyrics by myself, and each song is inspired by a situation or event of my life. I sing about my past, my present and about a future the I dream about. Also some of my songs are about persons that have past through my life. You can also find a lot of protest in my songs. I am a very emotional person and I can throw it out using my pen and the on the stage.   The Metal Pit :Are there plans for a major tour supporting the new cd? Lena: We just returned from a tour in Romania. It was a big experience for us, and we definitely want more  and more shows so people can appreciate our music.     The Metal Pit : Has the band had the opportunity to play a lot of live shows outside of your home area?infectedrain4 Lena: Unfortunately at this moment we played only in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.   The Metal Pit : I have seen some live vids of the band and I must say your show is very intense and energetic,what can fans expect to see at an Infected Rain live show? Lena: It is hard to say, you just need to see and feel it. Every show is very important for us and we are doing our best on the stage.   The Metal Pit : You did previous vids for the songs "Judgemental Trap" and "No Idols" which were both very cool,are there plans for any new vids sometime in the near future? Lena: Yes, actually, now we are working on our next music video, hope it will be released in the end of February.   The Metal Pit : Making videos I have heard can be very hard work,is it something you enjoyed doing? Lena: Yes it is very interesting. We really can't wait to start filming the next video.   The Metal Pit :So Lena,how did you get started in this crazy world of Heavy Metal,is singing in a Metal band something you wanted to do since you were a kid? Lena: I always loved to sing, but I never thought that I will ever become a singer. But I love it so much and now I can't understand how I could live without it all this time.   The Metal Pit : You sing both clean and extreme vocals in the band,how do you determine what vocal technique to use for what song? Lena: Clean and extreme vocals both are techniques that can be used to underline some emotions and feeling. Techniques that apply in the song I chose intuitively.   infectedrain3The Metal Pit : Who are some of the singers and bands that have inspired you in your life? Lena: I really hate this question :), A lot of people keep asking me this question, and i keep answering that I like a lot of music of different types and genres and I can't really say who inspired me. All the bands that I loved since my childhood built in me something that determines my style now.   The Metal Pit : If possible,what band or performer would you love to share the stage with someday? Lena: Metallica 🙂   The Metal Pit :What is your opinion of women in Heavy Metal today? Lena: No matter what sex you are, you just must have the balls to do it good.        The Metal Pit :What advice would you give to young women who may want to follow in your footsteps someday? Lena: Just be yourself, and don't be afraid to do crazy things.   The Metal Pit :Where can fans buy your new cd and find out more about infected Rain? Lena: You can buy it on iTunes or Amazon. or you can contact us for physical copy on or facebook.com/infectedrain <More information is at our website infectedrain.com     The Metal Pit : Being the only girl in a band with all dudes I am sure being on the road can get kinda crazy at times,any stories you might wanna share with us here today, haha? Lena: I don't know, we just have a very good time while touring, and the are all like brothers for me so we feel very comfortable with each other.   The Metal Pit :Is there anything at all you would like to add to your interview Lena? Lena: I just wanted to thank you for supporting us, it means a lot for us. Thank for letting people know us. Stay metal!   The Metal Pit : On behalf of myself and The Metal Pit we want to thank you for taking time with us today and letting our readers get to know you and the band a little better.As I said before "Asylum" is an awesome cd and we wish you and the band the best of luck with it in the coming year and with all that you do. Horns up brothers and sisters.......... Nick Rohm.