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Danaë Saree Drenning

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida, USA Personal Contact Info:  Personal Facebook Page: Danae Facebook


THE METAL PIT: Hello Danaë! Welcome to The Metal Pit! Congratulations on being chosen as this month’s Metal Maiden. Also, congratulations on your pregnancy! Danaë Saree Drenning: Thank you, Matt! It's a pleasure.    THE METAL PIT: It’s no secret that you are married to one of power metal’s greatest and most influential guitarists, Jon Drenning of Crimson Glory. But a lot of people may not realize that you are quite the talented vocalist yourself. Do you play any instruments and did you start singing at an early age? Danaë Saree Drenning: I actually do; I play piano, cello, viola, flute, clarinet, bass, and guitar. I started on piano and taught myself from the age of five. I played other instruments through school, and then went on to teach myself bass and guitar in my mid-teens. Most of my writing is done on guitar and piano. I didn't start singing at an early age, actually. I'm not one of those "BEHIND THE MUSIC" feel-good stories about a little girl who sang all the time. I actually didn't start singing seriously until about fourteen or fifteen, when I started writing my own music.   danae5THE METAL PIT: Who are your vocal influences and how did you first discover metal music? Danaë Saree Drenning: Oh, several. Janis Joplin, Ronnie Dio, Pamela Moore, Jewel, Midnight, Doro Pesch, Sarah McLachlan, Leather Leone, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Michael Kiske, Daniel Gildenlow, Klaus Meine... There's a lot. I first discovered metal when I was about thirteen.  Iron Maiden happened, and the rest is history! I've always had older friends, and I made it practically a requirement that my boyfriends were rock or metal musicians. As a result, I was exposed very quickly to an absolutely huge selection of heavy metal, including Crimson Glory!  (It's very surreal to look back at being a fan, and then realize that I'm starting a family with Jon Drenning.)     THE METAL PIT: You’ve performed with Crimson Glory on several occasions, most notably at ProgPower X in Atlanta during the Tribute to Midnight. How was it performing classic Crimson Glory songs with such an all-star cast of vocalists? Danaë Saree Drenning: Oh, that was amazing. To be surrounded by so many vocal and musical heroes and inspirations, and to share the stage and show my stuff in front of these musicians, and all of the fans and peers in the audience...wow, what a rush. It was exhilarating. Being paired with Danilo Herbert of Mindflow was awesome as well; I love his singing and I think it was a great duet.       THE METAL PIT: What was your favorite Crimson Glory song to perform and why? Danaë Saree Drenning: Well, Painted Skies has always been a special song to me, for a few reasons. It resonated with me over the years; I feel like I've lived that song over and over.  It was also a very special song to Midnight, and I always try to put my all into it every time I perform it.   THE METAL PIT: You also performed at the Matt LaPorte (Jon Oliva’s Pain guitarist)Tribute Concert. How was that experience? Danaë Saree Drenning: Beautiful and difficult.  In a way it was sadly ironic, because I had just done the same thing, with the same cast of main characters, only a few years earlier. To have something so beautiful as these performances grow out of such tragedies as losing these two incredibly talented artists...well, I suppose in a way that's why we do what we do as artists and musicians. Matt was a dear friend to me and he always believed in me and asked me when I was going to take the next step with my music...I was proud to be a part of it.    THE METAL PIT: What is your opinion of the women in today’s hard rock and metal scene and who are some of your female peers that you look up to?danae3 Danaë Saree Drenning: I'll be honest; I'm kind of done with the opera-style vocals. It has its place, and I think that it's great that there is a genre for that style of music, but I like my metal chicks to be packing a pair of big ol' nasty balls under their skirts, you know what I mean?  Singers like Doro Pesch or Leather Leone had that, and there's a few others out there too.  Lizzy Hale from Halestorm has a great voice, the right amount of sexy and ballsy.  I am also completely in love with Adele. Amazing passion and all that smoke in her voice really gets the raw emotion across.   THE METAL PIT: What music would we find if we looked into your car right now? Danaë Saree Drenning: I can actually tell you accurately because I just nested (i.e. manic-pregnancy cleaned) my car... Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt One Crimson Glory - Transcendence Christopher Spheeris - Dancing With The Muse T-Ride - Ride Genesis - Trick Of the Tail Iron Maiden - Powerslave Kamelot - Black Halo L.A. Guns - Hollywood Vampires Riot - Born In America Savatage - Gutter Ballet Loreena McKennitt - Book Of Secrets Symphony X - Paradise Lost    THE METAL PIT: On your Facebook page you mentioned being excited about getting back into music. Can you share any hints with our readers on what that could be, a band or recording project?   Danaë Saree Drenning: I'm really excited about what's in the works. I can't tell you much, but I can tell you that it will involve some names that you know and a few that you don't. It will be a blending of some diverse influences; it will have some elements of modern rock, along with more moody and emotional aspects similar to Pain of Salvation. It's not going to follow any formula, I can tell you that. Right now, my main focus is on building a platform for everything; my website will be up and running by the end of the year and I'll have some samples and teaser tracks as well.   danae6         THE METAL PIT: How does it feel to be selected as The Metal Pit’s Metal Maiden of the Month? Danaë Saree Drenning: It feels great!  I'm probably the first Metal Maiden Mommy-To-Be, so that's pretty nifty, plus my birthday is March 18th, so this is a pretty kickass birthday present! Hopefully by this time next year, you'll be reviewing some tracks and I'll be back to talk to you about everything that's happened!             THE METAL PIT: On behalf of The Metal Pit I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview!

Danaë Saree Drenning: From one Honey Badger to another, thank you! It was great; next time I'll have some more juicy bits for you to sink your teeth into!re some of your female peers that you look up to?

***Photos used by permission of Danae Saree Drenning