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  CLUTCH: Groovin' Through The Okanagan. I have to admit that I am a new Clutch fan and didn't know what to expect but it was apparent from the moment the lights went down at the South Okanagan Event Centre that something special was about to happen. The lights went up and Clutch hit the stage.  Clutch has already reached iconic cult status and that is obvious from a quick look around the pit. Clutch appears with very little pomp and circumstance, instead concentrating on being unpretentious and playing killer tunes. They started out with a dynamic balance of old and new songs that whip the crowd into a grooving frenzy. The band has a great party vibe going on that is a perfect storm of blues, groove, funk, and heavy. They opened with some up tempo songs, undoubtedly "Mob Goes Wild" being one of the standouts, and then transition into slower tempo songs like "Sea of Destruction" then right back into killer new tracks like "X-Ray Visions".  Neil Fallon stalks the stage and really knows how to work his crowd. Jean Paul, in his Ginger Baker shirt, whips out trance inducing rhythms with Dan and Tim ripping along in their own ways, adding to the wave of awesomeness.  The crowd was a sea of movement with the fans hanging on every word and singing along. The set was a balance of classics to be and classics that are. This was a show that would have been(and was) enjoyed by everyone regardless of musical taste or preference. If you weren't at the show that night then you were in the wrong city. By Sean Middleton