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NAME:   COURTNEY COX HOMETOWN:  Chatsworth, CA, USA Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ccshred?fref=ts Iron Maidens Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheIronMaidensOfficial


This month at THE METAL PIT our Metal Maiden of the Month is from one of or maybe the most popular tribute band ever THE IRON MAIDENS. We are featuring guitarist Courtney Cox who plays the part of Adriana Smith in THE IRON MAIDENS. The California band has developed quite a dedicated following all over the world. Courtney also perfroms with FEMME FATALE.

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THE METAL PIT: Hi Courtney and thanks for talking to THE METAL PIT.



THE METAL PIT: The Iron Maiden's are one of the most successful cover bands. Why do you think you have gained such a following?

 COURTNEY COX:  Tribute band, there is a difference!   We put our lives into this band so naturally I think the following comes from just putting your time into something you have your heart in. The fans definitely know when you are pouring your soul out to them. You go to a show to be entertained….well you will be entertained at our shows…. If you aren’t, then we will just out drink you at the bar ! Another side to our following probably comes from the band being all female… it’s a rare thing to find a bunch a girls that get along and shred to maiden tunes.



THE METAL PIT: How did you come about joining the Iron Maiden's?cox5

 COURTNEY COX: I found the Maidens when I moved out to La from Philadelphia at 19, which would be four years ago now…. Left home with a bag and a guitar and when I arrived I heard they were holding auditions… sent a message to them through myspace, auditioned and got the gig.



THE METAL PIT: Has there ever been any thought of the band doing their own songs or you personally joining or starting a band that plays original material?

COURTNEY COX: Yea definitely… the band decided along time ago to not write our own stuff together because it would interfere with the Maidens stuff. The Maidens is a full time gig for the permanent members as it is very time consuming. I look forward to an original project in the near future. Aiming for a killer  speed metal band.



THE METAL PIT: What do you say to negative press or reactions cause you are a cover/tribute band?

COURTNEY COX: I take everything with a grain of salt honestly. With every positive you somewhere down the line will be faced with a negative or two.. pshh whatever. Im doing what I love to do, playing music all over the world!  Seriously though, the whole conflict over covering songs is such a waste of time and energy. When is the last time you heard an orchestra play one of Mozart’s newest hit singles?



THE METAL PIT: Where is your favorite place to play live?

COURTNEY COX: The road.  I love traveling and seeing different places everyday



THE METAL PIT: What are your favorite Iron Maiden songs to play?

COURTNEY COX: Sea of madness, back in the village, the evil that men do, the duelists, two minutes to midnight, aces, be quick or be dead… I mean there aren’t many tunes I don’t enjoy playing..



cox7THE METAL PIT: What bands or guitarist got you interested in playing guitar and playing Metal live?

 COURTNEY COX: Kirk Hammett was the reason I wanted to play metal or guitar for that matter. Im really into old heavy metal,speed metal and thrash bands.. I also shaped my playing around Andy Laroque from King Diamond during my early teens, as I had an all female tribute to the king called “Queen Diamond” with a bunch of girls I grew up with.  I make it a point to listen to all the killer bands from the 80s and just take what I like about them and use it to better my playing. I’m always looking for new bands to listen to everyday.



THE METAL PIT: Will the Iron Maiden's ever release a Cd or Dvd?

COURTNEY COX: They have released two cds I believe before I joined the band. We have been discussing a third release recently so it is in the works. We also released a dvd a while back from our tour in Japan.



THE METAL PIT: What was it like to play on the 70,000 tons of Metal cruise?

COURTNEY COX: My performance on the cruise was not planned at all!  I went working as one of the pool girls, which was an experience all in itself haha. A friend of mine who works with Angra just brought it up to me like’ hey want to jam?  Like that is even a question!  Hhahaha It was quite intense because playing alongside Kiko Loureiro is not an easy thing to do. I think it was the first time I have ever been nervous to go on stage. Once we started the song though it was second nature… I had an amazing time, met many new friends and musicians, lots of alcohol and lots of drunken karaoke until the sun came up. That cruise was one of the best times of my life.



cox6THE METAL PIT: You play the part of Adriana Smith in the band. From watching your videos you do a very admirable job and could probably fill in for Adrian!!! What musical training did you have?

COURTNEY COX: Self taught for the most part. I tried doing the whole lesson thing but hated it. It was not for me. Its more of a feeling thing for me when playing, the notes are second. I try to replicate the feeling I get listening to the stuff when I’m playing it. It allows you to really get inside of guitarists head when you just feel what they are playing.. Music I believe is the purest expression you can have.. You can tell a whole story behind one single note.  Explaining to people how you play certain things is sometimes the hardest thing to do. I usually don’t have the answer most of the time just an “I don’t know I just do?” haha



THE METAL PIT: What is your favorite Iron Maiden album?

COURTNEY COX: Powerslave and Somewhere in time



THE METAL PIT: Despite the fact there is more and more females in Metal bands there is still the typical view from some people on females in Metal bands. Do you notice any negativity at your shows?

COURTNEY COX: Not at all.  We have the most supportive fans in the world, both male and female. Gender isn’t an issue at our shows. Everyone is there for one reason which is to rock out to some Maiden. The whole female metal thing is a hard topic for me to talk about because it has two sides to it. There are the girls who are trying their best to succeed in a male dominated world which I fully support, and then there is the whole cookie cutter thing currently going on that I see a lot in Hollywood where there are all these metal bands that add the one female player to gain popularity. I’m definitely not into the whole’ we are gonna have one female player for eye candy’ thing. Bad taste in my opinion. Not saying that every band does that but it happens more often. I believe every member of a band deserves as much spotlight as the one female in the band. Bands can only succeed if they work together. Power to true metal females!



THE METAL PIT: Will the Iron Maiden's ever open up for Iron Maiden? cox1

COURTNEY COX: HA id love that !



THE METAL PIT: What is the best thing about playing in the Iron Maiden's?

COURTNEY COX: Being able to do what I love everyday all over the world. Not a day goes by that I don’t take a step back and realize how blessed I truly am to have these girls and all the fans in my life. 



THE METAL PIT: What are the biggest differences from the crowds in CA then outside of CA or outside of USA?

COURTNEY COX: The crowds in Ca, specifically La, want to be impressed and the crowds outside of the USA live for live music. It is a very crazy thing to experience...Foreign crowds definitely put our crowds to shame lol  Not to bash our country but music is  too available to us so I believe we are spoiled and can see a show every night of the week if we wanted to. To most other countries, big shows come around maybe once or twice a year so it is a huge thing for metal fans to save up all year for that one show! South America by far has the craziest fans!



THE METAL PIT: Outside of the Iron Maiden's what do you do for fun or relaxation? 

COURTNEY COX: I don’t know to be honest. Music is my life so there really isn’t a time that im not listening, playing or seeing music live.   I guess I like to loaf around when I have the chance, sleep? Haha go to the local bar?



cox2THE METAL PIT: How does it feel to be chosen Metal Maiden of the Month at THE METAL PIT?

COURTNEY COX: I am completely honored! STOKED! What makes it even more rad is that it is my birthday month! Go go MAY!  SHRED!



THE METAL PIT: Thanks for doing this interview and I wish you and the band continued success.




 ***All Images used by permission of Courtney Cox***