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Briefcasefest Toronto June 08th 2013   (The Comfort Zone)


Night 2 of briefcase was harvesting an incredible amount of talent Saturday night.

All 8 of 9 bands originate from Canada ready to bring the extreme to Toronto.



    From Toronto:  psych/ambient metal > (for tour dates and album info visit :Astralra.blogspot.ca

           As a one man performance he is a mastermind. The dim lighting and black lights at the comfort Zone gave the atmospheric pulse to begin a night of dark, tranquility. To start off gathering listeners to open their minds can be a tough job as "the opening act" Cetecea a solo musical act composing a piece involving a guitar featuring warped sounds by sound board. Adding to the creativity the long triggering sounds of a bow being stretched to extend the static shock waves of electronic metal to our ears. Listeners appreciated what Cetecea brought to the open stage. A great round of applause deafened the room.



   From Toronto: Death/doom extreme metal

                 A 5 piece female fronted band figured they would enter a different atmosphere from the last performance and alert their presence. Crushing beats as two guitarists and bass engulf us in raw aggression. Drums as clear as winter sun. Vocals of a demonic violation builds the character of Ischemic. Front women Isabelle had no problem getting down off the stage in our faces shoving them to provoke movement and remind Toronto metal heads they are at a concert. Ischemic's live performance is energized throught offensive attacks of death metal living up to their claimed genres.


Occult Burial

    From Ottawa Ontario: Black/thrash metal  See their Tumblr page for album updates

                       A 3 piece band that has an oldschool true brutal thrash speed that is like a fast kick to the face. Some technical licks on guitar this band sounds nothing like the cliche thrash types that can come off as wanna be anarchists. The metal is great, definitely something to raise a drink and bang your head to. Although not black metal, This was a good mix to enjoy before it goes black. Occult burial seems to be recognized as of late to be a hot topic in metal. Yet another Great Canadian band to leave an impact on their listeners.



Ride at Dawn

   From Toronto Ontario:  Punk/hardcore/heavy metal   Rideatdawn.bandcamp.com & soundcloud.com

              A 3 piece band that sounds much different from the other bands so far. It is an aquired taste if anything. We as Black Metal fans are self taught to try and except all things new, knowing we may enjoy it or not. All things in extreme music are always given a chance to be heard. The soundcloud demo is tolerable if you prefer a human drummer. This live art form had clusters of people questioning the drum machined techno metal. The faded vocals bring the all around sound together. Anytime metal is combined with a sub genre black metallers seem to either hate it, or give it a chance to sink in.



Nyodene D

     From Ohio U.S.A.: Dark Electronics/ death industrial metal

             With many different opinions people have when it comes to ambient/death/industrial metal it takes an open mind set to be able to take in and accept the wide open "This is me, this is my dark mind, I don't give a shit if you disagree" type of industrial destruction. It can also be intriguing to watch a person dive deep inside themself and show the real emotion igniting excitment of this movement of clashed sound waves. So many bursts of overlapping dark distortion. Screaming beneath hatred. The people who dared to stay and endure devoted themselves to stay until the last final scream into silence. Respect from the audience truly showed apprieciation.






     From Toronto:      Occult black metal  (see Haerecticus - Vemod/ex-Abyssal throne/ex-Archaeon/ex-The great collapse.  Koldovstvo - Sylvus/ex-Panzerfaust)

                   A 2 piece band with a very astonoshing drummer "Haerecticus" and female fronted vocalist and guitarist "koldovstvo" or Anastasia. Band members begin by lighting 5 candles as well as smoking scented oils that fill the room wih the scents you could only imagine how a cult ceremony would smell. Cloked and dripping with blood down both of their faces. They introduce the first few notes people sink into a realm of dark entrapment of the soul soaking ambients of heavy heart beats as she begins to wail a terror of raw black vocals as if she can taste charcoal from the depths of the pits of hell. Her guitar abilities make men entranced. This band is no need of other memers as it only takes these two completely in sync musicians to create strong emotion. Feeling as if you are unable to touch bottom, your mind drifts away into deep space. This band is a pure inspiration to any true black metal fan.




     From Toronto:        Black metal

              3 Members remain anonymous in their black clokes. With sounds of melodic dsbm roots. Thantifaxath rip up the calm by gracefully opening up by shredding hard black metal riffs with one of the most powerful vocals of the night. Blast beats take you into the past of dark Occult black metal styles. Seeing them for the second time. This set was just as powerful as their show at BBMF in 2011. Always a great headbang to grooving riffs their music is far from boring. If you are the type to be extremely picky about Black Metao bands who venture into DSBM riffs. This band has a great fan base and is becoming more well known in the Canadian black metal boom.





    From Toronto:       Black metal /Ancient Times/ Apocalyptic Themes

                     A huge success and incredibly well known band all over Canada. Savage front man Darcy demands your respect and well deserved attention.  He will let you know if you are doing your job right by supporting the music. Whether it be his own band and the other band performing the same night. Described as Viking/black metal Sylvus has a sound like no other Canadian Black Metal band in my own opinion. With the crowed knowing fully of their responsiblity, Sylvus prepares us with a journey as each member on stage is not just four people, but as one incredible force focusing on the ancient sounds and lyrics as if this band had been performing together for 20+ years. Guitarist Ana from Sortilegia is to be taken seriously, her talent is well accomplished and fits Sylvus perfectly with high notes scorching through every riff. Sylvus has their music and stage presence etched into our minds as an unforgettable performance.





    From Quebec:       Ambient black metal

                    Finally with anticipation and the night closing in well past midnight. We are shaking the blood back into our legs, telling ourselves "this will be worth it".  An extremely talented band with live member from QC band "Monarque" on guitar. Hypnotizing and entrancing darkness that Forteresse creates on stage explodes in our souls. With heavy energy surrounding the lungs of Athros chanting Quebec french lyrics. filling our ears with atmospheric verses, it is impossible to keep from moving.

      Ambient breaks thrash you around while you pound your fist against your thigh. Enduring the high soothing tones played by lead guitarist Monarque's hand is a non stop epic force that only comes back again and again with even more constant intensity. Forteresse is a serious army exerting unleashed power threatening anything in it's path. Historical battles are blood soaked upon Forteresse. Without any need for corpse paint or props. The music has captured any ancient cry for all of us to experience. toronto hopes to have Quebecs finest again.

 Niagara Hamilton Black Metal https://www.facebook.com/NiagaraHamiltonBlackMetal?fref=ts