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09.03.2013: Blankfest V show blankfestv Blankfest V was quite the surprise for me. It was my first time seeing Dissension and I have to say I loved it. They have crazy rhythm and a genre I can't quite put a finger on. They play fast like a punk band, yet their technique is not one of a punk band. They play loud, fast and they play well. The five member band sure knows what it's doing on stage, they play well and it really shows they like what they do. Formerly called Set to Kill, they played their song by the same name and then the song title related to the newer name. The sound felt like a mix of melodic death metal with oldschool rock and punk tendencies in rhythm. I never heard any music like this! Great riffs and breakdown, fun solos and good rhythm, this band had me at the first song. I tend to feel hesitant when I know keyboards are involved in a band, everything in this band could very well not go together but those guys have that little something that makes it right. IMG_2777 There were a few negative points with the sound, the back vocals were hard to hear compared to the loudness of the overall sound. I have nothing against them being loud; one thing about metal is to be able to do so! The keyboard was also hard to hear and frontman Nathan Afilalo didn't speak clearly enough between the songs, I had trouble figuring out the song titles he was announcing. Rhythm guitar was also hard to hear at several moments, but the overall performance was amazing. Some bands could actually learn a lesson or two about originality from Dissension. You can check them out right here: https://www.facebook.com/DissensionMTL The headliner Forbidden Sin was on the other hand a deception. I felt like I watched a set of the same song being played over and over. I hate to say it because I thought I would like them, but I didn't. Repetitive rhythms and melodies, nothing made each song unique and different from the other to my ear. They play well and feel like a good solid unit, they have the technique but not the songs to go along. It was the only bad thing about this part of the show, even the sound was good but the most important part, the songs, were far from what I expected.