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The Metal Pit/Dale Sutherland: I just want to start off by saying that Ataxia is a death metal band from London,Ontario and they were nice enough to do this interview with me. I'm interviewing Derek Lee who is the singer and guitarist Nigel Curley. So first off hey Derek and Nigel thanks for doing this interview! And i'll just dive right into this, how long has Ataxia been together as a band? ATAXIA - Hey Brother…we've been together since 2008.   Metal Pit - Right on. How many albums do you guys have out now? ATAXIA - We have a six song ep we released ourselves but it was recorded with a drum machine and we are in the process of releasing our first full length with complete line up, we also released a single a year ago titled "Manifested".   Metal Pit - What bands are you guys most influenced by and if you had to compare Ataxia to a metal band who would it be? Ataxia - As a whole, the band was pretty much influenced by the same bands, i.e.. Cannibal Corpse,Carcass,Slayer,PanterA and as you know this list can go on and on. And if we were gonna compare ourselves to another band, we can't really, we're taking all of our influences and combining  that to produce a fresh original sound which is our own...   Metal Pit: For anyone that hasn't witnessed an "Ataxia" live show, what would they be in store for? Ataxia: Sheer brutality man lol…but in all honesty if you haven't seen us..we take our craft seriously and when it comes to a live show you can expect lots of energy and a well tuned machine…and we expect nothing less of ourselves..that's important to us to give to people that have or haven't seen us.   Metal Pit: Do you have any favourite band(s) that you've played with or toured with that you had a great time with or were amazed by how well they sounded or musicianship skills that blew you away? Ataxia: Well recently we played with Cryptopsy at the APK in our hometown of London, which was awesome man…great show, great turnout, they sounded killer! Some dude broke his ankle at that show, that's how we do it up here in London lol. After the albums done we can look at doing a small tour for sure.   Metal Pit: When it comes to the writing process of Ataxia, is there a certain musician in the band who writes most of it? Or do you all have ideas? Ataxia: We all have a part in the arranging of the music. Nigel Curley (guitarist) normally comes in with the riffs that build the songs ideas, and we we all come up with our own ideas that finalize the song as a whole. Nate Mitic (drums) and Mark Chandler (bass) have their own riffs and ideas that they add as well, so it's pretty much a full band process.   Metal PIt: Who is Nigel's influences on guitar? Ataxia; (Nigel) My main influences would be mainly the guitarist from the bands we mentioned earlier. Apart from metal guitarist's i like Al DiMeola, Guthrie Govan and Don Ross.   Metal Pit: Who came up with the name Ataxia? Ataxia; Derek/Nigel: Nigel and I (Derek) came up with it first and the whole band agreed it was a good name. Back then it was only three of us so we beat Mark up to agree with us lol. The definition is the loss of full control of bodily movements.   Metal Pit: Is Ataxia going to be doing a video in the future? Ataxia: It's funny you mention a video, when we first started this band we had no drummer so we played live with a drum machine, so to fill the gap of having no actual drummer we came up with a movie for our whole set to help visually with our show. We have been thinking of re-introducing this back into our set for sure, we may do a single video off our new album but not really putting much thought into it. You have to see this movie we made though, it's pretty cool.   Metal Pit: That's awesome, i'd love to see it someday. What are your favourite venues to play, whether it's in London or anywhere? & is there any venue anywhere where you'd love to play? Ataxia: Man i wish i could say the Embassy here in London but the fucken thing is burnt down and non existent. But CTO is always a great venue and great turnout for sure, when it comes to playing out of town and we pretty much agree that every venue from out of town is great, all we want to do is play bring Ataxia to as many people as we can. We say the next venue we want to play is the Super Bowl, it needs Ataxia not Bruno Mars.   Metal Pit: Ya man i miss the old Embassy Hotel in London a lot man! I seen so many great shows there like Type O Negative,Obituary,Cannibal Corpse,As I Lay Dying,Misfits,Quo Vadis,etc. Ok man i'll wrap this up with one last question - If you guys could pick any band(s) in the world to tour with and whether these or this band(s) are still going or not or dead members it doesn't matter. Who would the band(s) be? Ataxia: Death,PanterA,oh what a party that would be. Nile and of course Cannibal Corpse also.   Metal Pit: That would be one crazy show eh. My drummer buddy Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative/Danzig/A Pale Horse Named Death/Kill Devil Hill/Seventh Void told me some crazy stories from when Type O toured with PanterA in the mid 1990's and he said it was complete chaos every night with Dimebag,Rex Brown,Vinnie Paul and Phil Anselmo. Johnny said Peter Steele would mess with Dimebag all the time and vice/versa and now there both gone. They were both two of a kind man, i really miss them both. Ataxia: Derek Lee; We just wanna say thanks for your time Sudsy (Metal Pit.net) and that our album is out soon, self produced and recorded at Mindscape Studios. The artwork is done by Marco Hasmann (Flesh God Apocalypse and Beyond Creation). We are stoked for the release.   Metal PIt: Yes i wanna say thanks for taking the time to do this Derek Lee and Nigel Curley. And thanks for telling us that your new album is out soon which is self produced and what not. So hopefully i'll see you guys live soon in London,Ontario or some where else. Thanks again guys and a huge horns up and cheers!