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The Metal Pit's Maiden of the month for July 2013 Alecia Mixi Demner,vocalist for the band Stitched up Heart Name : Mixi Band Contact Info :


The Metal Pit : Hello Mixi,thanks for stopping by the Metal Pit to chat with us today.  Well,let's get the ball rolling with an off the wall question,shall we? I think your hair is very cool, has it always been the pink/blue mix or do you experiment with different looks?

Alecia Minx Demner: I change my hair color/style yearly I swear! It's been half blonde/half black, blue, purple, black...etc! I get bored of myself! ^_~

The Metal Pit : It's all part of the visual experience when playing live,right?

We focus a lot on energy and making sure everyone is having a good time! Making memories!   mixi1The Metal Pit : Ok,sorry for the inner hair dresser in me question,lol. You are the vocalist for the band Stitched up Heart,how long has the band been together and how did you all meet? I formed the band in October of 2010. I've known Decker (drummer) since we met on my solo music video set when I was on Geffen Records. Everyone else just kinda fell into place.     The Metal Pit : Can you tell us a little about the rest of the band? They're quite the characters! Good boys though! Everyone pulls their weight in all the departments. Couldn't ask for a better group of guys!   The Metal Pit : You currently live in L.A. (U.S.) which for many years had a legendary Metal scene,what's the scene like there today? There are a lot of badass chicks taking over the metal scene in LA. I'm starting to think its a revolution to help bring metal back to the mainstream.   The Metal Pit : That's great to hear,I have always said that women in Metal can only be a good thing for the future of the music that we love. What are some of your favorite clubs to play? In Los Angeles we quite frequently play the legendary Roxy. It's one of my personal favorites because they do free all ages nights occasionally and you can power slide on the stage!   The Metal Pit : Are you mainly sticking to the L.A. area as far as playing live shows and are there any plans to branch out more to support the new disc? We are actually on tour right now. In pueblo,CO at the moment. We have another 17 shows on this run then two more US tours before the end of the year! The Skeleton Key EP will be released over the summer!   The Metal Pit : Can you describe the band's sound for potential new fans?mixi8 It's definitely comparable to post hardcore bands but done in a way that includes other genres and traditional songwriting. We like to think that it's a unique and accessible style that crosses over to fans of all genres.   The Metal Pit : When is the band's cd due to come out? Not out till the end of summer! Stay tuned!   The Metal Pit : As the singer are you involved with the writing process? Of course! I can't imagine wanting your job to be a singer and not writing your own lyrics from your own mind! That's just silly!     The Metal Pit : You have interesting vocals and the ability to sing both clean and extreme,which technique do you prefer and which one is harder to do? I like throwing a little Jazz in there with the post hardcore riffs and I try and be tuff so I scream a little bit! Haha   The Metal Pit : At what age did you start singing and when did you decide this was something you wanted to do as a profession? I was trained from all the princess movies of Disney! I picked up my first guitar at 15 and have cursed ever since!   mixi2The Metal Pit : Who are some of the musicians or bands that have inspired you to do what you do? This may sound like an odd combination but my inspirations range from Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra to to all the recent post hardcore bands.   The Metal Pit : Is there a 50/50 mix of female and male fans at your shows? Based on our Facebook and reverbnation stats it looks about even.   The Metal Pit : What kinds of thing do you like to do when not playing music? I love video games and riding my scooter around Los Angeles. I'm kinda a hermit when I am back in L.A.   The Metal Pit : I noticed you have some pretty cool ink,any stories or special meaning to some of your tats? It would take a novel to explain them. Lets just say I love the feeling of new ink!   The Metal Pit : Where can fans find out more about the band or check out your tunes?mixi9 www.Facebook.com/Stitchedupheartrock  & www.itunes.com/Stitchedupheart   The Metal Pit : How does it feel to be chosen as the Metal Pit's Maiden of the Month? I'm honored! Thank you so much! <x3   The Metal Pit : Is there anything at all you would like to add to your interview? If they want to check out our music video of our most recent single "Grave" go here: www.YouTube.com/Stitchedupheartrock mixi3mixi6mixi7 The Metal Pit : Alecia,on behalf of myself and The Metal Pit,we want to thank you for making time for us today? We wish you and the band the best of luck and hope to see you play live someday soon. Thanks bunches! Mixi~ Horns up Brothers and Sisters................ Nick Rohm. ***All photos used by permission of Alecia Mixi Demner***