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THE WRITERS NAME: Blake Mossey AGE: 47 HOMETOWN: St. Marys, ON, Canada EMAIL ADDRESS:   FACEBOOK PAGE:  Blake Metalpit How I got into Metal: It was September 30th, 1982 my 16th birthday (yes please send gifts) and I needed to tell my brother something to get me for my birthday and that day I bought a rock magazine called CIRCUS and there was a story on this band called IRON MAIDEN who I never knew anything about before this magazine or anything really about this term Heavy Metal. At that time before internet and satellite tv or radio so I was limited with options on the radio but I do remember liking the heavy rock stuff like AC/DC, Zeppelin and Deep Purple so I read this story on Iron Maiden and it stated they were influenced by Zep and Purple so I thought hey I want to hear this band and their current album was THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST so I got it for my birthday and that was the beginning of the end so to speak. Favorite Metal concert:  The older you are the tougher this question is. There is so many I could pick as honourable mentions like seeing Deep Purple, Dio, Heaven and Hell, Motohead, Metallica, Dream Theater, Pantera and etc. But my top concert would be Iron Maiden in 2005 on their tour where they only did songs from the 1st 4 Maiden albums. Those are 4 of my fav albums so it was great to hear songs you didn't hear much or at all at Maiden concerts then or now. Top 10 Metal Releases: 1. Iron Maiden-----The Number of the Beast 2. Metallica----Ride the Lightning 3. Dream Theater---Images and Words 4. Dio-----Holy Diver 5. Trouble---Manic Frustration 6. Black Sabbath---Heaven and Hell 7. Deep Purple----Machine Head 8. Faith No More---The Real Thing 9. Ozzy Osbourne---Blizzard of Ozz 10. Pantera---Vulgar Display of Power
NAME: Nick Rohm AGE: 48 HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA, USA EMAIL ADDRESS:   FACEBOOK PAGE:  Nick Rohm How I got into Metal:  Well, back in the early seventies(When I rode my pet dinosaur to school) there really wasnt alot of what we call "Heavy Metal"to listen to at the time but I guess when I was about 13 years old I discovered Alice Cooper,Kiss and Aerosmith which were not really Metal but stepping stones as to where my musical tastes would end up.Eventually I got turned on to albums (Kids,those were like giant cd's,haha) like "Killers","Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,"British Steel" then I found "Kill em all" from Metallica and "Hell Awaits" from Slayer and after that I never looked back because I knew I was destined to be a Metalhead for life.Since that time Heavy Metal and I have had a very successful marriage.I  buy the cd's,go to the concerts,wear the T-shirts and DEFEND my music to anyone that dares to attack it and in turn Heavy Metal keeps me alive inside.Metal brings me up when I'm having a Shitty day,wakes me up when I need woke up,relaxes me when I'm stressed and never asks me to do the dishes.I picture me and my Metal bride when we are well into our nineties still going to Ozzfest every year hanging out with our favorite bands and pissing in our pants,I better go I feel a tear coming on." Forever Metal,Nick. Favorite Metal concert:  This was a challenge but one show in particular really stands out for me. OZZFEST (2004) This all day event included some all star heavy hitters in the Metal scene and my ears bled for days. Check out this lineup........ Devil Driver , Lamb of God , Otep and Slipknot all on the second stage. The main stage was....... Black Label Society , Judas Priest ( the reunion tour ) , Slayer and the headliners were the original Black Sabbath. Believe it or not the weather that day was hot,humid and sunny and there was not a cloud in the sky all day but when Sabbath started to play you could see lightning in the sky,then came the thunder and rain and the band looked up,kinda smiled and kept right on playing and as a diehard Sabbath fan it was a special day I will never forget as long as I live. I have never in my life seen 25,000 people stand for all the bands on the first stage.I mean NO ONE ever sat down or stopped cheering,even during the intermissions. It was like we all knew we were a part of something very special that night and we didn't want to miss anything. I only hope all true Metal fans get to experience a day like this at least once in their lives. Top 10 Metal Releases: To say this was a difficult task to come up with a top ten list would be a drastic understatement. Bear in mind I had to leave off great bands like Exodus,Death Angel,Accept,Slipknot,Marilyn Manson and Otep because there is just too much great Metal out there to squeeze into only the ten best. 1. Metallica : KILL EM ALL 2. Slayer : REIGN IN BLOOD 3. Pantera : COWBOYS FROM HELL 4. Black Sabbath : BLACK SABBATH 5. Iron Maiden : KILLERS 6. Megadeth : PEACE SELLS BUT WHOSE BUYING 7. Judas Priest : UNLEASHED IN THE EAST 8. Motorhead : NO SLEEP TILL HAMMERSMITH 9. Overkill : TAKING OVER 10. Testament : THE NEW ORDER
NAME: Georgina HOMETOWN: New York, USA EMAIL ADDRESS:  georgina@themetalpit.ca 
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How I got into Metal:  My older brother Nicky! Favorite Metal concert:  Clash of the Titans tour which included Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth at Madison Square Garden 1991 Top 10 Metal Releases
(In no particular order and too many to list .Really ...)
Van Halen - Van Halen Judas Priest -Screaming for Vengeance
Guns and Roses - Appetite for Destruction
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
Slayer -Reign In Blood
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime 
Dio - Holy Diver
Iron Maiden - Number of The Beast
Ozzy -Blizzard of Oz
NAME: Jenna HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Australia EMAIL ADDRESS:   How I got into Metal:  I've literally grown up with metal, it's been in my blood from the start! Growing up... I used to have friends w/ older brothers or cousins. Sometimes I'd wander into the room when they were listening to music & it hooked me early on. I count Motorhead & Iron Maiden amongst my earliest influences, but I've since branched out. Although I favour death & black these days, I love metal in all its forms. Favorite Metal concert:  There have been so many gigs that have been memorable or left a mark. If forced at gunpoint to pick only one... it would have to be either Motorhead's 'The World Is Yours' tour ( 26 March, 2011/ Festival Hall ) as I was lucky enough to get to meet Lemmy or Behemoth co-headlining with Job for a Cowboy ( 14 April, 2010/ Billboard ) as it wasn't long after this that we learned of Nergal's battle w/ cancer. A close second place would be Soundwave 2011 thanks to its massive, metal-friendly lineup ( 4 March, 2011 / showgrounds ). Top 10 Metal Releases: Only 10...!? Tough call, there's a lot I love... but here goes: 1) 'Dusk & Her Embrace' - Cradle of Filth 2) 'Nemesis Divina' - Satyricon 3) 'Heartwork' - Carcass 4) 'Powerslave' - Iron Maiden 5) 'Bastards' - Motorhead 6) 'Sanctus Diavolos'- Rotting Christ 7) '6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence' - Dream Theatre 8) 'Ride the Lightning' - Metallica 9) 'Stormblast' - Dimmu Borgir 10)'Once' - Nightwish
NAME: Kenneth Gallant HOMETOWN: Toronto, ON, Canada EMAIL ADDRESS:   Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.gallant How I got into Metal: My first exposure to metal goes as far back as 1985 when my high school buddy first introduced me to Celtic Frost. He had a cassette copy of To Mega Therion and when I first heard that I was instantly hooked! From there I devoured everything the band put out and my love for metal grew from that moment. Most of my high school buddies were listening to bands like Destruction, Iron Maiden, Dokken, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. It was great to be a teenager and listening to thrash metal in the 80’s, and I am thankful I had the chance to be a part of the scene when it first blossomed. I have essentially been a metal head ever since and haven’t looked back. Favorite Metal concert:  I have seen so many great concerts over the years, but I would have to narrow it down to a few. In 1988 I had just graduated high school and I saw Iron Maiden on the Seventh Son of a Seventh tour at Exhibition Stadium and it was their biggest show ever. The stage show was grand and it literally blew my mind. The other great concert I witnessed was Metallica’s And Justice for All tour which hit Maple Leaf Gardens in the fall of that same year. My friends and I had floor seats and I was completely blitzed when I got home that night. The buzzing in my ears lasted for days, and it was a reminder that I had witnessed the end of an era, as Metallica changed their sound soon after on the Black Album.   Top 10 Metal Releases: 1. Iron Maiden---Somewhere in Time 2. Celtic Frost---Into the Pandemonium 3. Anthrax---Among the Living 4. Metallica---Master of Puppets 5. Megadeth---Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying? 6. Dio---Holy Diver 7. Dokken---Back for the Attack 8. Testament---Practice what you Preach 9. Kreator---Pleasure to Kill 10. Alice Cooper---Raise Your Fist and Yell
NAME: Vanessa Tang HOMETOWN: Paris, France EMAIL ADDRESS:   How I got into Metal: I started to listen to Metal when I entered a Catholic boarding school at the age of 14. There was a Gothic/ Metal girl listening to Marilyn Manson and Metallica, when I discovered them it triggered in me an increasing curiosity for Metal so I started to look for more metal bands by buying magazines, searching on internet and listening to the radio.  First, I was more into Heavy and Gothic Metal especially when I discovered the Finnish Metal scene with HIM, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Sentenced… so I kept on searching and discovering more amazing Scandinavian bands and since this moment Metal has been a huge part of my life. I love all kind of Metal but my favorites now are Folk/Viking Metal, Doom Metal and Progressive Metal. Favorite Metal concert:  Pagan Fest 2011 in Paris with Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Eluveitie…. The atmosphere was just awesome. Amorphis in Paris (2009) Turisas in Paris (2011) Top 10 Metal Releases: 1. Therion- Sirius B/ Lemuria 2. Amorphis- Eclipse 3. Katatonia- The Great Cold Distance 4. Korpiklaani- Spirit Of The Forest 5. My Dying Bride- A Line Of Deathless Kings 6. Amon Amarth- Versus The World 7. Candlemass- Candlemass 8. Borknagar- Urd 9. Nightwish- Wishmaster 10. Sentenced- Frozen

NAME: Estelle AGE: 17 HOMETOWN: Budapest, Hungary EMAIL ADDRESS:  darknessunseen2@gmail.com FACEBOOK PAGE:  www.facebook.com/estelle.eliminator

How I got into Metal: The funny thing is that none of my family members nor childhood friends really listened to metal, except for a few basic and classic bands such as Iron Maiden or Metallica, so I got this whole metal-mania thing completely by myself. I started with Maiden's album Brave New World when I was around 12 because that was the only metal LP that my mom had here at home, I loved it. And then I just started to dig in the metal music and community step by step, and since I'm still really young, I think I can say I'll still be at this step in 10-20 years, hopefully.

Favorite Metal concert:  Blake wrote 'The older you are the tougher this question is', well he's probably right. I usually go to as many concerts as possible (though here in Hungary unfortunately it's way less than in the USA or in Germany for example), but still, I can answer the question quite easily: Kreator-Morbid Angel-Fueled by Fire-Nile in November 2012. I stood in the first line and Mille was singing People of the Lie while he was looking into my eyes almost from the beginning to the end!

Deicide's gig in an underground pub in March 2013 is also one of my favorites so far.

Top 10 Metal Releases:

Not an easy question and it will probably change at least a bit throughout the years, but I'll try:

1. Artillery - By Inheritance 2. Death - Leprosy 3. Kreator - Extreme Aggression 4. Sodom - Persecution Mania 5. Slayer - Show No Mercy 6. Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac 7. Metallica - Ride the Lightning 8. Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis 9. Sodom - Agent Orange 10. Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death

I had to leave many many amazing bands off, such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Exodus, Assassin or Sadus.