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Name :   Abby Krizner Age :             28 Hometown :  Pittsburgh, PA, USA


                      Vocalist/Guitar  for FIST FIGHT IN THE PARKING LOT Personal Facebook Page: Abby Krizner Facebook Band Facebook Page: Fist Fight in the Parking Lot

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Metal Pit : Greetings to you Abby and welcome to the Metal Pit,It's great to chat with you again. Abby Krizner: Thank you!

Metal Pit : Well,I guess the first thing I need to say is that I hear you are recently engaged so congrats to you and your future hubby. I am! We definitely bonded over metal music years ago and have been close friends for almost nine years. He’s absolutely my best friend (and quite the shredder himself).   abby2The Metal Pit : You are not only the singer for the band but also play guitar,what kind of gear do you use and why? I have an Orange Rockerverb amp and a variety of guitars I use. I have a Les Paul '57 Custom Goldtop Guitar that is absolutely one of my favorites, but THE COOLEST guitar I own is actually one a friend, Jim Buckels, made for me. It's an explorer body, woodgrain finish with zombie skulls on it and crunchy EMG pickups. I never thought I'd fall in love with another guitar once I got my goldtop, but this one plays so well and just looks so badass. I use it for the majority of our shows.   Metal Pit : Your new band is called "Fist Fight in the Parking Lot" which has to be one of the coolest names ever for a band.Who came up with that name and how did you guys all get together and decide to form a band? Glad you like it! Actually, we had some trouble figuring out a name and at some point just said we’d wait until it hit us. One night, we all happened to be watching the same Saturday Night Live episode because the musical guest was Them Crooked Vultures, a band we all loved. On that episode there was a skit with a band performing a song called "Fist Fight in the Parking Lot," and we all thought it was so funny, we decided to go with it.         Metal Pit : The pics of the band all bloodied inside the cd cover are amazing,who did the makeup? The makeup was done by Ginger Dickinson, who I met when she was doing makeup for a featured article in a local newspaper. She was clearly so talented, I made it a point to get her info, and this was the perfect project for her. She did great work.   Metal Pit : Can you tell us a little about your band mates and what each of you (including yourself) brings to the table musically? Jason Sichi is an incredible guitar player; He comes up with killer riffs and when it comes to experimenting with new sounds and writing the perfect solo, he’s amazing. He can come up with something on the spot and it’ll kick ass. Johnnie Metal is on bass and also does some backing vocals live. He’s often the person who listens to songs and then reflectively comes up with the "you know what would be cool?" idea that just adds that extra touch of creepy that I really love in our songs. Chris Ruane, or "Rudogg" is on drums but he’s also instrumental in our recording process because he’s the engineer! He’s a great in-the-pocket drummer, and also my brother-in-law, so I guess I like him a bit. He has his own studio, which is also where we record and really get to let songs develop. Metal Pit : You and the band recently released your self titled cd "Fist Fight in the Parking Lot" which has been doing very well and is creating a huge buzz in the scene,what was the inspiration for this cd?abby8 We’re lucky that the "inspiration" has been whatever we felt at the moment. I don’t know that there’s a set theme to the album; we just wanted to write something that was equal parts riff heavy, song driven, and hopefully a bit quirky since we’re all smartasses. But there are definitely some driving songs on the album at the beginning and it works its way to some slower haunting songs. Lyrically, I had a lot of fun. I tend to think people think some of my lyrics are very aggressive, but in my mind, everything is being said in a sarcastic and somewhat self-deprecating way.   Metal Pit : I really love this disc Abby, your vocals and the guitar playing seem to be a perfect match for this band. The guitars have kind of a dirty sound to them and your voice has that gritty,ballsy feel as well. I would say you guys are a combination of Hard Rock and Metal with sort of a sludgy infectious groove that really gets you moving. But,that is just my opinion,how would you describe your music to potential new fans? We’re usually surprised when we’re referred to as a metal band and in my honest opinion, I think we have the "attitude" of a metal band, because to use your word, I think the sound does have a "ballsy" approach. That being said, we’ve always thought we were just a heavy rock band, ala things like Queens of the Stone Age or Priestess. As far as the voice stuff goes, I like that these songs have melody as opposed to only doing screaming or being overtly aggressive. My voice is low, so my singing voice is by no means dainty but the words drive the emotion for me and I scream when it’s called for based on the lyrics.     Metal Pit : Some of the song titles and lyrics are very clever as well,as the singer are you the main writer? Lyrically yes, but everyone has had something to do with one or more of the titles. Usually the titles of the songs are inside jokes between the band, or a very literal example of whatever was going on that day at rehearsal. Metal Pit : I definitely have some favorites on the cd even though I think the whole thing kicks ass but tunes like "S&M , "Side Steppin Ninja", "3 Legged Duck" and "Blue Jesus" are instant classics. Can you tell us about some of these tunes or maybe a personal fave of yours that has special meaning? "S&M" is one of my favorites musically and even though it starts the album, it was the most recent song that we had written at the time. It may be more of an accurate representation of what direction we’ll be heading towards the next recording we do. Lyrically, it was very uncharacteristic for me since I usually write directly from experience. Instead on "S&M", I had been inspired by a movie I saw that explored medieval torture and tried a narrative writing approach. "Side Steppin Ninja," I’m very proud of because it seemed to just write itself. I had the words done first, after a bad experience with someone I worked with and the music just busted out to follow them. I’m really happy with how that turned out and that one is probably my favorite. "3 Legged Duck" is a killer song that Jason brought in; just two minutes of a straight punch in the face! "Blue Jesus" is the black sheep of the group (in a good way, I think) because it’s so different from anything else on the record. We had a lot of fun playing around with effects and giving that song a brooding, moody feel and was the perfect song to end the record. I’m not sure if I know how to explain the lyrics to that song, because I think I’m still figuring it out---they made perfect sense at the time! abby4Metal Pit : Ok,be honest......"3 Legged Duck" was inspired one night when you were all having a few beers and hanging out down by one of our three rivers and there was some crazy radioactive disfigured duck chasing you,right....haha? How’d you guess? Metal Pit : Alright Abby you know I'm just "Jaggin" ( Pittsburgh talk for teasing) you, our rivers aren't that bad anymore,haha. Speak for yourself, I still have webbed feet. Metal Pit : The band also has a video out for the song "S&M" and I really love the way it was done. I like the direction you went with the quality of the vid for one and also the color. I think it's so important for a new band to put out a quality and professional video,do you agree? I think it’s worth it for any band to have a high quality video. It’s sort of like your "resume" in a way. Cell phone and digital camera versions can only capture so much and if a band is looking to promote, I think it’s money well spent (or briberies of beer and partying, whatever gets it done!) The video was done by Jay Hogben and was done multi-camera at a live show we did at Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh. I agree with you, I really love the coloring and the shots he chose to highlight.   Metal Pit : The vid has the band playing on stage as opposed to some type of fantasy type of theme or something were all of you are posed,what made you all decide on that particular kind of video? We’re very bad at posing and trying to look cool! Capturing the band live was the only way we thought would be authentic, honestly.   Metal Pit : I am well aware of the the live music scene in Pittsburgh but what is your opinion and where are some of your favorite local clubs to play? I think our scene is great no matter what kind of music you play. There are venues for every type of band and recently, I’ve seen more bands working together on shows and mixing up the genres a bit more. We’ve played with bands that on paper, should have been an odd fit, but the fans dig both bands----I think that’s so cool to not box in the audience and give them some variety on a bill. I think most Pittsburgh bands consider the 31st Street Pub home field as it’s a legendary club and not only do we love playing there, it’s where some of our favorite out of town and national bands come to rock our faces off.   Metal Pit : I know making videos can be a long boring pain in the ass at times,how was the experience for you and the band and is that something you would like to do more of in the future?abby9 Well, the video for "S&M" was easy for us because we just had to play. It was one take of the song and then Jay had the task of editing from that. We just shot another video for "Blue Jesus" with Jay that is going to be multiple takes of the band performing in our rehearsal space which is a bit more effort, but I wouldn’t say it reached "pain in the ass" status. It’s still fun to do, but I think if we did videos all the time, we’d get worn out.   Metal Pit : Well,as if you don't have enough on your plate with the new band and your upcoming wedding you are also a dj for the Pittsburgh radio station WXDX ( The X ),how did you first get into doing radio? I actually did college radio for four years and after a saunter in the ‘real world,’ I went back to get my Master’s Degree in multimedia technology and put a lot of focus on Sound Design. I love production and creating so that’s the thing I probably like doing best. After taking an internship with another radio station in their creative department, a part time position opened up at The X and I really bugged the crap out of the program director of the station. It felt like one of those planets aligning opportunities where I very proactively went for it and I’m so happy they gave me a shot to make it my career.   Metal Pit : The X is a cool station but I have noticed that when you are on the air you tend to play alot more of the harder music than the station usually plays,it that just coincidence or did you just kinda storm in there one day and kick everyone's ass and take over,haha? I do what I can. Metal Pit : There is even a webpage called "Give Abby her own Metal show" that is circulating around and honestly I had nothing to do with it ( haha) but seriously how cool is that you have that kind of cred in the Hard Rock and Metal community? It makes me happy that not only is there a vibrant metal community here, but also that they have some faith in me to get it on the airwaves. I’ve tried for it before and even put a demo for the show together, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet. There’s still time and it’s not a dream I’ll give up! Metal Pit : Time for the hot seat question.....if you had to chose a career as a radio dj or a very successful musician touring the world and playing to packed arenas every night,what choice would you make? Is that really a choice? Haha! I think anyone who has made music a huge part of their life wishes they could make a career of it where they get to play to arenas every night, but I get huge fulfillment from my work as a dj, so even if that never happens, I’ll be a happy camper. Metal Pit : What bands or musicians inspire you and what music are you currently listening to? I really like Baroness, The Sword, and for lack of a better word, "Stoner bands". But honestly, anything Josh Homme touches usually works for me because I love how outside of the box he is without being so far off center that he’s not accessible. Metal Pit : In the 2-3 seconds of free time you have in your day,what kinds of things do you enjoy doing? What is this free time you speak of? abby7Metal Pit : What lies ahead for the band in the coming months as far as playing live shows? We have a lot of out of town stuff in the works and hope to expand our audience, but we’re also writing and seeing where we’re artistically going to go for our next recording. I’m ready for us to do another album, but I know that it’s also about playing nonstop, so we’ve got to get to that first! Metal Pit : Where can fans find out more about you and the band and get to hear your music? www.fistfightintheparkinglot.com www.facebook.com/fistfightintheparkinglot Metal Pit : Is there anything at all you would like to add to this interview Abby? THANK YOU METAL PIT!!!!!!!!!!! Metal Pit : On a side note Abby,the editor of the Metal Pit (Blake Mossey) is a HUGE Philadelphia Flyers fan and yes I know there is no accounting for taste but do you have anything you would like to say to him,haha? 1975. Sorry, Blake 🙂   Metal Pit : Abby,on behalf of myself and The Metal Pit we want to thank you very much for spending time with us today.I think you are a very cool and talented lady and I know this band is gonna do some great things in the future.I am very proud to tell you that you are the first Metal Maiden from our hometown of Pittsburgh to be featured on this site,how cool is that? How does it feel to be chosen as the Metal Maiden of the month? No kidding? Wow, that makes me feel pretty damn good.......even better than prom night! Metal Pit : I hope to see the band play live sometime soon and we can all have a "Primanti's sammich and drink a few cold Arn city beers and make fun of all the Jagoffs in tawn"..........what do "Yinz" think?????????? Meet ya in Maaant Warshington and will go dahn-than have dem arn city beers, jump on da T, and go see a Steelers game ***Photos used by permission of Abby Krizner